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One of my best friend's brother actually over-wintered in the Arctic on a small boat. His wife and cat, Halifax, were there as well, though she had to be helicoptered out when her father was near death in New Zealand. He actually wrote a book, North Into the Night, and just reading of the adventures he had there, including going snow blind while all alone, was enough of a scare. Dark Matter sounds chilling, indeed.

Love your teaser and will put this on my list.


Those expeditions to the Arctic never seem to end well do they? :)

Can't wait to hear what you think of this one.


Penny--How interesting! I've never known anyone to actually travel there--let alone stay for any amount of time. It would be cool to see but I don't know if I could take the desolation of it for an entire winter. Now that I have gotten into the story the diarist writes about the endless days with no sunshine and how oppressive it feels--and then there is the whole ghost thing going on, too, to make it even more freaky! There is lots of foreshadowing, so I am just waiting for the shoe to drop so to speak. But the story is very good--very engaging (and also a fairly short read, too).
Iliana--Yes, I think of the few books I've read set there, bad things have happened in all the stories. I guess it is the perfect setting for this sort of story. Quite different than Provence, that's for sure! :) I should finish by the end of the week and will have two RIP reads to write about over the weekend.


I actually had to abandon this novel as I got too scared!


I do hope you like this one - it's a very quick and easy read (I think I actually did it in two sessions, but that was over a weekend). And I would imagine the gym would be a good place to be in case it gets scary for you! It's a simple book in many ways, but I think she does what she does really well.


I always thought it sounded very creepy and very interesting. I think I would find the setting creepy enough without anything odd going on.


Yet another excellent sounding book to look into. I've only been up a couple of hours and already I have a list of four books from various blogs to investigate and probably get from the library. Hopeless!


My husband loved this one. The reviewer on a podcast hooked me into getting the library to order a copy. He said that he was scared to death when he realized everyone had gone off to bed and he was the last one downstairs...and he would have to turn off the lights. Eek!


Sounds like the book is off to a good start! Maybe you'll get the chance to read some of it during a dark day with rain pelting the windows so you can get some chills but still have time to shake them off before bed!


Harriet--I'm now more than halfway through and yes, the suspense does escalate. If I was sitting home alone and it was dark out, I think I would feel quite jumpy reading this!
Litlove--Yes, it is quick and easy (I wish I had a whole evening free to read as I think I'd fly through it too) and really the perfect gym book as I am glued to the pages (even with the loud--and annoying--music they sometimes play). The story is really very simple, but effective. It's definitely one of the best ghost stories I've read in a long time.
Caroline--I'm not sure I could live somewhere where it is dark almost all day for part of the year--even in a city--let alone somewhere with so much space and solitude. I think I would get a serious case of cabin fever! It is eerie and atmospheric-perfect for this time of year.
Cath--I always have a piece of paper handy when blog reading, too! :) I bet you can easily find this in your library as it has been out for a little while now--definitely one I would recommend-even with 100 pages still to go. I think you'd like it.
Darlene--I put in a request for this one, too, at my library! :) I'm very good at letting my imagination run away from me, so I'm reading this in nice, bright places. It's hard to pull off a good ghost story, but she is certainly coming close! I'm very much enjoying it, too.
Stefanie--I will probably finish this on Friday night--but I think I will snuggle under the covers with a bright reading lamp on--and then check under the bed before the light goes out! Dark, snowy places are probably going to bring this book back to me vividly--something to look forward to on cold snowy mornings while waiting for the bus...

Liz F

Dark Matter is certainly atmospherically creepy, especially if you read it at night.
I ended up having to read it in my lunchtimes in a well-lit office after giving myself a fright trying to read it at home when everyone had gone to bed!
Hope you enjoy the rest of it!


Liz--I finished the book on my way home from work today! It was creepy--I really, really liked it. As I was reading in well lit places (the gym!) with loads of people around, I wasn't really scared, but in the right circumstances I am sure I would have been! I think it is the best ghost story I have read in a really long time. I wish she's write another.


I read the first book in this author's YA series and really liked it, but haven't yet managed to read more! I do mean to get back to it at some point!


Marg--She seems to be very well known for that series. I hadn't realized that she also wrote YA novels--I read one of her historical novels years ago and have another on my pile. She seems pretty versatile!

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