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I start to feel bad... I do not like this book all that much. It's far too fluffy for me, too many adjectives. I wrote more about it in my post. I feel like eating too many sweets (I don't like sweets). I like the short chapters but the change of narrator is pretty abrupt, I agree. I have no feelings for Eve and would love to slap Dom....

Liz F

I have The Lantern at the top of a pile of books where I see it every day but I am struggling to get through some library books which have to go back fairly soon and feel that I need to read them before I pick it up because it is one of my own books.
Might just have to read it anyway as all the reviews I have read are making me desperate to read it!


Caroline--I wouldn't feel bad. Some books can just rub a reader the wrong way. I like the descriptions but I can see how there is a fine line between a little detail and so much that it becomes almost cloying. The switching of narrators does feel a little abrupt sometimes--I'll be reading and thinking we are in an Eve section but it turns out to be Benedicte's part. And I'm with you on Dom--he's not my idea of romantic hero either. Still, I'm curious enough and enjoying the story otherwise so we'll see how the story evolves!
Liz--I'm constantly going back and forth between library books and my own books. At the moment I am leaning towards my own books, though I have Four ILLs--so need to turn my attention to those soon!! If it helps, The Lantern is easy going and I bet you could fly through it. You should pick it up and read along with us! :)


I've read more positive reviews than negative on this one. So far, my library doesn't have a copy, but I will check again.


Carline, I think that you and I may align closely with this book!

Danielle, I like how you like the short chapters, and with good reason too. I tended to find it a little jarring, but I can see how the format can make for easy put-downs and pick-ups. For me, usually it's just an invitation to keep reading since the sections are so short!


I think that the problem of the jarring chapters gets better as we read on - the more detail we get about each story, the easier it gets to tell the two ladies apart! I also think that this book was deliciously rich, and the perfect example of a read that is both escapist and not necessarily just fluff and candy. I'm excited for the conversation to continue more in to the book (as one who has already read it) so that the discussion can get to the really juicy parts!

PS: I hated Pierre so much - I mean, I can't stand harm to animals, especially from little boys who seem so incredibly disturbed and evil - and I don't know how much more of such a horrible character I can take!


Very fun. With all those scent descriptions you mention it should be scratch and sniff for full sensory effect ;)

Kristen M.

I haven't read a book recently that moved as quickly as this one and I'm sure the short chapters are to thank for that! I'm having fun with this one and it's got the perfect atmosphere for the season even though it moves through a whole set of seasons of its own.

And I'm waiting for that something that sets this novel apart from Rebecca too and doesn't just make it a copycat!


Jenclair--I think most reviews I've seen about the book have been fairly positive, too. It's good to get a variety of opinions as that makes it easier to tell whether the book is something you might like, too, or not.
Kate--Yes, those short chapters do also make for easy and fast reading, too. I usually like setting a book aside when I can get to a chapter end, and this makes it easy. It has been interesting to read the different responses to the story, which should get even more interesting after this next section, I think.
Chelsea--That's really good to hear. And I am differentiating the two different stories/and sets of characters easier now that I have read a bit of the story. It is fun to read a book in a group and be able to chat with others about it--I always find that I learn more this way as I tend to miss small things that others pick out and make note of. Pierre is a particularly nasty piece of work--I skimmed the short section on poor Benedicte's cat!
Stefanie--Now wouldn't that make for a fun book? And some of the smells she refers to are food smells--yum--though it could be dangerous if I was reading while hungry!
Kristen--This is moving quickly for me, too. I love getting wrapped up in a story. It does move at a nice clip though I am hoping I am not missing details as I whiz through. It is very Rebecca-esque to me as well, though perhaps it will end up being only superficially so. I'm only just starting the second section now.


I'm really interested in seeing what people make of this one on the readalong. I loved the descriptions and the rewriting of Rebecca, but I know that short chapters and time slip doesn't always sit well with every reader. I agree with everyone who hated Pierre - he was just such a horrible person!

Carl V.

I'm so glad you are reading this one along with us! Makes me smile to be reading the same book at the same time with you as that rarely if ever happens and I so enjoy your takes on the books you read.

I agree with you, the writing is lush and it is that more than anything that has me thrilled that I took a chance on this book.

I think I connected more quickly to Benedicte's story simply because it started out so quickly with the return of her dead brother. I was instantly creeped out, especially as he is such a disturbing young man. But Eve's quickly grew on me too and now I'm enjoying them both.

Once I got past the initial frustrations over what I felt were not very smooth transitions between the two narrators I really started liking the short chapters. It does really lend itself to short burst of reading which helps me stay caught up with it and it also keeps the pace of the story moving forward briskly while the story itself simmers at a more deliciously deliberate pace.

I'm with you in hoping that she does something uniquely her own to distinguish this from Rebecca. I am enjoying the similarities thus far, but do want this to be its own creation.


I agree that it was easier to connect with Eve at first as opposed to Bendicte!


Litlove--I like the parallel storylines and am curious to see how she'll tie them together. Now that I am into the story the transitions are much smoother, but all in all small quibbles (for me anyway) for an otherwise entertaining story!
Carl--I'm very glad I joined in as it is fun reading along with a group and hearing the different responses. I knew I wanted to read it, so this gave me the perfect opportunity. There is a rhythm to those shorter chapters when you get into the story--but I do look forward to when I have a nice chunk of time when I can read uninterruptedly--much easier to get into a story initially, which was perhaps my problem at first. Now I wonder will Eve stay with Dom, and just what happened with his wife Rachel--lots of questions to be answered!
Stephanie--Maybe because Eve is a modern woman and I could just visualize her life easier--I had a more complete picture. But now that I am getting more into the story Benedicte is becoming more of a solid character.


I am so glad you are joining in for the read-along, Danielle! I am a bit slow visiting, but better late than never! I finished the next two sections yesterday and I am now looking forward to seeing how the end plays out and how everything gets wrapped up. I am finding it a perfect read for this time of the year!


I am meant to be doing this readalong but I am struggling to find the time - not because of the book just because I have too many books on the go at the moment.


Kailana--I'm really enjoying reading along--and reading everyone's responses, though I am also slow to get around leaving comments! I just finished this week's reading this afternoon and almost kept going! I have a feeling those last 80 pages are going to be fast going. And this is a great story for fall.
Marg--I understand that problem only too well! I usually don't join in reading challenges for that very fact but it all worked out well for me this year. So many books that are calling out to be's hard to choose!

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