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The last pages do indeed zip by. :)
It has really been a long time since I last read Rebecca and I totally forgot about the fire.
I like Bénédicte the most as well. Her story, her character are the most complex. More and more I have a feeling that the two stories could have been two novels.
I thought the lantern was the most gothic and creepy element and the vanishing woman.
In any case I like parts 3 and 4 better.


Another vote here for Benedicte as the most sympathetic character, and the relationship between her and Pierre as the most engaging. I found Pierre almost unbearable to read about, as his behaviour deteriorates towards the end. I really liked your guess about the house burning, Danielle. I won't tell you whether you're right or not, but I thought it was a clever suggestion on your part!

Natalie ~ the Coffee and a Book Chick

I also love a good Gothic tale and this one is certainly meeting expectations. I'm so glad to be part of the readalong! It would be interesting to see if their house burns down, but I'm not sure how I feel to the numerous references to Du Maurier. Even one of the chapters starts out with Dom telling Eve, "Don't look now," which is one of Du Maurier's famous short stories. I almost feel like a reference or two is fine, but too much becomes simply too much. But maybe that's just me right now! :)


Caroline--I just reread Rebecca last year for the RIP Challenge so it is still pretty fresh in my mind--I see lots of things to compare as I read Lawrenson's novel. I'm glad you enjoyed the latter half of the book more than the first part--I'm very curious now to see how it all wraps up. Benedicte's story feels more complete (so far anyway) somehow--I'm much more sympathetic towards her than I am towards Eve at the moment. It does have some nice gothic elements. Now I feel like racing to the end!
Litlove--Pierre was really awful. What a lout--I think I wouldn't mind a bit if it was his bones buried under the swimming pool! Now I can't wait to find out. It's been interesting to see how the author develops the story since she is using Rebecca as a sort of framework--choosing out elements to tell her own story--can Dom and Eve still possibly be happy at Les Genevriers? I shall soon find out.
Natalie--There always seems to be at least one good ghost/gothic story each fall and I, too, am enjoying this one. The end of Rebecca just came to mind as I was reading since Les Genevriers is sort of like Manderley--will be curious to see how she wraps the story up. I also thought of the short story when I saw that phrase--I love that story and have read it several times. I have had mixed feelings as well about the Daphne du Maurier references--not entirely sure what I think, but I like the story enough otherwise to just enjoy the story she is telling otherwise. I know she is not the first writer to get inspiration from Daphne!

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