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Unfortunately the end didn't do it for me at all. Especiallay not those serial killer red herring bits. I liked the Bénédicte story but not Eve and Dom. I feel a bit dorky, I don't remember that Eve had another name? I guess I lost interest towards the end.
Like you I would have preferred a "louder" ending. Someone in the group read called it "deflated". That is spot on.


Yes, the ending was a bit tame. There were enough answers to the questions I was most worried about, but it wasn't anything spectacular. I still enjoyed the book, though.

Chelsea Brown

I can't believe there hasn't been more discussion floating around about Andre and what a d-bag he turned out to be (I was SO MAD!!! He made even me like him, so his betrayal of Benedicte was doubly bad). I feel like, of all the tragic things that Benedicte goes through, this one might have been one of the worst (before Marthe 'disappears' of course). Its also another reason that I wish we had gotten even MORE of Benedicte and even less of Eve's story - I just felt like that's where the interest and the spookiness came from. Eve was annoying and Dom was a twit, if I can be completely honest.

I had such a good time doing the read-a-long (my first!) and yours were some of the thoughts I looked forward to the most every week!


Caroline--All through the book she was called Eve, but then at the end she referred to herself as finally using her real name and I wondered if I had missed something? What did that signify? It was perhaps a little anticlimactic, but then I think I was expecting something sort of dramatic a la Daphne du Maurier. It's been very interesting reading everyone else's thoughts on the book!
Kailana--I enjoyed it as well--perhaps it is more of a book to read straight through without too much scrutiny on all the different elements? Probably stopping so much and thinking about it all slowed the flow of the storytelling.
Chelsea Brown--I had high hopes for Andre and Benedicte as well. I couldn't decide whether he really did love her and felt bad about his situation or was simply a player. Still, in the end doesn't she, as a ghost, refer to his presence and the lantern? I really liked Benedicte as well and also wouldn't have minded reading more of her story, which was really quite interesting. Eve has confused me a little by that ending, and revealing that Eve was not her real name. I'm glad the readalong made me pick the book up sooner than later as I suspect it would languish on my TBR pile otherwise! :) Now I need to catch up on the other posts!


I agree that Pierre was bad through and through and I was sure he'd killed the women. Benedicte was by far and away the most sympathetic character and it did seem a shame that she had so little happiness. I liked the way the book related to Rebecca in the end, with a modern twist on the fatal illness story, so that was a good part for me. It has been most interesting to read everyone else's take on it. It's no surprise if I agree with all you say here, Danielle - we usually respond to books in much the same way!


Litlove--I totally wasn't expecting the twist with Rachel--it was an interesting and creative play on the Rebecca story. It was an enjoyable read and Lawrenson's a very good storyteller--and you know how much I like a really good story!

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