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Dani, DH had that virus; we went to onecarelive, the Windows site, and it didn't take care of it, so we contacted Microsoft via the live chat. The tech took remote control of our computer and examined it and got rid of the files causing the redirect.

Michelle @ 1morechapter

I love this pic! I do hope you get the virus all sorted out to your satisfaction.


Oh no! I have nothing reassuring to say. I had a similar-sounding virus early in September. It seemed innocuous enough except the redirecting but my anti-virus program started crashing when I tried to run it so I took the computer in to tech support--and 5 days later they had wiped the hard drive, because they were unable to get it off. Luckily, they were able to save my actual files (and clean or check them). Good luck!


Linda--It's so annoying to have this happen. Was it expensive to have Microsoft clean it up? I have had Dell to the same thing when I had a virus in the past and suspect I will have to do the same thing again. I don't want to do much online until it is cleaned up so am just checking in. I know what I'll be doing this weekend. Ugh.
Michelle--Isn't it a great painting? That's quite a room she has--very exotic. It makes me wonder what she is reading? Some travel narrative set in Africa maybe? :) I want to get this virus removed asap!


Rohan--I'm afraid that is going to happen to me and I'm dreading it! I should probably buy an external hard drive in anticipation and start moving files. I have run a number of programs to clean out viruses and none of them "find" anything so I'm very worried. Five days with no computer... not sure whether that is good or bad! Keep your fingers crossed for me.


worked on a stinker that hijacked us
I'd get a hard drive as quarantine storage for files that you want to keep..(costco has good deals near us)we learned the hardway
different user accounts can isolate problems too sometimes as you can sometimes dump an infected user account and still run the rest
good luck and lots of sympathy


So sorry to hear this - what a pain! Hope you get an easy solution in the near future.

Liz F

I love the picture - it is very glamorous and exotic but I bet anything I would end up with backache if I tried that pose for too long (not to mention be sat on by cats)!
Good luck with getting rid of the virus - I'm afraid that I always call for tech help straightaway with something like that as I wouldn't have a clue how to even attempt to sort it myself!
BTW I no longer have a book pile - it is now a mountain range!


What a drag... So annoying. I can't give advice, I'm not much of an expert.


Well, if you were on Blogger I'd be tempted to say that was the problem. ;) Blogger was giving me fits this Summer, things seem more stable at the moment. But, with technology one never knows. Do you see any computers in the dear woman's beautiful room? No wonder she's so tranquil! Best to you, and all my sympathies. xo


Love the colours of the painting.
So sorry to hear about the virus, hope somebody can solve it for you soon.


Oh no! Not sure if it will work, but you could try uninstalling your browser and reinstalling it. Sometimes removing an infected program will also remove the virus depending on where the nasty files live. Good luck! Beautiful reading woman picture!


That was the nice thing, Dani. Microsoft didn't charge us anything. We did use Malwarebytes and Kaspersky (sp?) and those cleaned out the rest of the virus, but this silly redirect thing needed Microsoft to clean it up.

Margaret Powling

Lovely painting ... and I have computer problems, too.


I hope you get a way around this nasty virus! Btw, I've just finished Downton Abbey S1 yesterday night and I'm very much looking forward to other Victorian/edwardian upstairs/downstairs stuff. Thanks for your suggestions!

Rebecca H.

I'm so sorry about the virus! I had one a couple years ago, and while we were able to fix it ourselves (okay, Hobgoblin fixed it himself), it was pretty awful. I hope you get your computer back and all clean again very soon!


Oh no! I hope you'll get rid of the virus soon!


Many thanks all for the comments, suggestions and comiserations--they are all much appreciated. I only will say--why is it I spend three nights trying to find the virus, root it out, and get rid of it and it only takes a Dell technician less than an hour to fix the problem? I did everything except fix the browser settings (though I thought I did that as well). Sigh. Oh well, I did extend my software warranty for all this so I can call back later if I have more problems. Better an easy fix than having to wipe my hard drive, which I was fearing was going to happen. Hopefully it is back to regular business now!


Danielle-that's good news about the virus! Hopefully the problem is gone for good.


Rebecca--Apparently I forgot to knock on wood--the problem is still there, but not quite as bad. Very annoying but I will have to deal with it later now as the weekend's almost over.

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