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I may need to hunt up COVENTRY. The saddest thing, of course, about the raid is that the British knew about the raid (although perhaps not the ferocity) ahead of time. However, they were afraid that German spies in Britain would catch on if they tried any evacuation procedures. If they had, the Germans would have known the British had broken the Enigma code.

Rebecca H.

You remind me that I really want to read Rose Macaulay at some point. Interesting pairing here -- it is such a great idea to read thematically like this and learn about a subject more deeply.


Thanks a lot for bringing Coventry to my attention. I hadn't heard of it. I will order it right away.
I already have Rose Macaulay's book.
I hope you will like The Silent Angel. I love it.


I haven't read this, but as Coventry is my home town, I am painfully aware of the Blitz, especially the events of the 14th of November, 1940. The ruined old Cathedral is still there, right next to the new one, a telling reminder of the horrors of war...

Liz F

I'm pretty sure that I have read something by Helen Humphreys before as her name is familiar but I can't remember what.
Coventry sounds an interesting read and so does The Silent Angel so I must look out for them.
I know that I have a copy of the Rose Macauley on my shelves (I even have a rough idea of which shelves which is a good sign!) so I will probably read that first!

Buried In Print

Sarah Waters' Night Watch might make a nice companion for the Rose Macaulay too. I love your pairings! And when, as in this case, I have only read one of them, it suddenly begs to be a completed set.


Those do sound like a good pairing. I always think about pairing up books like that but then when it comes down to it I never seem to manage it.


I'd love to read these as I always enjoy books set during this time period in history.


If you want a SF twist to the Battle of Britain, try Connie Willis' BLACKOUT and its second half, ALL CLEAR.


What a brilliant comparison that would make! I loved the Helen Humphries book I read earlier this year and would very much like to read another novel by her. I'd steered a bit clear of Coventry as I was afraid of how dark it would be. But to read against the Boll would be excellent. I do like the sound of the Rose Macaulay as well - must read that novel by her that I liberated from the bookstore!


LindaY--I had heard that but forgot until you mentioned it here. I've not read about Coventry before, so it slipped my mind. It is very tragic but I imagine it would have been worse for the Germans to know the code had been broken--but imagine knowing what was coming! Another subject I'd like to read about...the list grows!

Rebecca--I like pairing or grouping books and think about doing it often (probably think about it more than actually get around to doing it). I really liked the Macaulay book I read and still want to read more!

Caroline--I was just reading the Böll book tonight and was sorry to put it down. I am very much enjoying it--I enjoyed all the books I've read so far for your German lit month! Loved the Noll and will write about it over the weekend (not sure I'll have the energy this week after work). Coventry looks really good and the Macaulay was very well done, too.

Tony--Coventry must be really rich in history (though I think that can probably be said about most English towns!). I would love to visit there someday--I've seen photos of the ruined cathedral and am glad that the skeleton was left as is--I think it's important to keep these reminders of what has happened in the past!

Liz--I've read Afterimage about photography and The Lost Garden which is also set during WWII--wouldn't mind rereading both as it has been so long they are only faint memories now. I think I will start with Coventry--if I can indeed manage to squeeze it in now--it is a very short novel and I'd heard good things about it earlier. I loved the Macaulay book and even had another one by her ready to go but it is still sitting there know how that goes! :)

Buried In Print--Yes, good idea! I loved every book by Sarah Waters I've read but I think that was a particularly well done story--very disturbing as it was so realistic. I've got a little list going now!

Stefanie--The same happens to me. I am sure I think about it more than do it, but I like the idea and try and read on a subject if I can--from different perspectives.

Kathleen--They are both fairly short if you get tempted to pick either up! I'm really liking the Böll and hope very much to read Coventry as well.

LindaY--I actually started the first of those books when it came out but it was a library book and there was a line so I couldn't renew. I think the first one, at least, is out in paper, so I will have to add it to my list. I'd like to read something by Connie Willis as I have To Say Nothing of the Dog just waiting for me!

Litlove--I like the idea of reading about the war from both perspectives--I think I tend to read mostly British authors and less so American ones--but not so often anything about Germany or Italy or Japan. I still would like to read that Helen Humphrey's book you wrote about--it sounded right up my alley--and I've not forgotten it. I think I've put off reading Coventry for that exact reason, but it came to mind as I started reading the Böll book. What a lucky find to bring home a Rose Macaulay book from the bookstore--she has been one of my lucky finds this year.


Seconding LindaY's recommendation of Blackout and All Clear. And since you mentioned you have it, To Say Nothing of the Dog, which actually has a bit of Coventry in it as well!


Heather--They are going onto my wishlist. I am hoping for a book gift card or two and I suspect the first book at least will be one I buy! Must read To Say Nothing of the Dog soon, too. How long have I wanted to read it now?

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