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Cath @ Constance Reader

We got snow last weekend! Brr! Winter's coming early this year.

I love that painting...makes me want to curl up and read.


We still have the odd summer temperature day. It's decidedly not snowing that would be way too early.
If we get snow it's usually in February or March for a week.
I love to watch it fall but then I want it gone again soon.


Goodness, snow already -- while Europe has been basking in unseasonably warm weather, though the rain has now set it. Love the picture which I will probably borrow at some stage for my own 'Women Reading' feature. Do get on and read Kate Atkinson -- she is wonderful. And the TV series not half bad. Thanks.


We're really enjoying Case Histories at our house! The third episode is still waiting to be watched though, we're saving it for the weekend.

And no snow here in Burlington...yet. But my gloves and scarf came out a couple of weeks ago....brrrr.

Liz F

It has only just got properly autumnal here in North Yorkshire, although it was rather wet and misty this morning, but then we had snow in November last year (albeit towards the end of the month) so who knows.
All I can say about the Case Histories series is that it sent Jason Isaacs right into Richard Armitage/Rufus Sewell territory!


I'm feeling left out here, we haven't had so much as a flurry! We might get some next week though but the weather forecasters aren't certain yet if it will be rain or snow or a sloppy mix. Guess I should finish getting the leaves raked up this weekend just in case!


We haven't quite gotten snow here yet, but we have had plenty of REALLY cold temps and even the strep throat has made it's annual winter trip through my family (we're, thankfully, all better now!) I have to say I'm surprised at the lack of winter reading pictures out there - what season is better served by staying inside and cuddling with a book! Can't wait for your thoughts on The Uncommon Reader - I read it last year and loved it.


I have GOT to start paying more attention to PBS - I can't believe I missed these! Going to have to order them and save them for some good viewing come mid-winter.


We had snow last Saturday ... and high winds ... and branches fell all night and I just got my power back an hour ago. And I owe Anthony Trollope big time. It was freezing in my house ... but a book light and Framley Parsonage made it bearable.


Cath--I hate to think of an early winter, but maybe that means spring will come all the sooner? :) I tried to find a cozy painting--the fire is certainly welcoming!
Caroline--For some reason I always imagine Switzerland as snowy! I think I'd like it very much there if it only snowed a little towards the end of the season! I am with you, however, in liking it when it is falling but then ready immediately to see it melt!
Harriet--It had been really gorgeous here as well, so it was a little bit of a shock to see snow when the day before you barely needed a jacket! Feel free to snag the picture--I have a postcard book of paintings of women reading that I have been using--so I am not being all that creative really in searching for unusual paintings. And I totally snagged the idea from you when my mom gave me the postcard book! I had to share a few of them. I do hope to read the Atkinson book--I read Case Histories when it first came out and want to see the films properly, too!
Darlene--My scarf and gloves also came out recently. Frosty in the mornings, but the afternoons aren't bad. Still, I don't like being cold so I put all the warm clothes on the moment it turns cold. I'm looking forward to seeing all the Case Histories episodes, too. I wanted to read the books first, but maybe I shouldn't wait?
Liz--I can see we share the same tastes in men! :) To that list I'll just add Ioan Gruffudd and Nathaniel Parker. Sigh. I am hoping to watch North and South this weekend with the ever so easy on the eyes Richard Armitage...
Stefanie--Well, we certainly can't have you feeling neglected there! Shall I click my heels together and wish a little snow your way?? :) I'm also going to be raking this weekend as we're due for more wet/cold weather (probably the same stuff in your forecast!).
Chelsea--I am only happy that the snow melted by the end of the day. We've had semi cold days--I know it is going to get worse so I am trying to look at the almost freezing temps as this is no doubt child's play. Sorry to hear you were ill--strep throat is the worst-I've had it and it is totally unpleasant! I need to crack down this weekend and write a few book posts--I'm getting behind--the Bennett will hopefully be up first.
Courtney--I always forget to look, too. I just happened to be flicking channels and found the first episode. They usually have some good mystery programs on in the fall--and it is definitely perfect autumn-viewing.
AJ--That sounds awful. Why is it that enforced reading time has to come at the price of no power and freezing cold? At least Trollope was there to keep you company--I really must get around to reading him!


Oh you poor thing, snow already! So far we've had it very mild - if a bit wet and dreary of late. I could not agree more than the fire in that picture needs a good stoking, but it does look very cosy. I love reading with other people, although it doesn't happen in my house very often. But it's nice when it does. I do hope you have your blanket and a lovely hot drink and either something good to read or watch on tv. I can't abide winter these days so you've got to take your creature comforts wherever you can find them, right?


So far we are having an amazingly mild autumn over here, with lots of sun and beautiful colours. I thinkI missed Case Histories, haven't seen it broadcasted yet. Tonight we'll be watching the first episode of Downton Abbey series two though. I liked The Uncommon Reader, looking forward to find out what your thoughts are.


The weather is finally starting to be more Fall like out here in California. I'm looking forward to the cooler evenings and reading by the fire.


Litlove--I'm really dreading winter. It's already so dark early and with the time change this weekend it will be dark both going to and coming home from work. It is fun reading with someone--very occasionally my niece will be reading something at the same time I am, both otherwise no one else in my family is much of a reader--pity.
Catharina--We've had a really lovely fall here, too, so I can't complain too much. It has turned cooler and that snowfall was a hint of what is to come, so I think those really lovely days are now over. I hope you enjoy Case Histories--I need to watch the episodes again properly as I didn't get to sit down and watch, but only caught parts of them. And now I need to work on a post about the Bennett--I've gotten very lazy about writing about the books I am reading. I just can't seem to find the inspiration lately.
Kathleen--The upside to longer nights is not feeling guilty about reading or sitting and stitching in the evening! I do love fall, but will be sad to see snow come... :)


Just starting to catch up after a few days absence and love this post. You always pick the best paintings and I love these reading women. FYI - just picked up my 2012/13 Engagement Calendar. It's by Pomegranate. I had to have it as soon as I saw it and it made me think of you.

I did see Case Histories and was totally engrossed in all three episodes. Would love to see them again.


Penny--I always buy the Reading Woman wall calendar every year--bought mine early this year for fear I would wait too long. The paintings I have been posting are actually from one of Pomegranate's postcard books. I plan on watching Case Histories again properly as I didn't watch them straight through but only caught bits and pieces. Still want to read the books, though.


I think the engagement calendars will become a yearly habit, Danielle. I might not have noticed this had it not been for your lovely postings.


Penny--If you haven't had a chance to look around the Pomegranate website--you should do so. They also have the most beautiful bookmarks. That is where I get most of mine--nice and sturdy card stock and they are usually details from artwork. I get their Reading Woman calendar every year. I have bought the engagement calendar for friends, too.

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