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It looks luscious, I'm sure your mum will love it. I'm tempted to get it myself.


Mount Vernon is lovely. I've only been a couple of times myself, but I live not far from it and keep thinking I ought to go again sometime. I did go for their Christmas candlelight tour last year, and they gave us an impressive recipe for a Christmas cake made at Mount Vernon one year. I wish I still had it, but the amounts were amazing--at least a dozen eggs, IIRC. (They also had a scaled-down version, which looked too complicated for me.)

And this definitely looks like a lovely gift!


Looks like a lovely book!

I love buying books as Christmas presents. Well, they do say that you buy the gifts you'd like to receive! ;-)


Katrina--I can at least look at it and read a bit before I wrap it and hand it over! :) I should mention that my photos are not very good and it is much nicer than my photos show.

Teresa--I bet it is gorgeous at holiday-time! Wow--that must have been quite a cake--maybe they made it for when they were entertaining? I don't think I'd be that daring enough to try it. I like baking but it has to be simple sorts of things. I'm tempted to write down a few of the recipes in this book and try them--the easier ones! This is definitely a nice gift book (at least I would be pleased to receive a copy...).

Megan--I like buying gifts, too, though I have to try and stay within a budget which is sort of a bummer. I was able to use a coupon on this and got free shipping, so it was a bargain and gorgeous as well. I admit I often pick out gifts based on my own tastes...


It's so dangerous buying books I would like for myself! I so often end up deciding a) I can't part with it or b) I must get a copy for myself. Giving it in the family is a very good idea, because you can always borrow it back! It looks like a lovely book, and I'm sure your mum will be delighted with it.


I love books like this. Something to savour over the holidays with lovely photos and interesting tidbits to read...lucky Mum!


I do believe as well that the presents we would like a lot would appeal to others but I've ended up with them on a few occasions.
It looks like a very beautiful book and I like the mix, history and recipes. I have one cook book with old recipes and I had to notice they are much more time consuming to cook. More for festive occasions. But I'm a huge fan of the combination cook book/picture book.
I hope she likes it.

Kathy Johnson

Great gift, I'm sure she'll love it. I bought my mom Agatha Christie at Home for Mother's Day after reading about it on your blog, and she loved it!

And books make superb husband just asked me what I would like for Christmas, and I told him, "I have a wish list on Amazon..." Not that I need any more books!! (Of course, truthfully, I don't NEED anything. I'm very blessed.)


Oh, I want it, I want it! I love Mt. Vernon and anything historical. What a truly lovely gift for your mom. I've been working on my Amazon wish list, which gives my family some ideas, and will see if it can be had there.

Anyone who gives me a book for a gift if forever in my heart, especially these types of books.

The dozen eggs for a cake would not have been unusual in Washington's time as they would have had hens laying (though, not any lords-a-leaping, sorry, couldn't stop those words from coming out).

I made Yorkshire pudding one year. It was a, er, memorable attempt. tee hee


I love culinary history type books so this looks like it would be fascinating to peruse. I rarely cook anything from them, but I like to imagine myself cooking from them someday. A wonderful gift!


Litlove--So you have that trouble too? I am very bad about buying gifts for other people that I know I like myself (or want to read myself!). I'm hoping I can at least skim it before Christmas and perhaps write down a recipe or two. It'll be one that will be hard to wrap and give away.

Darlene--It was a real find and I know she enjoys this sort of book and reading about this period so I was very pleased to find it. I also love books like this that you can read and look at over and over again.

Caroline--It really is a nice mix--not too much of one thing and lots of lovely illustrations for just looking. Even reading the bits about the recipes is interesting. I love cookbooks and own loads of them though to be honest I am not much of a cooking fan. It is fun just reading them and you can tell a lot about a period by the food they ate and how they prepared it!

Kathy--I loved that Agatha Christie book--another I wouldn't mind owning! I'm so glad your mom liked it, too. I'm with you--I really don't need anything--I am very lucky with everything I have and like to keep life simple. Though books (and dark chocolate...) are always appreciated! :)

Penny--It is worth owning I think. I bought my copy at B&N as I had a coupon and they were offering free shipping (very much a bargain) though I bet Amazon will also have it discounted. I love historical homes, too, and this is one I have visited and feel like I sort of know, so it makes it even nicer. I rarely get books for gifts, though I do think I might just get a gift card or two to bookstores this year. I'm most curious to see the recipes that are authentic--I love reading about how people used to cook--it's very fascinating. And I think the Washingtons did do a lot of entertaining, so I bet they made really big servings of their dishes. I don't think I'm a good enough cook to attempt Yorkshire pudding--maybe someday I'll get to visit Britain again and can try the real thing! :)

Anbolyn--I like reading books about cooking as well--thouhg like you I don't use my own cookbooks very much. I wouldn't mind trying one or two of the recipes in this book--there was a tasty-looking recipes for hotcakes as a matter of fact! I do hope she likes it!


What a lovely gift! And oh that cherry pie looks yummy!


Stefanie--It is well worth the money (though I must admit I got a great deal on this one). And yes, doesn't the pie look yummy? Cherry is my favorite (leave it to me to pick a photo of pie to share!:) ).

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