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I love boxes like this, though I haven't seen one this small and perfect for a gift card. Aha. I shall be a sleuth in search of one. Good luck in not hurrying out to use the card. Enjoy the rest of this year's reading, Danielle.

Kathy Johnson

Beautiful packaging for a wonderful gift! I know you'll enjoy mulling over which book to purchase with your gift card. It's one of the simple pleasures of life! Sounds like you've got some good reads already lined up for the new year. I look forward to reading about them.


Penny--I have never seen one like this either. I don't go to B&N as much as I should but buy my books online usually. It makes me want to go buy everyone gift cards so I can put them in one of these! I do have a coupon I could use before Christmas, but I wonder if I would appreciate it more after--having something fun to look forward to?

Kathy--Isn't that a a great little box? I have a few ideas of what I might buy with the gift card, but I'm going to try and resist for just a little while. I'm really thinking ahead, aren't I? Since these are group reads it is easy to add them to the queue already.


This is the cutest little box.
Thank you so much for joining again and for the links.
I'm looking forward to Zennor in Darkness. It does sound great. I've read The Siege a few years ago and it stunned me. A fantastic book. Zennor in Darkness should be an easier read though, not as tragic.
Have you read Henry Green? Stu organizes a Henry Green week in the week of January 23. I'm very tempted. I will unfortunately not finish Sense and Sensibility in time.. I'm not that keen on it I must say. It's quite witty and the descriptions are lovely but compared to Pride and Prejudice or Emma it's pale. Which is your favourite Austen, I can't remember. Persuasion? I think I will like it more, I haven't read it yet.

Les in NE

Yikes. Helter Skelter on audio would give me nightmares. I read the book when I was a teenager and it creeped me out! Manson was one weird/evil dude!

Aren't those pretty little boxes? Have fun spending your gift card! And enjoy the wonderful weather. I thought we were going to get snow yesterday, but it passed us by. Phew. :)


I read the Larsen book a couple of years ago and thought it was fascinating. And I am not very adventuresome when it comes to reading.

Oh, the joys having a bookish gift card. Happy spending!


That is the best little gift box! And isn't it amazing how mild this winter has been? We don't even have snow here at the moment. No one here is complaining about it, that's for sure. My husband read the T.S. Spivet book earlier this year and really liked it so I am looking forward to it.


What an eye-catching lovely little box. One to keep I think.
Can't say enough how grateful I am for your reading list, the War and Literature list and the War Through the Generations list. Even if I am not able to participate in any readalong they will really be an source of inspiration.


Caroline--I'm excited about the list and am looking forward to reading the books, too. I've only read Dunmore's very first book and that was years ago. I recall liking it, though the details have all gone hazy now. I haven't yet read Henry Green. I saw that there was a readalong for his works--not sure I'll be able to join, but he is definitely on my list of authors to read. Too bad about Sense and Sensibility--I tried to read it years ago and couldn't get into it, but then tried again and clicked with it finally. My favorite Austen is Persuasion--you're right. I love Pride and Prejudice, too. And I am very much enjoying Emma as well--not sure I'll finish it this year, but hopefully will soon into 2012.

Les--I think I'll be saving Helter Skelter for spring or summer! Somehow I think it won't be the best book to listen to now on my walks home in the dark! :) As nice as it would be to have a white Christmas, I have to say I am happy the snow passed us by. The weather has been really great--hopefully it won't mean we're going to get slammed later. And yes, those boxes are great! I had never seen them before--but very clever idea!

Pam--I hate to say I am not very adventurous either, but it sounds like a story I will like. It's good to try new things sometimes, too! I'm already contemplating which book I'll get with the gift card--my kind of shopping! :)

Stefanie--It has my name written all over it--the person who chose it knows me too well! The weather is a little weird, but I am not going to complain. It'll be nice to be able to get out and about on break and not be snowed in and freezing! Glad to hear your Bookman liked the Spivet book--I'm picking up a copy from the library tomorrow.

Catharina--I will keep the box--not sure how I'll use it when it is empty--maybe keep loose change in it or other little trinkets. I'm glad the list is helpful--I love getting new book ideas as well. I'm not sure I'll be joining any other challenges right off the bat next year, since I already have a couple of plans, but it is nice using the website as a resource.

Susan Bennett

I absolutely adore book boxes. That one's a real beauty.

Rebecca H.

Your postal reading group book is great -- I would love to read more by that author! :) I'm glad you are enjoying the audio of North and South; I like the idea of listening to it soon after reading it.


Susan Bennett--It is a sweet little box. And you can even keep little treasures in it after you've used the gift card!

Rebecca--It's been ages since I have read her, so I am looking forward to it. I think I binged on her and then just couldn't read anymore, but enough time has passed that I think I might even appreciate her more now than before. North and South is great and hearing such a good reader do all the inflections and dialogue brings it all vividly back. I don't always have good listening experiences, but this was a good choice!


I adore that little box - too cute! I'm just received my copy of the Reif Larson in the post and I wasn't expecting it to be the way it is at all! I'm glad it's a group read - looks the right sort of book for that. My friend at the bookstore tells me that Dickens is brilliant on audio book. I am not a great fan of reading Dickens but can imagine read out loud, they improve a lot!


Litlove--I didn't expect all the diagrams and footnotes either! I think it'll make a good story for discussion, and I am always saying how I need to read outside my comfort zone...the Slaves often gives me ample opportunity for that! I bet Dickens would be good for audio--I should have looked for a Christmas Carol--it would have been perfect for the holiday!

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