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I'm so glad you liked her. I think she is really up there with the great names, isn't she? As good as Renndell and very literary.
I also like the light macabre/humour combination a lot.
I think she is unique and I have no clue why she isn't read anymore outside of Germany. Maybe the wrong marketing?
I'm actually glad I haven't read this... Sometign to look forward to. I think I have Hell Hath No Fury.


Sounds interesting, but I'm not really one for crime novels (even if they are German!).


Sounds like a fun read. Sometimes when you know how things are going to turn out it makes the story even more interesting especially if you can't see how it could possibly happen from where it all starts. There aren't many books written like that which is too bad. Maybe they are hard to write well.


Caroline--Yes, she is. And thanks for pointing her out as I am sure I would never have come across her! I can't wait to get the book I requested from the library! It must have to do with the way the books were marketed--I think the one I have was published in the 90s--maybe with the surge of International Crime novels she would do better? I'm surprised that some publisher doesn't snap her right up. Is she still writing books in Germany? I think you would like this one. It seemed like a really good translation as well--at least a nice seamless read.
Tony--It was interesting and almost more of a novel really though there is a crime slant to it. I'm sort of addicted to crime novels and mysteries, but I also like other books as well. If I read too many crime novels back to back then I have to have something else to balance them out--especially if they are very dark stories.
Stefanie--I really liked this one. This was very much a whydunit rather than a whodunit, and it worked really well. I like this sort of set up as well and it can be a really effective way to tell a story!

Liz F

Don't think that I am going to be reading this anytime soon as the library's one copy has vanished and the only other book by Ingrid Noll that they possess is in German!
I did do German at school but since the last time I studied it was over thirty years ago, I very much doubt I would get very far!
Oh well, never mind!


I enjoyed this novel and a couple of others by her (one was the Pharmacist and I forget the title of the other one, but it was either a prequel or a sequel to the one you review). It's too long ago for me to remember much about them, but I did like them.


Liz--That's so annoying when you see that your library once owned the book but no longer does--what a tease. I bought a used copy of the one I read, but as I am trying not to buy any books until after the holidays (when I might have a gift card or two to spend) I have requested another of her books from ILL--fingers crossed there will be one that I can get my hands on. And I also studied German--in college and have all but forgotten it!

Maxine--I hate it that books start to fade from memory almost as soon as I turn that last page! But I also usually am left with a good or bad impression. I really liked this one and am trying to get a copy of Hell Hath No Fury--I am not even sure what it is about--but wouldn't mind if it was related to this one in some way. I'll get The Pharmacist at some point as well.


This sounds very good. I am a fan of Ruth Rendell as Barbara Vine and love the psychological dimension of crime. I must look out for her!


Litlove--If you like Ruth Rendell/Barbara Vine you might well like this one--it's not a traditional crime story, but has all the right elements for it. Maybe you'll come across her in your used bookstore.

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