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The one that sounded very interesting to me was Islanders, so I've put that on my list of American books to read next year.


I recently read Heat Lightning at the suggestion of Nicola Beauman. Very well done indeed.
I also met with Pat Miller who did a PHD on Hull in the 70's. (She is a fount of information on Hull's life and work.) I can get you her email if you want.
I'm not quite sure why Hull vanished almost without trace. Pat thinks possibly because Hull was in a long, happy relationship with another woman.

Susan E

I love the excerpt you included , comparing the cab motion to skating, so have ordered one of her in-print books, Quest, to read this winter. Thanks for sharing this *new* author :>)

Kathy Johnson

She sounds very intriguing. I love the Lost in the Stacks posts because I almost always have never heard of the author, and nearly always want to read the books! The challenge is then finding them...but I love a good challenge!


I love ice skating. That quote speaks to me a lot. I've never heard of the author though. Will have to see if I can find anything.


I know I've read about Helen Hull somewhere recently - maybe it was on Rachel's blog! I wonder about so many of these 'women authors', especially Americans, who seem to have been lost in the stacks. Why did they fall out of favor? Why don't we hear about them? Thanks for bringing forgotten authors to light on your blog!

Simon T

Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this one, Danielle!


Yay! I'm so glad you found her and are enjoying her! I have a huge stack of her books at home reading to immerse myself in. They are absolutely brilliant and I hope that by making some noise about her we can get some republishing going on! It's shocking how many talented female authors have fallen by the wayside over the years because their writing has been dismissed as 'women's fiction' - as if that's even a bad thing in the first place! I'm so glad there are publishers out there to resurrect such books.


Cath--I know you're reading more American authors so I'm glad you've added her to your list. I got a copy of her other book that is in print, Quest, so I'll actually be starting there. I look forward to hearing what you think!

Elizabethwix--How cool. If Nicola Beauman recommended her then I expect she is indeed very good. I wouldn't doubt that having a relationship with a woman at that time would kill any popularity she would have enjoyed. I think I am too new to Hull and her work to ask any questions yet, but maybe after I read a book or two I might take you up on the offer of possibly getting an email--thanks! :)

Susan E--I'm going to read Quest, too. It just came in via ILL so I will have to get to it before this one as it has a due date already approaching! I also liked that excerpt--it made me want to take the book home. It sounds like there are a number of people reading her now so maybe she'll get a little attention once again.

Kathy--That's the only bad thing about sharing books from my library's stacks--they are often out of print and not everyone is so lucky to be able to find them in the library! It's been an education for me as well to find some of these authors. Hull sounds like a keeper!

Caroline--She is also new to me, too. The wonders of the internet and book blogs/as well as browsing my library's shelves--I keep coming across so many interesting authors!

Anbolyn--Rachel just recently wrote about her, but you never know what you'll find when you're out and about surfing the net! I suppose there is that momentary popularity and then they just fade from view even if their books received warm reviews. Very sad really. And I always feel like women authors tend to get short shrift in any case. I'm glad I came across her books, though.

Simon--I'll actually be starting with a different Hull novel--one I requested through ILL, but I will share what I think in any case as soon as I've read it.

Rachel--I completely agree with you! At least The Feminist Press still publishes a couple of her titles, but prior to you mentioning her I had never heard of her anywhere else. I'm actually going to start with her first novel, Quest and hopefully go on from there. This story also sounds really good, too. It would be great to find more really good women authors from this era and hopefully make them available to contemporary readers!


How do people manage to be so productive? All those novels and stories, whilst teaching too! I am in awe. She sounds amazing, Danielle and I look forward to hearing more about her books as you get to them.


I do beleive I've heard of Hull before though don't press me on it because I can't be certain. The book you picked sounds like a good place to start. And goodness, she was quite prolific!


Litlove--Seriously! I also wonder how some writers put out a book a year for many, many years! I guess she had very productive summers! I am actually reading her first book (will get to this one later) and am very much enjoying it.

Stefanie--She does have a couple of books in print still--Feminist Press--so it is very possible you came across them before. In the end I have started with Quest, her first book, as it is an ILL book that is due next week already. You know what I'll be reading.

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