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I ordered a Reading Woman Calendar for 2012 and it just arrived yesterday. I love it. And another literary calendar that combines paintings with quotes and looks very good.
I need a new printer and scanner and have to start to learn how to upload photos...


Lovely picture. Here it is one of those morbid grey days in which the sun has forgotten to rise. I'd like me a sunlit room, that's for sure! (It will not surprise you to know I have never scanned a picture and have no idea how to do it!)


Sun? What is this sun? Is the sky not supposed to be grey and cloudy everyday? I gave up long ago on my clunky space-hogging home scanner and have embraced the becautifully fast and efficient work photocopier/printer/scanner. Quest sounds like it should be a good one. Enjoy!

Cath @ Constance Reader's Guide to Throwing Books with Great Force

I love reading in a patch of warm sun. I think I am part cat.


Caroline--I love my little scanner--it is very basic but works perfectly for what I need. You can find them pretty cheaply if you don't want anything too fancy. I also have a Women Reading Wall calendar for next year, my page a day is all cats and I will need one for the kitchen and one small one for my computer room--still need to buy those but will look for after holiday sales. Calendars are a nice way to brighten a room.

Litlove--Scanning is easy and if someone showed you once you'd be a pro! :) We have had lots of grey days and a few sunny ones. It's not been too bad of a fall/winter so far, but the worst weather comes in January and February--something to look forward to (or not so much...). I need a sunny room, too!

Stefanie--I've heard it's one of those big round yellow things that is warm when you stand under it. I like the sound of it and wish I could order one online! You have a high-tech all combined into one scanner--cool! My scanner is nice and slim and takes up not too much room--so I want to try and save it if possible. And yes, Quest is very good so far. I think I will have to ask for a renewal though as it is due on Wednesday already and I am nowhere near to finishing it.

Cath--Me, too! Cats are just as smart as they think they are--they always know the warmest places in the house.

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