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Rebecca H.

I never knew that was the origin of 007 -- very interesting!


Rebecca--I didn't know any of his story either. It was a fun read--maybe not so much like the movie version in some ways--now I'll have to watch the movie!


I'm afraid this is not for me. Pretty much like the movies were not for me until they added the one and only (in my opinion) good looking Bond, meaning Daniel Craig. All the others before just made me run, run, run... Adn the images of those Bond actors can't be shaken off...
And I do not enjoy spy stories with the exception of Liaty Pisani.
I'm glad you had fun.


What an interesting post! And funnily enough, we watched From Russia With Love on DVD the other evening! It bears only a passing resemblance to your synopsis here, which I am not surprised about. I've often wondered what the books are like.One of these days I will have to give one a go.

Kathy Johnson

Interesting post--I've never read a Bond story, but of course have seen quite a few Bond movies.

As for spy novels from a female perspective, have you read the Mrs. Pollifax books by Dorothy Gilman? I've read a couple, and they're fun reads. I believe at least one was made into a TV movie, too. (Now I'm curious--I'll have to go look that up.)


Caroline--I've not seen a Bond movie in years, but I am getting this one from Netflix this week to watch and compare. I think I prefer Daniel Craig to the others, too. The others have been attractive in a generic sort of way, but I guess I'd not thought about it either way. Unfortunately Liaty Pisani has not been translated into English--at least I only see her books in German on Amazon--pity!

Litlove--I'll be watching it this weekend, too. I am curious to see what it is like after reading the book. I'm not surprised it's very different from the book--that seems to happen often. It'll be fun to compare anyway!

Kathy--I remember seeing Bond movies when I was much younger, but it has been ages. I've not seen any of the newer ones--maybe I'll have to give them a try as well. Thanks--I'll check out Mrs Pollifax--the books do sound fun!


My husband has read all of Fleming's Bond books and liked them very much. Bond turns out to be much more multi-faceted in the books and now husband always complains about movie Bond. But since I haven't read the books I enjoy the movies and just ignore his grumbles :)


Stefanie--I'm glad to hear that--not that you ignore the Bookman's grumbles, but that he liked the Ian Fleming books. I think they probably have a wider appeal to guys--or at least that is what it seems like--but I found the one I read quite entertaining. I already have the first book he wrote and will now read them in order. I'm going to watch From Russia With Love this weekend, so will be curious to see how they compare.

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