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It's going to look lovely when it's finished,strawberries always look so pretty and fresh. I'm worse than you, I have so many sewing projects on the go, some from many years back, but it's so tempting to start a new design. I'm determined to get a few finished this year though.


Nice projects! I finished my bookshelf sampler (I should get a picture of it) and have done a very small amount on one called The Library, but I haven't been getting much done on it. I usually do needlework while watching TV, but I've been watching MI-5 and it's too suspenseful to keep track of the pattern! Maybe when I get around to Season 2 of Downton Abbey off the DVR I'll get going again.


Katrina--I know we are solid in the middle of winter, but I like the idea of working on something spring-like. Strawberries seem to pop up often on samplers, and the bag is so lovely I'm excited to work on it. When I get really into a design I am happy to work away on it, but sometimes I like a little change of pace. I usually get bac to them eventually! :) We'll have to encourage each other to stay on task--I want to finish more this year than last, too!

Rohan--Thanks. I am in a stitching mood lately, so maybe I'll make steadier progress than I did last year. Do share your Bookshelf design--I have that chart as well and started it but I didn't like the count size of the linen I chose, so picked it out thinking I would start again soon, but it hasn't happened yet. I don't think I know a design called The Library so I'll be on the look out for it. I also stitch while watching movies--mostly on the weekends. If you are watching the final season of MI5 (lucky you--not sure when it will air here), I'm not at all surprised that it is too intense to have stitching in hand. I'm watching Downton now--and it is my prime stitching time!


20 projects in one year? Wow that's amazing.
I feel sometimes that blogging takes away too much time, not from reading but from being creative otherwise.
I like that little bag.
Your sampler looks finished to me but white on white is hard to see.

Joan Kyler

I always wonder where you find the time for all the books, a job, and your needlework! I'm sort of semi-retired and can't seem to do everything I'd like. I often wish I could read five books at once, no, not have five books started at a time, but actually read them simultaneously! Then I might have time for the needlework.

I made a minor mistake on the little Halloween project I was doing to give to a friend, so I tore out that part. That always depresses me. I doubt anyone else would have noticed, as you note with your grapes, but I knew it was there. I tried to think of the rug weavers who intentionally put a mistake into their rugs, something to do with not competing with the perfection of the gods?

Kathy Johnson

Don't you wish we had more time to pursue our interests? So many fun hobbies, so little time.

I look forward to seeing your strawberry accesories--cute project. I'm thinking of buying a project here: We'll see. It will probably just end up sitting unworked on the shelf with my other ones... oh, well.

Kathy Johnson

Sorry--I can't seem to get the link to the project to paste in here properly! Just ignore it!


yay! Your February sampler is almost done! It looks great. And long time no see on the mystery sampler. You are making progress. I like your new project, very pretty!


Good luck with your new project!
And I like the almost finished February sampler. What were they again: groundhogs? (I'd never heard of that species till I saw the movie Groundhog Day). Looking forward to see the design for the fourth part of your mystery sampler.


Caroline--That would have been mostly smaller designs--I did a lot of exchanges and belonged to several stitching groups, so I was very motivated. Those days are long gone it seems! It's hard to see the white floss, but once it is done I think it will be easier to tell--also the lighting was not good when I took the photo. And I've been trying to spend a little less time online to do other things, but it's easy to spend an evening or afternoon online--time goes by too quickly. I miss stitching daily! But reading I can't do without so I have to find a better balance.

Joan Kyler--I think most of my reading and stitching is more or less in progress. It takes me ages to finish things, so it probably looks like I accomplish more than I actually do. Work does take up the vast majority of my day/week, so it is hard to juggle it all. If I can--I almost always pick out mistakes and start over--unless of course there is just way too much work that would be lost. It bothers me,too,even though I know no one else will notice anything wrong with the design!

Kathy--The link you shared worked--is it the winterwoods sampler? It looks lovely, if so. I am not familiar with that designer and will have to check it out more closely. I have far too many charts and kits that I know I will never stitch. At least I am no longer actively buying anything except the odd supply to finish something. I have lots of stash to choose from! But I know what you mean by buying things and then not working on them.... I do the same thing unfortunately.

Stefanie--I'm getting there. It's taken longer than I anticipated, but I'm not getting graded on anything, so no big deal, right?! And yay for the Mystery Sampler--a little burst of energy there. I hope to actually stitch and finish the strawberry bag--I am sure it is gorgeous all worked up.

Catharina--Thanks, I'm going to need it. Another stitcher told me the finishing on it is actually not all that hard, which is good to know. Yes, those are groundhogs--I actually have one in my yard, though I suppose he is hibernating at the moment. If the goundhog sees his shadow on February 2 it means six more weeks of winter--blah. Well, it would be six more weeks in any case, but more milder temps are always nice. I hope to zip through part three quickly now that I am actively stitching again!


The Mystery Sampler is beautiful - I love designs that create texture with lots of different stitches


ChrisCross53--Thanks. With the exception of a few stitches (eyelets and french knots) I really like the challenge of more complicated stitches. This has been a very enjoyable project to work on and hope I get in more stitching time this weekend.


I love the marshmallow house! And no one is going to notice anything wrong with your grapes - they looked perfect to me! Your stitching is always gorgeous, Danielle.


Litlove--It is a nice house, and I will get those grapes stitched. I'm always much more critical of my own work than anyone else is of it--but isn't that always the way? Slowly but surely, I'll get there. I'll be happy to finish this section and move on to the next.

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