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This sounds like so much fun! Sometimes we need a bit of fluff and laughter, don't we? I'll be on the lookout for One for the Money, then this one, I'm sure, Danielle. You're right - it is good to indulge once in awhile.


Penny--I enjoyed both books. They are indeed very fluffy, but as long as you know going into it knowing so, I don't think you'd be disappointed. I read the first just a little over a year ago, but I probably won't quite so long to read the next.


I read the first book and then investigated the length of the series... It is a bit overwhelming so I haven't read on yet...


Kailana--I'm not sure I'll try and read them all, but I do think I'll keep the next couple on hand as they are such fun, light reads. I love a good laugh out loud book and I don't seem to come across them as often as I'd like. But, yes, so many book really can be overwhelming!


I have only read one so far and confirm all of the above. Silly but fun. I was very partial to Grandma Mazur.
I got the second one lined up too, I'm sure I'll need it one of these days. Some of the qualities you entioned above are why I am drawn to some paranormal crime series. I saw the trailer and thought I'd enjoy watching it.

Jennifer Dee

I have just finished number 17 and still laugh out loud; can't wait for the next one which I've ordered through my local library.


Perfect January reading by the sounds of it! I picked up a cheap copy of the first in the series and haven't felt moved to read it yet. I know that once I get into it, I'm sure I'll love it. Is there a nicer pleasure than having a reliably fun series that you're only a few books into? I love that feeling.

Liz F

Having seen the trailer, I think the film looks great fun and have no complaints about the casting as I like Katherine Heigl and Debbie Reynolds as Grandma Mazur is inspired!
I must admit I always thought of Morelli as being more drop-dead-gorgeous than the actor playing him but I was beginning to see why by the end of the clip and I have NO complaints about Ranger!


My mom loves her books and buys them almost as soon as they are published. I've not tried them myself but I suspect they have a bit of an addictive thing going on.

Kathy Johnson

I've read a couple of these, and Stephanie is a delight. What would life be like without bonbons?

By the way, I am almost 100 pages into North and South and I am loving it! Why have I not read Elizabeth Gaskell before?!


Caroline--Isn't Grandma Mazur a laugh? I had never thought I would like these books but I really have enjoyed both of them--not sure I could read too many together at once but an occasional one now and again is kind of nice--fluffy sort of story and I can even read the books in just one or two sittings--usually I am a very slow reader. It's always good to have escapist reading like this on hand!

Jennifer Dee--I will probably keep buying a new paperback to have on hand as I read each one. I'm quite curious to know how or whether Stephanie and Morelli get together! Her books always seem to do very well--and I hope the film does well, too.

Litlove--Yes-just what I needed over the break. I had a cold for several of the days of my vacation and this was about all I could concentrate on. I bet cheap copies are easy to come by and I will have to keep them in mind next time I stop by my favorite used bookstore. It is nice to know you have a good, reliable author on hand (and more to look for) when you are in need of something not too taxing but very entertaining.

Liz--I had thought of Morelli as dark and yes, more handsome than the actor they cast (not that he isn't good looking--just different than I had pictured), but now that I have seen the trailer a couple of times and read the next book, I totally had them all in mind as I was reading and think they fit the characters nicely. Ranger is great--and the actor is spot on, I agree.

Stefanie--I can see why your mom looks for them as they come out. They could easily become addictive, though I think if I read them too close together I might get burned out quickly. Now spread them out a bit and they would be fun to look forward to. I plan on keeping at least one/the next in the series on hand for emergencies! :)

Kathy--She is fun--a little wacky, but very likable. Yes, a varied diet is a good thing and bonbons are nice treats to look forward to. Yay--so glad to hear you are enjoying Elizabeth Gaskell. I didn't read her until just a year or so ago, too. If you like this, you might add Wives and Daughters to your reading list to tackle at some point--it's much longer but also very good! It was her last book, which she didn't quite finish before she died.

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