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Being busy making room - again - on my shelves I sometimes wonder
how you manage your books?! You have so many treasures! Looking forward to read more tomorrow.


I read the book Ladies of the Grand Tour some time ago, and it's about women travelers through Europe in the 18th century. I really liked it, though not as much as I had hoped. That said, I'm a huge fan of the period and loved reading about intrepid women travelers!


I often buy boks by theme, far too many to be able to read them but then one day, I'm in the mood fot a topic and can go to my shleves and discover a pile of gems. That's always so nice.
I have a few rough guides and, I guess the one or the book on/ by women travellers. One is great and I read half of it. I don't have it close by but will see that I'll leave the title later.

Scriptor Senex

Could the missing one be 'Half the Earth'? It is in the rough guide series but doesn't actually indlude the words 'women travel' but is sub-titled Women's Experience of Travel Worldwide.

Joan Kyler

I love older travel narratives, too, and used to pick them up for a few dollars at library sales. I've got a nice little collection of travel books. I like dipping into the old Baedeker travel guides. They give you such a sense of time and place.


I'm familiar with the Rough travel guides, but not with these. They sound wonderful. I've read one or two similar works (their names escape me at the moment) and they never fail to leave me wanting to pack my bags and go somewhere.


What fun things to be able to pull off your own shelves! Stockpiling books comes in handy ;)


Your post has once again reinforced the reasons for why having a personal library is so necessary to the enjoyment and well-being of a bibliophile. ;)
Very interesting to know about the Rough Guide Specials, never knew about them except for the Rough Travel Guides.


Dani, Rough Guides also have a music label, and they consistently produce top quality world music with titles like Rough Guide to the Music of Japan or Rough Guide to Fado. I cannot get enough of their catalog of music.



Catharina--I don't manage them well at all! :) There are stacks of them that seem to grow out of nowhere and then I get in an organizing mode and need to tidy them all away. I know I shouldn't add to the piles, but I can't help myself.

Aarti--I've not heard of that one so I added it to my wishlist to take a look at. Too bad it wasn't quite as good as you hoped, but there seem to be a lot of books out there on this topic. I like reading about them, too, and it's been too long since I've read any travel narratives--am getting into the mood again!

Caroline--I also buy books one just one theme (well, as you have probably noticed) and then don't get to them all so it's nice to be able to return to my shelves when I do get in the mood again. I love those Rough Guides and the Women Travel titles have remained on my little bookshelf in my bedroom since i bought them--close at hand!

Scriptor Senex--Well, I shall find out as I have ordered a cheap used copy (one of those books I never understand how bookstores can afford to sell for a penny!). I was assuming that the title would be the same, but why not change it? I'll report back when I get my copy--it certainly sounds like a similar sort of book--thanks!

Joan Kyler--I have an old Italy Baedeker that I haven't a clue where it came from--someone in the family must have traveled there. It is very dated I suppose, but it is fun to look at.

Kathy--I love traveling, too. I miss it and if I could save some money I could plan something really fun and adventurous. These are almost the next best thing. :)

Stefanie--Books never go to waste. Eventually I'll want to read something or refer to it, which is why I hate weeding my books!

Michelle--I know sometimes people have no choice and have to cull for the lack of space, but it's really nice having a good personal library. You never do know when you'll be in the mood for something. Lately I've been picking up older books from my pile quite often. I wish the Rough Guide people would put out a new and updated Women Travel book!

Fay--I knew they did other sorts of Rough Guides but had no idea that they actually had a music label, too. Thanks, I am going to check it out. I like listening to music from other countries but never know what to pick up--this looks like a great resource, thanks.


I agree with Michelle that having a personal library is a beautiful thing! It's very cool that you can track down some of what you want and get started at least! I confess that travel writing is probably the genre I am least well-read in. One day, I do hope I'll get around to reading some of it - and then I will be able to refer to your posts to help me!


Litlove--It is nice being able to be curious about a topic and then go to your own bookshelves and pick up a book and start reading--I'm very lucky! I used to read lots of travel narratives and miss them. Maybe I'll have to put together a list... :)

Buried In Print

Well I can completely relate to the idea that first one turns to other people's (i.e. the library's) shelves and only then, belatedly, thinks, "OH, maybe I have something along those lines on my own shelves." Heheh. Glad you have had so many pleasant discoveries of late!


Buried in Print--Oh yeah, that's right... I own books, too! I totally forget that fact when faced with all those virtual new books lists and World Cat at my fingertips. When I go off in search of a particular book (I have a tiny book room off the living room--sounds more elegant than it is, trust me) I will search around, find about three books I forgot I owned, decide it sounds really good and take it with me to my bedroom. It's a constant back and forth with books between the two rooms. When too many start piling up in the bedroom, it's time to sort and shift them back. You see how it is...library books...ILL books...MY books... No wonder I have my fingers in so many books at once.


It's wonderful to find treasures on our own shelves. I never tire of looking at my shelves and finding a book that I can enjoy reading.


Kathleen--Yay for personal libraries. I have to be careful when I start looking for books in my little book room as I can lose myself in there for a good while!

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