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I just sooooooo love this short film, and I WAS watching the Oscars [not even knowing that the thing was nominated].... but when they had read it out as a contender I INSTANTLY so wanted it to win, and then it DID!
I was so happy for the two [crazy] guys that got up there to accept the award..... they were so excited!
It is such a fabulous work of art.


Thanks so much for sharing this. Wonderful.


How delightful! I love it!


It won an Oscar? Hooray!


I saw this won an Oscar. Thanks for posting it. I had seen it on a couple other blogs but never got around to watching it!


This is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.


Cipriano--Isn't it nice when that happens? I can never pick the Oscar winners--and usually haven't even seen most of the nominees, but this was a happy discovery. It's so well done! Wouldn't it be fun to be able to do something like that?!

Caroline--It's cool that it was posted online for everyone to see. I wish I were so creative.

Litlove--Delightful is just the word!

Stefanie--That's quite an accolade and well deserved I think!

Kailana--I only caught the tail end of the Oscars, so I missed this, but am happy to have come across it online--so cool to watch.

Kathleen--Isn't it totally creative? I'm glad I discovered it and couldn't resist sharing here.

Scriptor Senex

Just realised I put this on my blog and acknowledged that I found it here but never actually left a comment - a big thank you to you and Flushed Left.


Scriptor Senex--Thanks--I was happy to find it myself and it is certainly something worth sharing!

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