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I have The Name of the Star on my shelves. I think I bought it based on the fact that Ana owns it. I haven't started reading it yet, but I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it.

I feel I need to become more active on LibraryThing. It's been ages since I even updated my library, let alone participated in a group.

I also need to figure out how to incorporate podcasts into my life. I do think they've never worked for me, because somehow they refuse to load on my ipod?


Your snow looks lovely and cold. LOL

Always nice to hear what you've been up to Danielle. I know I haven't commented in a while though. Not because I haven't checked in, but I wish I could figure out some way to just speak my comments and have them appear. :-)

Karen K.

I've now checked out The Name of the Star TWICE and still haven't read it. I've heard it's excellent but I just have so much to read! I need to read more YA to keep up with the teens at the library.

And I also have The Fountain Overflows on the TBR pile! I chose it for the 2012 TBR challenge so I definitely want to read it this year. I've heard it's reminiscent of Jane Austen, which intrigues me.


We've gotten little more than a dusting a few weeks ago, but that's not unusual for Virginia. Some years we get tons of snow (like the record-breaking blizzard two years ago) and some years we don't get any. I like at least one snow big enough to force me to stay at home for a day.

I didn't realize that Maureen Johnson wrote The Name of the Star. The cover has caught my eye and few times, and I find Johnson's Twitter feed to be pretty funny. I'll have to add the book to my "to investigate" shelf since you seem to be enjoying it.


Iris--I hadn't come across Name of the Star until I saw it on the Edgar list, but now I am glad I found it--I am indeed enjoying it. I'm also not very good at joining in on discussions at places like LT and Goodreads--I do enjoy it when I do, but there is always so much going on online it's easy to spend loads of time just surfing around reading comments and things. I am hoping to listen to some of my podcasts at the gym--again another case of so many options--taking a book or listening to a podcast--usually books win out. I'm not very tech savvy, but loading them onto an MP3 player wasn't as hard as I expected, so maybe it will also work for an iPod? I just downloaded the show onto my computer--hooked my MP3 player in and dragged it over. iTunes is an Apple product, so maybe you'd have better luck there?

Kay--Yes, it is cold. I've only gone outside to empty the trash and get the mail--tomorrow's walk to work will be eye opening I'm sure! Brr. I'm in the same boat--I read posts via Google Reader and plan on going out and leaving comments later, but I seem to always fall behind and here again the weekend is slipping by! It's always nice to hear from you, though, whenever you get a chance to drop in! :)

Karen--It is a quick read, so maybe the third time will be the charm? I am very much enjoying it, so it is worth the read. I always forget how good YA novels are and should read more of them. We get in some good stuff at my library, too, and I always glance over the books when they cross my desk. Need more time to read-but then don't we all?! Rebecca West is a very good author and her prose makes you slow down and savor. I need to read the book when it is quiet and I have a chunk of time to devote to it--which lately hasn't been much. But I'll stick it out, even if I don't get it read before Cornflower begins her book discussion.

Teresa--We have had a really mild winter--only a few days ago it was so warm (for Jan/Feb anyway) that the students on campus were wearing shorts and short sleeves. It makes snow like this even harder to deal with. It had to happen, though, and I should be used to it. It IS nice being able to have an excuse to stay indoors and putter around, which is pretty much what I did yesterday! I'm not familiar with Maureen Johnson--I'll have to look up her Twitter feed. It's a fun story and I like the combination of an American student in London and getting the cultural/academic differences-plus the character is very likable. Definitely check it out if it sounds appealing to you.

Susan E

Beautiful picture. We had snow yesterday but it didn't stick. I'm reading The Fountain Overflows too. It's taken me a little while to get into it, but now, I'm hooked, and look forward to my evening reading. The father is quite a character (!!) but he livens things up when he makes an entrance. West's prose is delicious. You've inspired me to check out the BBC podcasts.


Susan E--It is pretty, isn't it? More so when I am inside and can stay warm and dry! :) I won't mind it melting soon, though, either. I'm glad you are hooked on the West book. I had a feeling it was one that I need to just stick with and things would pick up later. I think I'll really enjoy it when I get farther into it! Podcasts are fun and interesting--I need to listen to them more often and the BBC and NPR always have interesting shows, too.

Buried In Print

I actually love this kind of weather but I know I need to duck and run when I say this out loud; I wish we'd had more snow this winter than we've had here so far.

Isn't it fun feeling that you must spend your credits at Audible; I just had that experience myself. So I'm listening to T.J. Cole's Open City, which is so gripping that somewhere along the line I've found 5 hours to spend with it!

Wish I could offer something encouraging about the West novel, but I do have a copy that sounds very similar and I haven't managed to read it yet: good lucK!


Oh, wow, I can't even imagine what it would be like to wake up to that lovely, white snow. Beautiful!
I didn't realize that BBC podcasts are available to download. Thank you for bringing them to my attention!


After I read Helter Skelter I had to sleep with my light on for about a week! Hope you continue to enjoy it and that the smell melts soon!


This is how it looks here and our temperature is down to 8°F. I do not like it at all.
I'd love to read The Fountain Overflows soon as well. Those who read it usually rave about it.
The computer does take away a lot of time. I feel I will have to seriously think of spending far less time on it.


The Fountain Overflows is a lovely book. I hope you find some time to devote to it because it's well worth the time. The writing is beautiful and the story reminds me a lot of both I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith (two Smiths! just noticed that).

Three Musketeers, hurrah! Look forward to your thoughts on this fun book. :)


Whew, woman, I don't know how you can keep all these straight in your head! I agree that different books lend themselves to different ways of reading, i.e. in chunks of time or in fits and starts. I like to have one of each (at least!) going at a time.
And some books demand to be sped through because you can't put them down, and others require a more leisurely pace so you can enjoy the language or the depth of the story. Right now I'm reading Mapp & Lucia, and taking time to savor it--it feels like a leisurely read to me, because I don't want to miss any subtleties of humor.


Snow and frost finally arrived overhere too after a very mild winter so far. As long as it freezes and the snow is crispy under my feet I like it. I have been looking for The Fountain Overflows but no luck so far, did buy another Rebecca West though at a book sale: The Strange Necessity, Essays and Reviews. Do you know that one?


I was wondering if that storm was going to hit you. It missed us up here. We have bare brown ground. Hope your snow melts away quick! At least you have lots of good books to read :)


Oh, yes, The Fountain Overflows. It is my favorite book OF ALL TIME. If I could live inside a book, it would be this one.

So yes, please read it! I think you'll love it. The Aubreys are magnificent, and so is their world.


Buried in Print--If I could bottle this up and send it to you, I would happily do so! :) I don't mind snow so much, only I don't like the ice or people who don't shovel their sidewalks as I walk in the morning and evening. It's such a bummer to slog through loads of snow in the dark--or worse have to walk in the street. Now looking outside when I am inside cozy and warm--it's beautiful! Maybe I should listen to the Cole book--I have it checked out from the library, but I have a massive pile at the moment (email to follow soon to you), and you know how that goes. I haven't had a chance to look closely at Audible's selections, but I am sure I can find something good. I think I must have about three tokens now. I should pick something a little shorter than Helter Skelter, which I will be listening to for weeks to come. I just need a good solid few quiet hours with the West novel I think, but those moments have been rare lately. I'm scheduled to have a vacation day on Friday, though I'm not sure if I'll get to spend it at home reading or not....

Anbolyn--I was so happy it snowed on Saturday and I could just stay inside and watch it and not have to worry about having to navigate the streets and sidewalks to get to work! Podcasts are cool--I've listened to some really interesting shows. I wish I had more time to stream live! The BBC does some excellent dramatizations.

Kathleen--Helter Skelter is very disturbing--I'm only listening about half an hour a day, and am surprised it has not bothered me more, but it is very shocking what happened. I almost would like to read the book later as there is so much information and I'm not sure how much I am remembering by listening. I think the snow, unfortunately, is going to hang around a while as now we are in for cold northern air. Brr.

Caroline--Now I sort of wish we could have gotten the nasty stuff over in December--I knew we'd pay later for having such mild weather. I'm not partial to cold either. I've dragged out my boots and sweaters and turtlenecks finally. Oh well, spring isn't Too far away, right? I also have heard many good things about The Fountains Overflows, so I will stick with it and hope I can really get into the story and not set it aside, like I so often do.

Mona--I loved both I Capture the Castle and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, so I think I am probably the right audience for The Fountain Overflows--after hearing so many good comments I'm excited to have it started! Even though he is totally wordy, I love Dumas and am greatly enjoying The Three Musketeers!

Kathy--I'm generally okay with reading more then one book at a time as long as I don't leave one sitting for too long unread. I have also started carrying a little notebook and keep a few notes as I am reading and this helps keep things straight. I have hear Mapp and Lucia is very good--I want to read it eventually, too. And yes, some books are easy fast reads and don't require much concentration. The West seems to call for more thought and attention!

Catharina--Our snow came down wet and then froze. I only don't like it when the sidewalks are icy, which some of them are. Oh well, I should really be used to it by now. I know West wrote a lot of books, but I am only familiar with her more famous novels--I'm not familiar with those essays, but it sounds good! I have had The Fountain Overflows for years, so I hope to stick it out and keep going with it!

Stefanie--Yes, lucky us, we got about 8 inches or so. It really could have been worse, but maybe this will be our one storm and that'll be all?! I could be snowed in all winter and not run out of reading material at all!

Oolookitty--Now with a recommendation like that--it's going with me on the bus to work tomorrow! I love a story that makes you feel like that. I promise to keep going with it--I take it you read the sequel, too? My library has it and I was just looking at it the other day.

Liz F

We got the same sort of snow and at around the same time too and typically caused chaos because although the gritters had been out, the early snow was quite wet and seemed to wash the grit away so when the temperature dropped there was a layer of ice underneath the later snow! As we live on a hill it made getting up to our house 'interesting' to say the least!
Two days on a lot of the snow has gone but we are apparently in for some sub-zero weather for the rest of the week although more frost, ice and freezing fog rather than snow! What fun!
I have my copy of The Three Musketeers in my bag but I haven't got around to starting it yet as life keeps getting in the way and I am so far behind on my reading that I am beginning to panic about it - which is utterly ridiculous!
Hopefully I will catch up ...eventually!


Yes, I've read both sequels. The third book is a bit disjointed as she died before finishing it, but still well worth the read. I hated bidding goodbye to those characters -- and rumor has it that so did West, and that's why she never managed to finish the third book.


Liz--See, that's what I hate about snow. It gets melty and slushy and then if it is really cold just refreezes and creates a sheet of ice. I always picture England as being so temperate, but I see you guys have to deal with all the nasty stuff, too! Now freezing fog is something that is new to me--now that sounds like a lot of fun--not! We are also getting cold air from the north through the weekend--the sweaters and turtlenecks have come out--it is hard after we've had such nice weather--a shock to the system. Don't panic about The Three Musketeers--I'm going very slowly--only reading about a chapter a day and I missed a day over the weekend. I am hoping to read the whole thing this month, but I expect I am being overly ambitious!

Oolookitty--I think my library only has the second book--must look up the third. I have been bringing the book with me but still having a hard time finding more than spare moments to read. She is a wonderful writer. I do love a book you are sad to put down or finish!


We have had snow ALL week and I am fed up with it now. At first it was oh look, how pretty! But now it's enough already, go away!!! It sounds like time well spent, though, to have lots of lovely bookish things to listen to. And I loved The Fountain Overflows when I read it - it's very easy to read really, and such a lovely story. You'll love it once you've got into it again.


Litlove--We still have lots of snow on the ground and someone told me we are supposed to get more tonight or tomorrow. Ugh. I need to have a nice chunk of time to devote to Rebecca West and I am sure I will love the book, too. It seems a book that is better reading in longer sessions than just a page here or there!

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