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I hope you feel better soon!

That's a great way to tide you over until Season 3. :) I still have to watch the first season...


I expect you'll get the Christmas special before season 3 so that'll help somewhat. I have Glitter and the Gold by Consuelo Vanderbilt Balsan which is apparently very like Downton in that she married an English duke and came here to live. Lots of that kind of thing around at the moment.

I know what you mean when you say you consider your blog visitors to be proper friends. That's exactly how I feel. Some people I've known this way for years and they *are* old friends who I know I could talk to very easily in real life.


Having come rather late to the party, my husband and I are now great Downton Abbey fans. A terrific soap opera. I do find it a little too clean and sweet, but love it nonetheless.
I am reminded of a wonderful short book: Before the Sunset Fades recalled by the Marchioness of Bath
but it was published in 1950 with illustrations by Cecil Beaton (not the same named memoirs by NormanSt;John Stevas)
I see from your sidebar that you are reading The Balkan Trilogy. Such a super read!
Yes, I consider fellow bloggers friends.


I hope you feel better soon. I hada very weird week as well. Not sure if I could say I was under the weather as I'm never sure it refers to something rather psychological or physical. I've been contacted by my past in a most unpleasant and shocking way... My past when it was still more ike a horror movie than "real" life. Oh my... that was cryptic. Sorry.
You are most certainly one of the kindest bloggers I know and if it hadn't been for you and your warm welcome... who knows, I might have stopped or never really started.


I feel the same way about you and other virtual friends/acquaintances...if we ever met in person, I think we'd just dive right into a conversation. Hope you are feeling better, and that these two tasty books help your recovery and Downton Abbey withdrawals.


I do hope you are feeling better! This past week was manic for me, and I confess I have napped and sleep-walked through this weekend. I do believe my mother has a copy of that Downton Abbey book as she is a massive fan of the series. I know I will be hooked once I start watching! Take it very easy and look after yourself.


What a wonderful pairing of books, Danielle. I hope they help you to feel better very soon. I've seen both books mentioned and I know I would enjoy them both.

I'm both excited and filled with sadness at tonight's Downton Abbey episode. Excited because it is the Christmas one and sad, well, you know why.


Kailana--I am feeling better though still a little out of things. I've got a vacation day tomorrow so I hope to rest up a bit more. And I think I might even have a few more books about servants or fiction books with this sort of setting to tide me over as well! :)

Cath--I'm not sure if tonight's episode will include that special? I've heard about it but am not sure what it consists of--I know tonight's episode is two hours long, though! I think now is the time to find books with this subject--no doubt online bookstores are capitalizing on the Downton season here--I keep finding suggestions when I look up the Downton book! Either I visit others' blogs and know them through their 'voice' or readers stop by here and I get to know them through chatting--it's a really nice little community we have I must say!

Elizabeth--I know what you mean--I think maybe it is a little too rushed--almost like they're afraid the show will be cancelled and want to get in as much as they can, but not a shabby way to pass an hour or two at all! The war went by too fast and was not very bloody as I was expecting, but otherwise, it's very enjoyable. Thanks for the reading suggestion--it's new to me, so I am off to check it out. And I really must get back to The Balkan Trilogy--I only barely started reading it and haven't had a chance to pick it up again.

Caroline--Sorry to hear you've also had an off week. Whatever you've been going through sounds very unpleasant and I hope that things are getting back to normal--or that you are not in a situation where you have to relive things that you thought you had moved on from! Life is just weird sometimes--it just throws you for a loop when you least expect it! And thanks for the kind words--and I am so glad you decided to start and keep at blogging--I always enjoy visiting, and now you seem such a big part of the community and have started so many fun readalongs--it has totally impacted my own reading!

Kathy--Who knows--maybe someday we'll get to meet up. I read about UK blogger meet ups and they sound so fun, though they have a little less distance to travel than most of us do. Until then, the virtual world works pretty well, too. I'm sure I'll be turning the pages of these books after tonight and thinking longingly of Downton. :)

Litlove--I'm more or less feeling better--just not quite normal. Hopefully things will straighten themselves out soon. That book was such a splurge-but it is so lavish and beautiful to look at. PBS is giving away a trip to England as part of their Downton Abbey promotion--I'm entering. Keep you fingers crossed for me! ;)

Penny--I'm looking forward to the Musson as it is more historical so covers much more ground. It was such a treat to get in the mail as I had not come across it before. I've been looking forward to this episode all week. I already have the DVD and will likely do a marathon viewing at some point this spring.


Sorry to hear you were a bit under the weather last week. Hope the fog has cleared up since? What did you think of the last episode of Downton Abbey? It was aired here at Christmas and we really enjoyed it. A very special day is nearing I seem to remember and now I read it is a vacation day as well: congratulations!
Will be writing you shortly.


Up and Down Stairs looks like it might be interesting. I hope you are feeling better and got to have a nice restorative weekend reading!

Kristen M.

I can't believe we have to wait so long for Downton Abbey again! Luckily, my husband just started watching during season two and now he wants to go back and watch season one. So we'll get at least a bit more Downton in the house this year. :) And do let us know how the book is and if it's worth getting.


Catharina--I'm not quite sure what is going on--but mostly I feel better. I need to get back into a routine and hopefully that will help. The last episode was good--I expected it to end in a cliffhanger, but it was actually quite nice. And thanks for the good wishes--I had a very nice day indeed! :)

Stefanie--It does look good--and I can't wait to begin reading. I am more or less better. It's always nice having an extra long weekend, but the time flies by far too quickly.

Kristen--Yes, another long haul before we get more Downton. Too bad we can't see it in the fall, too. I'll be having a Downton marathon at some point this spring I suspect now that I have both the first and second seasons on DVD. The coffee table book is gorgeous--very lush and pretty to look at. I'll report back on Up and Downstairs.


Enjoy your books and I hope you are feeling much better by now.


Kathleen--I am much better than before-just feeling a tad out of sorts. I think it is winter which has made a comeback here! Thanks for the kind words and books always help.

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