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Simon T

I really want to read more STW - I haven't read this one. You might well have seen me and Claire/Captive Reader talking about her correspondence with William Maxwell, which is brilliant beyond words.


The Element of Lavishness is STW's correspondence with William Maxwell between 1938 -1978 and one of the gifts I received for Christmas 2010.Much cherished since. She is on my list of authors I'd like to read more of.

Scriptor Senex

Victorian family sounds just my thing but I'm refusing to add anything more to my To Be Read list for a while.


Simon--I will have to go check those posts out--lately I have fallen very behind in blog reading I'm afraid. I didn't realize there was a book of letters between William Maxwell and STW--wasn't there one between he and Eudora Welty just last year, too? Will have to check out the one you mention.

Catharina--Thanks for that title--maybe the one Simon is mentioning, too? I've yet to read any of her books, but I really should considering she was a Virago author and now NYRB publishes her.

Scriptor Senex--I'm adding titles to my list but am trying to stay away from buying the books... :)


I'm excited about this discovery and need to track down Lolly Willowes immediately. She sounds like an author I would like a lot. The correspondence with William Maxwell should be very interesting as well.


I love that you give old books a new life by posting about them on your blog. These are the books that seldom get read and really should. I have so many old books from my mom's library and I keep saying I am going to read day soon, I hope!


Caroline--I need to buy one of her better known books as well--may have to start with Lolly, too. The correspondence sounds good as well. I love William Maxwell. More books for the wishlist.

Kathleen--Most of the books I find purely by chance, but I do admit that I had heard of Sylvia Townsend Warner. I think she does have a following and at least her books are still in print!


Oh this one sounds intriguing though your description of Lolly Willowes got me to look her up at my library! They have lots including a diary and letters :) Clearly I must give her a read sometime!


Kingdoms of Elfin is the one I've read from her and it was excellent! Recommended by a Slate roundtable years ago which talked about fantasy books for "adults.

Her depiction of the fey was sometimes rather dark. And the most intriguing part for me was she wrote of them as different "peoples", so that the English ones were very different from the Turkish w/their own traditions etc. I'd def recommend it. Very hard to find, unfortunately.


I tried to read The Flint Anchor last month but was bored to tears by page 150. It was more grim than witty, to my eyes. I did enjoy Lolly Willowes when I read it about 15 years ago, though, and haven't given up on STW.


Stefanie--Your library has a nice selection of her work. We only have a very few books. I'd like to start with Lolly Willowes, so may have to search around for it.

Imani--I'll note it down and see if I can find it anywhere--maybe ILL? Her books seem sort of unusual, but I'm intrigued by them. Thanks for the suggestion!

Booktruffler--That's not a good sign. Perhaps this is not the best place to start with her work? It did sound a little grim from the review I read, but otherwise they generally liked it. Perhaps her writing makes up for the story? I'll be looking for Lolly Willowes as well.


Oddly enough I noticed in the bookshop the other day that Virago has reissed Lolly Willowes. I hesitated over it, nearly bought it, but walked away in the end. Now I'm regretting it!


Litlove--It's always the books you decide to leave behind that you think about later--missed opportunity? I didn't realize Virago had reissued it--I'll have to check it out!

Buried In Print

I've read Lolly Willowes and Mr Fortune's Maggot, both of which I quite enjoyed; she is one of those authors whose works I fervently collect and then leave (largely) unread, but I am still collecting, having read only those two!


Buried in Print--I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes to collect books but then takes forever to get around to actually reading them! I want to start with Lolly Willowes first I think. I like that NYRB has reissued her work and now need to look for the Virago editions, too, maybe...

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