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The series starts next week I think, and I am really looking forward to watching it! It looks like a lot of fun! Hopefully it will be seen internationally eventually.

Simon T

Thanks for spreading the word about Muriel Spark Reading Week! Which one were you hunting for?

Scriptor Senex

I like the scissor sheath. Or, to be more exact, th idea of it since pink has never been my colour. (I'm not normally sexist but I've never been able to get my head around having pink accessories... In fact, I don't like pink at all and my wife turned up at our first date twenty five years ago in an outfit that was all pink except for white shoes. It must have been love!) Like you I love my different needlework accessories. I have far more than I need but if I were rich I would collect them just for the sake of it.


Your mail book is a classic and perfect RIP reading. Not sure why you wouldn't have picked that one up?
Muriel Spark week sounds very tempting. I have few unread ones here as well. Maybe I will join.
I lke your small needlework projects a lot.


Marg--I hope I can see it eventually, too. At least I can keep reading the books. I had pictured her as younger, though. You'll have to let me know what you think of the show!

Simon--Happy to oblige and I'm looking forward to it. I was looking for A Far Cry from Kensington, which is the book I hope to read.

Scriptor Senex--Pink is actually not really my color either, but since it is for cancer research all the material is pink for the designs. Do you joke with your wife now about that first date? :)And I love needlework accessories--I have a shelf with different things displayed. Someday I would love to have a little stitching room where I can keep all my needlework things! And I could happily collect antique scissors and such--alas no money for such a hobby!

Caroline--I don't think I would have come across the postal book otherwise--the author is completely new to me, but I am glad to have it now. It does look like a good RIP read. I always think I at least am familiar with most authors (big names or classics anyway), but time and time again I am surprised by how little I really know. I'm looking forward to reading Muriel Spark--I wanted to before and now this will give me a good 'excuse' (as if I need an excuse...). I love small projects--it's nice to finish something quick and feel like you've accomplished something.


Every time you post about your needlework, I want to go through my own stash and start a project! Must. Not. Start. New. Projects. Right. Now. (Maybe I'll make a needlework project a reward for finishing some writing work. It's been so long since I did crosstitch, I hope I remember how.) I especially like the little framed "Love" piece. I hope you keep sharing your pieces, as I enjoy seeing them.


Fun stitching! I like the February Wordplay chart you got especially because it says chocolate on it. You can see where my mind is today! That Tv show looks like fun. I've always wished I had straight hair so I could get it cut like that. I'd love for 20s fashion to come back in, not just because of the cute haircuts, I love the clothes!


Kathy--You're very good! I'm very bad about starting things when I haven't already finished another project first. I can't help myself, but I do plan on finishing the little needle sheath before working on anything else and will of course share a photo when I do so!

Stefanie--I like the Wordplay design, too. February is a fun month to have for the chocolate alone! :) Doesn't Phryne look like fun? I love the clothes and hair from the 1920s, too. I don't think I could get away with wearing the clothes from that era but they are cool to look at.


I am certainly up for Muriel Spark week, and looking forward to that. As you may recall, I had a very meh crime year not so long ago, but then it was followed by a good patch. I strongly recommend Ross Macdonald and Peter Lovesey. Both authors whose books really grab you and keep you reading right to the end. That TV series looks fun - shame it probably won't reach us either!


Litlove--I'm looking forward to reading Muriel Spark, too! I do remember your off crime year. I haven't finished more than one book so far and last year I read loads. I have both Ross MacDonald and Peter Lovesey on hand--both are 'mean to read' authors, so no difficulties there for me! :) I love her Australian accent--we never get Aussie shows here!

Margaret Stedman

Hi Danielle, I'm with you on discounts! If one is to purchase then purchasing at discount makes sense - even if it is stash to store :-) Isn't Phryne Fisher amazing. I have enjoyed Kerry Greenwood's books and am regularly on the lookout for more.


Margaret Stedman--I have been very good about not buying new stash, so I think a splurge with a discount is okay... I can't wait to start stitching one of them, but I have a small project that I am getting close to finishing! I love Phryne--I have one of her books sitting next to my bed. I think a cozy mystery is just what I need. Have you read her other series about the baker? I've heard those books are good, too.

Liz F

I have managed to find one Phryne Fisher novel and one of Kerry Greenwood's other series about a chef whose name escapes me at the moment in the library but that is it. Which is deeply frustrating because I absolutely adored them both and would love to read more but sadly they don't appear to be published in the UK and the only copies available on the internet are all far more expensive than my self imposed limit for non-reference books!
Having said that, I think that the picture resembles Phryne as I imagined her and maybe if the series gets picked up over here, the books will too! I live in hope...
The needlework looks gorgeous btw but since I am hardly having any time to read at the moment I had better resist the temptation of heading for the needlework shop because I certainly wont get around to doing any stitching!


Liz--Surprisingly the Phyrne Fisher books have been published here by a small press who does mysteries. They also publish her other series. Aren't the Phyrne books fun? I need to pick up another one soon. If the UK doesn't get the show, I doubt we will here in the US,which is a pity. I picture Phyrne as being younger, but otherwise she looks/dresses as I had imagined her. I had hoped to finish this project but I seem to have run out of time once again...even with a day off from work. Sigh.

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