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I am on Pinterest! I spent a lot of time on it initially but I have dropped off a little now.


I'm on Pinterest as well but it hasn't caught fire for me. I think it's because most of my interests are word-based and not image-based. It might, however, be a fun place for you to share your postcards or your needlework.

Karen K.

Are you in Omaha? I lived there for three years in loved it. The Joslyn Museum was great and I think I went to the Durham once to see a Christmas exhibit. This would have been in the early 2000s so it may not have been converted yet. I loved it and was so sad to leave.


Marg--I see I am out of the loop once again. New things are always a little exciting, but I always return to blogging, too.

Teresa--I was thinking the same thing--if I did it I would use it for needlework and postcards. It could be a fun way to find new images and stitching designs. Of course, it would be one more place vying for my free time...

Karen--Yes, I was born in Omaha, and have lived here nearly all my life. As a matter of fact I am planning on visiting the Joslyn this weekend. I think the Durham has been renovated quite a bit. It's been ages since I've been there, but I can't wait to see this new exhibit. It's a nice little town, though the weather--so hot and so cold can be difficult sometimes!


I really really need to catch-up with Downton Abbey! I have the first season, but I have a hard time getting around to watching it...


I'm loving Downton Abbey and simply don't know what I'll do after this Sunday's episode. The costumes, the sense of history with WWI, the Spanish Flu epidemic, etc., and Lady Violet. Won't it be fun next year when Shirley MacLaine comes to Downton?

Now, to those links you've provided.


I'm on pinterest. I hope you have *lots* of spare time! ;-)


I'd like to watch Downtown Abbey Series II. I didn't like series I at first but then I got into it and enjoyed it.
I'll need to check out Pinterest. I haven't heard of it.


I'm on Postcrossing :) (well, I'm on Pinterest too). I signed up after reading your post -- I knew about the site but did not have an account because... hmmm, now that I think about it I've no idea why. So, thanks for providing me with the nudge I needed in order to actually make an account :)


Despite living in Britain I hadn't seen Downton until this Christmas when I was given the box set of DVDs (when the first series was broadcast, it was not shown in Scotland, would you believe, as the schedulers thought 'we' would prefer a gritty crime drama set in Glasgow!).
Anyway, having at last got the chance to watch we became completely hooked and now can't wait for series 3.
Re. Pinterest, I'm on it and pin things when I remember to do so. It's quite fun.


I am obsessed with Downton Abbey - best show ever! And as far as Pinterest goes - I am hooked on that, too :) Its crazy how addictive it is making boards and pinning things, eh? I hadn't heard of postcrossing, but I'm thinking of checking it out. Sounds like a fun idea! Cheers! Loved this post - it was chock full of info ;)


You know I started watching the first season of Downton on Netflix last fall because of you and both my husband and I got addicted. Season 2 has been a real rollercoaster! I will gladly send you a MN map postcard. I will start looking out for one. And thanks for the Letter Writers Alliance link! I think I am going to join :) BTW, do you have a postcard album? My sister gave one several years ago because she was taking trips to some fun places and would send me postcards. It's like a photoalbum but has plastic postcard-size sleeves to slide your cards into.


I think I have a local postcard in my box of cards. If you fancy trading with a UK girl drop me an e-mail (still same address).

Love those Downton dresses on the Artsor post by the way. I'm excited for everyone in the US to see the Christmas special as it's where Series 2 really got good again for me. Have you seen these Downton paper dolls btw - very fun:


I love Downton and am taping all the episodes. I think I have two on the DVR right now, and I save them for a time when I can devote all my attention to them (i.e., I'm not making dinner or doing some other chore while watching). I'm also on Pinterest, which is fun but a huge time suck, especially at first. (I got my husband interested in it, too, and he spends more time on there than I do!)

Now I'm going to check out some of the places you mentioned in this post, because, you know, I have so much free time to surf... As if giving me so many books to check out weren't bad enough!:) (Hope you realize I'm kidding. Your blog is one of my favorites!)


I can certainly send you a postcard from Cambridge, if you'd like that? And I have the first series of Downton Abbey still to see - my son gave it to me for my birthday last March! I don't know how it takes me so long to get around to watching things on the telly - and Dynasty is rather taking up my time at the moment! But I will watch it, I don't doubt.


Kailana--I don't watch much TV either and usually have one movie from Netflix at home, but I do look forward to Sunday nights when I can see this. I'll have to watch them all over again when the show finishes this weekend.

Penny--It is the one show I watch on TV and it is lush and beautiful. I think this weekend's episode is the Christmas special? I'll be sad when it finishes--what will I watch then? Back to the books again I suspect.

Bibliolathas--That's what I was afraid of! I didn't ask for an invite at first, but in the end I did but I haven't yet set anything up--maybe I'll have time this weekend to start it. I did look around and love all the visuals. Thanks for the link--I'll look for you there when I am set up.

Caroline--I've been really enjoying Downton--I love costume dramas, though, even if this is almost like a soap opera! Pinterest is sort of cool--I'm very visual so I like looking--am afraid I'll end up wasting lots of time browsing though!

Kay--How cool. What is your 'name' on both places? I'll have to look for you. I love Postcrossing and am afraid of how much time I may end up spending on Pinterest--I've got an account but haven't set up anything yet.

Cornflower--Wow, they didn't air it there? Not that I don't like a good crime drama, but Downton Abbey...? I'm a sucker for a show with such stunning visuals. I've got both series now on DVD (just got the second season in the mail yesterday), so I'll have to have a marathon watch when I start going into withdrawal when this season ends. I've spent a little time on Pinterest, and I'll be using it at work so I have asked for an account to learn my way around. I think I will like all the needlework and domestic subjects...I've already discovered a new needlework designer whose charts I want to buy...could be dangerous.

Nadia--I have watched Downton since the very beginning--lots of people at work are just discovering it and our copy of the DVD of season one has been steadily circulating. Now I had never heard of Pinterest. What other cool things are out there that I am missing out on?? Postcrossing was also new--if you join you'll have to let me know. I'm totally addicted to it now.

Stefanie--Isn't it fun? I think this season has done much better over there than last time around--everyone I know seems to be watching it, too. Thanks so much for the postcard--in advance. I love getting real mail again after such a long hiatus. Of course there is often book mail, which is of course wonderful, but on those weeks when I need to slow down the book buying it's nice to see a postcard appear in my mailbox. And I have not looked for an album--what a good idea. I am so far using a plastic bin. I've only gotten a very few cards (four!) from swaps on the postcrossing forum--no official card yet, but I am trying to be patient. And I think I may join the Letter Writers Alliance, too. I even joined a mail art swap. I'm going to keep myself very busy this spring!

Jodie--Thanks for the offer--I have sent you an email! :) And that link is great. I had to pass it along to a coworker (and I suspect she'll pass it on, too). They are hilarious... and what *did* happen to that amnesiac soldier? He just disappeared! I'm sure it won't be the last we see of him!

Kathy--I splurged and have bought both seasons on DVD. They are the original UK versions as I think a tiny bit was cut out on the US version. I'll be having a Downton movie marathon sometime this spring I suspect. What is your user name on Pinterest--I had no idea that it existed or that so many people were on it! I have got my invite but will have to set up my account later this weekend. I'm looking forward to it after hearing so many other people have joined. I get to work on my library's account, which should be a lot of fun. And thanks for the kind words. I know I do tempt people, but I can't help myself! :)

Litlove--I'd love that, of course! I've never seen anything of Cambridge--except bits in movies. I'm so excited to get a few postcards--something to look forward to! I am notorious for not watching new movies as well when I get them as gifts. You have something to look forward to for later! And I haven't seen Dynasty for years and years--it was huge over here when it originally aired. Now talk about a soap opera! :)

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