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I'm running, not walking, to order Paris My Sweet -- and I don't know whether to thank you or curse you for the introduction to the Sweet Freak blog. LOL!


This sounds really good, but I don't know if I could handle all the reading about chocolate without *eating* a ton of chocolate!


I am planning on reading this soon! It is hard to imagine that Paris and food together wouldn't be a fun read!

Cath @ Constance Reader

Oh God, I am going to gain so much weight because of this book. D:


Sounds like a fun read--I fantasize about living and working abroad and love books like this.

Would be tough to forego snacking whilst reading, though!


Oh, this could be dangerous. Very, very dangerous for someone like me - but, oh, I'd love to give t a try and just maybe I will.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I will have to read this! An old school friend is currently studying French pastry in Paris and writing a blog about the experience. I love reading all her updates - and seeing the photos of the delicious things she's been making! She and her friends do a lot of taste-testing of sweets and pastries around the city so I'm definitely learning from her where to go for the best macaroons, mille-feuille, etc.


Karen--You have the perfect situation since you are in NYC--you'll love this book--very light but lots of cool places to find the best sweets--she gives addresses! :) And yes, her blog is dangerous--it's probably a good thing I live so far away and can't go out sampling...

Megan--It was very tempting to go out and buy a box of Godiva chocolates at least. And I actually read a lot of this at the gym! Reading about things you wish you could eat was sort of torture. Now I want to eat a real madeleine.

Marg--It was a fun read and she did weave together her story with the sweets of Paris very nicely. I look forward to hearing what you think.

Cath--I'm not sure I realized such delicious things existed (okay maybe I did, but to read about them...)--and I wish I could try all of them. When I heard of this book I knew I had to read it, too.

Janegs--It was hard to read about all the mouth watering desserts and not be able to sample. I have only recently discovered 'food writing' and find I like it very much. And of course anything about Paris is always fun.

Penny--It is a quick and entertaining read--especially if you like reading about food. Definitely one to check out--maybe your library will have it?

Claire--I'm envious of your friend. I would love to spend time in Paris. The book lists all the places she writes about and it would be fun to visit them--I wanted to do more linking to places, but I didn't want my post to get too long. If you are willing to share her blog address I'd love to check it out. I sometimes will look for expat blogs--they are fun to read. It would be fun to compare her experiences with the authors'.

Scriptor Senex

Oh dear. I love chocolate but it gives me migraines. I've just been over to her website. I think I need to lie down in a darkened room...

P.S. My brother raves about Chocolat by Joanne Harris as well but for some reason I couldn't get into it.


I have this book to read, too. I need to get around to reading it!


I think that the food memoir is actually one of those subgenres that is highly popular. Like food blogs. While not exactly someone who likes sweets, I still think this sounds absolutely lovely and could imagine I'd feel an urge while reading it. This type of memoir is particularly lovely in winter, I think.

Margaret Stedman

Danielle, I have just ordered this book from my local library. Sounds like a great way to "visit Paris" which I may never get to do in reality. I don't allow myself to eat chocolate or I'd need to double my time at the gym so this book may satisfy inner yearnings!


This sounds like a sweet and charming book. I'm not sure what it would be like to read it, now that I don't eat sugar any more. Possibly a bit frustrating! But I very much enjoy these sorts of memoirs. I much preferred living in a different country to just travelling around one.


I want this book - it sounds like such a delicious read! Loved your post - it has me convinced that I need to download this one as soon as possible! Who doesn't want to read about Paris and chocolates, right? Thanks!


The reading itself may be calorie-free but I'm not sure I could read the book without having to have some sweet treats of my own to indulge in!


Oh, yes, I want to read this book. It has many of the features I love: a woman moving overseas, an intriguing setting and food! Thanks for sharing.


Scriptor Senex--I'm happy I don't have that problem, though it would certainly save me a lot of temptation. I love chocolate, but I only treat myself occasionally or with a very small serving. I know not everyone likes Joanne Harris--I've liked the books by her I've read--Chocolat just clicked with me. Happily there are plenty of other books to explore to find favorites,if this one doesn't quite work for you! :)

Kailana--It is a quickie once you get to it.

Caroline--I think you're right. I don't really read them, but I loved the MFK Fisher and this one was fun, so I'll be looking for more. It is a perfect sort of winter read, you're right. And while I love the sound of the sweets she writes about, I'm almost glad I don't live anywhere near to indulge as I am trying to be very careful about eating less sugar. I do make exceptions for dark chocolate, though...

Margaret Stedman--It is a great armchair travel memoir. I'm not likely to get to Paris anytime soon, but it was nice escaping there in the pages of a book! I hope you enjoy it, too. I do teat myself with chocolate, but say no to most other sweets--I spend lots of time in the gym but don't want to have it be all for nothing by indulging too often.

Litlove--It was a fun read, but not being able to sample the desserts she writes about is shortcoming! :) I am trying to cut out as much sugar as I can, but I can't go cold turkey, so I admire you! And I also think living somewhere for a while is the way to go--when I traveled that is what I did--spent a chunk of time in the places I visited.

Nadia--That's what I thought, too! :) When Sourcebooks offered me a copy to review I didn't even need to think about it. Paris? Chocolate? Sure!

Stefanie--I actually read most of this at the gym--there's something almost wrong with that, don't you think? But it is a book that would be nice to read while having a madeleine perhaps, or a cupcake?....Mmmm.

Kathy--I was quite envious of her I must admit, as I was reading. But she has a very laid back way of writing, which makes it all very likable. Now I want to read more food memoirs. better be careful not to start another new project!

Liz F

I've travelled around quite a lot of France but the only bit of Paris that I have seen is the peripherique which is frankly terrifying at rush hour particularly when the signs you are looking for are actually only visible when you are OFF it - thank heavens for sat nav is all I can say!
'Chocolat' is one of my very favourite books and I am very partial to pain au chocolat too with a large cup of black coffee - a very civilised breakfast that I only indulge in VERY occasionally!
I find this sort of book can be a bit hit and miss - the good ones are very good and give you a real flavour of the experience but the not-so-good are dreadful- but since this comes with your recommendation I will look out for it!


Liz--This is pretty light and fluffy. It's not of the same standard as MFK Fisher, but if you want something entertaining it's worth a go. I love JH's Chocolat--was going to reread it again this year, but I need to concentrate on the books I already have started! I've been to Paris a few times, but far too long ago--I wish I could go back!

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