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I hadn't heard of MFK Fisher before one of her books was issued as part of the Penguin Good Food series (I think that is what it is called). I am looking forward to reading some of her books.


Marg--I wonder which book is part of that series. I really like her writing and hope you will, too. The Penguin edition should be a good intro/taste of her work!


I have that Lopate book which is great, it means I can try one of her essays.
I find French people in general are very interested in food. Not sure whether Dijon is the gourmet capital. Depends on the food, I guess. I must admit that when it comes to food I'm 100% Italian. I don't get along with French food. My father is a great cook though and I always like what he does but he stays away from some of the more typical things that make me run. I like Thai cusine second best. But I do not like typical Swiss or German. I never cook French myself, only Italian, Asian and maybe Mexican.


I want to read this one too! BTW, her _Alphabet for Gourmets_ is available to read online from the Gourmet magazine archive:

Jennifer Dee

I read this book at the end of last year and enjoyed it very much. A real insight into the life of MFK. If you like this kind of memoir I recommend 'Risotto with Nettles' by Anne Del Conte, a really lovely read and some great receipes.


A six-hour meal?! Reminds me of the Monty Python skit of the man that ate and ate and then the waitor offered him a mint and he exploded. I'm afraid my idea of a good meal wouldn't quite live up to her standards either.


Caroline--I think there are a couple of essays by Fisher in the Lopate book--It's a great book, a nice survey of so many different sorts of essays. I really need to get back to it and keep reading. I don't know about Dijon now, but when she was living there it seems as though she mentions it being the gourmet/gastronimic capital? I've never been a gourmond--so that aspect was a little over my head--but not so that I couldn't get it or appreciate it. Italian is my favorite, too, though I eat (and can cook somewhat)a lot of Mexican food.

Bibliolathas--How cool-thanks for the link! I really enjoyed this and may try one of her memoirs next (she has a book about living in Dijon, though I suspect there will be a lot of overlap with this book).

Jennifer Dee--It was interesting reading about her and now I want to know more. I'm sure, too, that there is a biography out that I can read, though she writes so well I shall probably just continue on with her books. I have not heard of the Del Conte--I'm off to look it up. I'm now into food literature!

Stefanie--The only thing I think I would want to do for six straight hours is sleep or read! :) I do like how she looks at food and meals with gusto, though, and the people she shares her meals with!


I've read her essays in the Lopate book (which I love to dip into from time to time), and I'd like to read this book. There are just so many wonderful books to read--I wish I could spend more time reading them! Today is gray and cloudy and muggy, so maybe I'll reward myself after my errands with some reading time.


Kathy--Muggy? Already? It's snowing here today! I love the Lopate book. I had intended to spend a whole year reading from it, but fizzled out a third of the way in. I keep thinking about starting my project again, but the same problem--not enough time to read all the books I want to read. Funnily enough--my essay posts get the most foot traffic!


My sister is a chef and I think she would really enjoy this one and the connection to food.


She is an author I'd really like to read, but her books are hard to come by in the UK. I love the snippets you've presented here, though. She has such a clear and engaging style.


Kathleen--How cool. It would be good to have a chef in the family! :) I didn't realize that food writing is so fun--now I am into a whole new genre of writing!

Litlove--She is a wonderful writer. It's too bad she is not more readily available over there. She lived for a number of years in France, but I don't know if she published while she lived there. If you have the Lopate book of essays I think there are a couple of her essays in it.

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