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I'll be curious to hear what you think of Remarkable Creatures. I'll be posting a guest review of it -- and Curiosity, another novel about Mary Anning -- on Friday. I must say that the review has piqued my interest in Curiosity, but not so much in RC, despite the fact that I own the latter (and not the former)!


Avisannschild--I'm really looking forward to reading Remarkable Creatures. I'll watch for your reviews of the two books you read and have added Curiosity to my wishlist--they sound like a good reading pair.

Cath @ Constance Reader

I really love Muriel Spark. And I really loved Remarkable Creatures. Some of Chevalier's books lose me a little but Remarkable Creatures reminded me why I gulp down every one of her novels.


I will host two giveaways of the Muriel Spark e-books. Onje next week the other one at the beginning of April. I hope more people will join. I'm going to read Territorial Rights, it should be very god.
I'm also looking forward to the readalongs, there are more that I might join.
I'm tempted to join Carl's Once Upon a Time readalong of Mistborn and Mel and I want to read Frank Delaney's Ireland in April too. Busy, busy, busy. I'm looking forward to all of it though.


I haven't heard of Girl Reading but oh it looks good! Can't wait to hear your assessment of it. All your other plans sound good too. I loved the Color Purple and Muriel Spark is always a good read. Enjoy your extra days off. I have some coming up very soon that I am greatly looking forward to.

Buried In Print

Nothing better than making reading plans, hmmm? Girl Reading has nearly broken through to the top of my reading stack; I see yours has already made it to your bedside table. Nice!


Books, glorious books! I haven't done any read-alongs since I was in an online book club. Maybe I'll join in with Remarkable Creatures, as that is on my TBR list and hasn't quite made it home from the library with me yet.

Must be something in the air...I've been having trouble keeping up with blog reading lately, too. Hoping to catch up in the next few days.

Simon T

I'm getting excited about Muriel Spark Reading Week now!

I have Remarkable Creatures, and have been intending to read it for a while now... maybe seeing it here will bump it up my pile. But I am concentrating on 20th century reads this year!

Karen K.

I read Remarkable Creatures for a book group in January and really liked it -- I hadn't read any Chevalier since Girl with a Pearl Earring, which is one of my all-time favorites. I was very happy since I was afraid it wouldn't measure up. I've just checked out Falling Angels and I'm looking forward to that one even though I have no business reading it, too many other books on the TBR shelf!


Cath--I've not read any Muriel Spark for a while, so I'm really looking forward to it. And I used to read all of Tracy Chevalier's books as soon as they were published, but I've not done so for the last few novels (just chance-not on purpose). I've been wanting to read Remarkable Creatures, and I've heard many good things about it, too! :)

Caroline--Cool that you're doing a giveaway. I'm lucky as my library has quite a few of her books, as well I have several on hand, too. I might break down and get one for my Nook as well....but I did check out Territorial Rights, so maybe I'll read it as well. I completely missed Carl's announcement--will be catching up on things this weekend. I really enjoy readalongs--it's nice being able to chat about books with those who are also reading at the same time and also a good way to pick up books I might not otherwise. Busy, definitely, but a good busy!

Stefanie--Doesn't it look great? I can't wait to start it. I love books that mix art in with a story. I hadn't come across it until BiP told me about it. Yay for days off. I hope I don't totally putter around and get some good reading time in.

Buried in Print--I can't imagine not having reading plans. If I wasn't joining in with others I would make my own. As it is, I make plans And join in. Double the fun. And yes, Girl Reading is officially sitting on my night table--on the bottom of the pile, granted, but it's there. I might just crack it open and take a look this weekend. ;)

Kathy--Do join in if you can--it would be fun! I bought it in paper when it came out in the UK and here I've not yet read it! I think the weather is too nice or something--we'll call it spring fever for all those unread blog posts. I should have some time this weekend--will have to break it up a bit each day and hopefully I can get caught up once again. Not that it will last long--Come next week when I go back to work I'll fall behind once again.

Simon--I'm looking forward to it. I seem to be reading lots of British literature from that particular era this year--Enid Bagnold, Elizabeth Taylor, Penelope Lively, Helen MacInnes and now Muriel Spark. It's my favorite sort of fiction, so I'm quite enjoying myself. I'm all for timing with books--this is a good excuse for me to pick up Remarkable Creatures--it'll still be there when you're in the mood!

Karen--I loved The Girl with a Pearl Earring, too. I even read it twice. I've enjoyed all her novels and now need to go back and fit in the missing books I skipped. I read Falling Angels, but it was quite a while ago, so it has faded a bit. I always start too many books as well.


I loved Remarkable Creatures. It made me want to learn more about fossils. :) It would be interesting to read Curiosity, too, and I agree they would probably make an excellent pair to read one after the other.

It will be interesting to read your thoughts on Girl Reading. It's a book I definitely want to read at some point.

Margaret Powling

I didn't know there was yet another novel about Mary Anning (Curiosity) so I will be checking that out shortly ... but I enjoyed Remarkable Creatures very much. I also enjoyed two factural books about Mary: Jurassic Mary (author escapes me and I'm too lazy to check bookshelves in the sitting room!) and The Fossil Hyunter by Shelley Emling.

Liz F

I read the first section of Girl Reading which is set in medieval Siena (my favourite place) and enjoyed that but I felt my attention wandering after that. As I had too many other books to read I decided to take it back to the library and give it another go later.

I like Tracy Chevalier's books and have read her ever since The Virgin Blue came out which I read because I had holidayed in the part of France where it is set. I enjoyed Remarkable Creatures, partly because I have been fossil hunting on the North YOrkshire coast with my children - we got so engrossed with what we might find in the cliff face that we ended up having to run for it to avoid getting cut off by the tide which was a bit scary!


Tiina--I love it when one book leads to another book like that. I have a feeling I'll do the same thing. I'm going to dig my copy out and maybe start reading early, though it will be an April book. I'm excited about Girl Reading and may start it this weekend. I'll definitely write about it when I get to it.

Margaret--I should look for those books to perhaps reading as companion books. I like the sound of them. Fossil hunting sounds really very interesting actually. I'm glad to hear such good things about the book. Thanks for the suggestions.

Liz--Those due dates do put a damper on reading sometimes. I have one started that I need to pay more attention to (I am enjoying it but I was so close to finishing a few other books I had to work on those for a while) as it is due back at the library this coming week. I wish I lived closer to a coast. I would love to spend time on the beach like that--though not being cut off from dry land alas! :)

Hello Danielle,

Thanks for mentioning the Tracy Chevalier Readalong.
I'm delighted you'll read it along with us.

Information available here:



Emma--Thanks for the link--I've added it and the date to my post. I'm looking forward to reading it as I have long enjoyed Tracy Chevalier's work!


You have some exciting things coming up with your reading plans. I read The Color Purple in college as well and remember we had a very lively discussion about the book. This is the perfect book for your diary reading and also for discussion with others. Have fun!


Kathleen--I am excited about the book on my reading pile--I always have some good things to look forward to it seems. I'm looking forward to revisiting The Color Purple--it's been far too long and it has more or less faded from memory sad to say.


Ooh I have Girl Reading sitting on my TBR pile. And I'm looking forward to Muriel Spark week. I really enjoyed Territorial Rights when I read it (admittedly years and years ago now). I love readalongs - they are always fun.


Litlove--I've read the first story and after a slowish start I'm quite enjoying it so far. I'm glad to hear you liked Territorial Rights. I hadn't planned on reading it specifically for the week, but I might give it a go now. I'm glad you liked it!

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