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Reading it is very long ago yet I remember Siddhartha is about a young man's spiritual journey to enlightenment. I loved Fair Stood the Wind for France. It is on my list of rereads planned for this year. And I couldn't hold back a sigh seeing the new Maisie Dobbs mystery, my library has only two copies of the series and is not planning to purchase more. Sigh again. Great choice of books!


I think it was the BBC that did a dramatisation of Fair Stood the Wind for France back in the late 60s or early 70s. I loved it, got the book and loved that too. Definitely one I should get around to rereading one day.

Goodness, I really must read something by Willa Cather. I've no excuse as I have several downloaded for free on my Kindle. O Pioneers! appeals and Death Comes to the Archbishop, though the one everyone recommends is My Antonia. Decisions, decisions.


What a great pile of books! I read Siddartha in high school, a long time ago now. Don't remember much about it except feeling quite bewildered by it; maybe I should try again. I finished The Flight of Gemma Hardy just last week and feel envious that you still have it to read; it is excellent! And Enchantments is on the reserve shelf at our library, just waiting for me. I will pick it up tomorrow. Fair Stood the Wind for France is also a winner.


Catharina--Not sure why I never picked up Siddhartha before--but I have heard good things about it recently. I think I will definitely be reading the Bates--I had already heard good things but now I see even more comments here so I must pick it up soon! It's too bad that your library isn't carrying the Maisie Dobbs books--she is very popular here, but maybe not so much in Europe?

Cath--You make me want to pick up the Bates right may I will... :) I loved My Antonia by Cather, but I also started first with O Pioneers--it's a great choice really--similar themes to her later work and very easy going and engaging. I should reread it now as it has been quite a while since I first read it.

Cathy--I probably would not have 'gotten' Siddhartha when I was younger to be honest. I hope I do now! :) It is always makes me happy to hear a book I have picked up was enjoyed by someone I know--the Livesey sounds so good--I hope there is not a line of people still waiting for it. It is a bit longer than a few others so I will hopefully get to it before it is due (or get back in line for it). I think we have very similar reading tastes, so I seem to have a very good stack this time around! :)


Thoroughly enjoyed Fair Stood the Wind for France when I read it - so long ago I hate to mention the year!


I'm intrigued by Fair Stood the Wind for France as well. I saw it mentioned recently.
Siddharta is a wonderful book like almost all of Hesse. It's very spiritual. I hope you will like it.
I want to read my first Willa Cather this year.
I'm looking forward to the readalongs in April, there are some great titles on the list.

Liz F

I think that you will enjoy Fair Stood the Wind For France - Bates' wartime books are really good and very atmospheric because they were written at the time. I have my mum's copy - a wartime version on special paper - which always made it more appealing!

I've only read one Willa Cather - 'Lucy Gayheart'- but I have been collecting her books as I have seen them around - now all I need to do is get around to reading them but I'm sure their time will come! I know what you mean about sitting on the sidelines in book clubs - the only time I ever went to one I remember listening to what the other members were talking about (they all had English degrees and I don't)and wondering how I managed to miss the themes and references they were all referring to! Felt decidedly out of my depth and didn't go back!


I love Willa Cather. As a young woman my favorites were My Antonia and O Pioneers ... but now that I have reached a certain age Death Comes for the Archbishop and The Professor's House are the ones that have stayed with me.

I have that Bates book but have not read it -- I picked it up because I recognized his name from some other research I was doing -- sounds likeI should move it to the nightstand.

Margaret Powling

As we speak, Maisie is coming to me from across the Pond! I didn't care as much for the last book, about espionage - indeed, I've not finished it and must do before I read the new one, becuase of course, there is always the back story to catch up on, but looking forward to the new one and hope it's more to my liking.
Not heard of Caroline Preston ... one to investigate (ooh, appropriate, har, har!)


I, too, am in line at my library for the new Maisie Dobbs. Third on the list I believe, so hopefully it won't be long! I've read several Willa Cather novels but not My Mortal Enemy. I'll have to see if I can find that one.


Danielle, don't be daft! You are NOT out of your league with the Slaves and I can't quite believe you could even begin to think it! You write lovely reviews, full of sensitivity and insight and we all love reading them.


I'm with Litlove, don't be daft! Please write your thoughts on Cather and join in the discussion! You have a nice pile of library books. As for Siddhartha, it's a spiritual quest novel in which you follow the main character through temptations and finally his attainment of Nirvana. A good read. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it.


Scriptorsenex--After hearing so many good things I've moved it from my library stack to my bedside pile! :)It has obviously held up well over time.

Caroline--I have read one of HE Bates's books (Feast of July) a very long time ago, but I wasn't familiar with this one. I've seen it a few places as well and finally thought to look it up. Are you reading more than just Remarkable Creatures and Coventry this month (for readalongs that is)? The Color Purple is for May, right? You should try and read something by Willa Cather this year-I think you will like her. I'm tempted to pick up another of her books or reread one that I've already read!

Liz--I have another book or two by Bates--including Love for Lydia, which I have wanted to read for ages. I have Fair Stood sitting by my bed--maybe I'll start it this weekend. I'll have a few other books out of the way, so April should be an 'easy' reading month for me! :) I really want to read Lucy Gayheart--that one particularly appeals to me, and I also have been collecting her books--have finally started (slowly) reading some of them. I like book clubs so I can get more out of book that I really like, but I am not always a very close reader so feel unprepared sometimes. I get so wrapped up in a story I forget to pay attention to other sorts of details!

AJ--I came to Willa Cather sort of late. My high school English teacher always tried to push her onto us, and I think I just rebelled. At the time she didn't appeal and I think I wouldn't have appreciated her anyway. I love her now, though! I've enjoyed all the books I've read but I can see how The Professor's House would be considered a deeper and more mature work. I still have lots of books by her to read. The Bates sounds really appealing to me right now, too.

Margaret--I've not had a chance yet to start--hopefully this weekend as it is sitting on my night table. I sort of like espionage stories, so I didn't mind that angle, but I can see where if you aren't a fan of that genre it might have a little less appeal. This one sounds more like a traditional Maisie mystery. The Preston looks like fun--I hope you can find a copy in a local library or bookstore!

Pam--My Mortal Enemy can be read easily in an afternoon as it is only a novella. I somehow lucked out by being in the first batch for the Maisie Dobbs mystery--but there is a long line after so I need to get moving on it.

Litlove--Okay! :) But I am lazy--I need to go back and maybe reread. As usual I am behind in blog reading so I still need to read everyone's posts--but I am very much looking forward to them. And thanks for the very kind words.

Stefanie--I need to get over to the discussion as I did have some questions which I am sure can ebe answered/clarified. Siddhartha sounds good--I had a vague idea of what it might be like--now I am very curious about it--and it's short! I'm sort of liking short books at the moment!


Enjoy your books! I most look forward to your thoughts on Enchantments!

Carl V.

I was laughing when I popped over here thinking, "I'll bet I find a gift idea for my wife" since you are infamous for turning me on to many good gift ideas for her. And lo and behold I find that another Maisie Dobbs book is out. She'll be thrilled.


Stephanie--Thanks! Enchantments does look good, doesn't it?!

Carl--It's that time again--a new Maisie Dobbs! I brought it with me today and finally plan on starting to read it-I've been looking forward to this! I hope your wife gets a copy soon, too. It's always nice hearing that others like Maisie!


I must have been out of touch, because I seem to have missed a whole bunch of your posts. I won't comment on them all, but I will comment on this one! Once again you have a bunch of yummy looking reads. I want to read The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt, and I've got to get back to Maisie. I've only read a couple books of the series, but really like them. What problem to have: too many good books to read.


Kathy--No problem at all--I've fallen behind (as usual) blog reading and hope to catch up this weekend. During the work week there is never enough free time in the evenings. And I need to take a little break from here maybe--post a bit less to have time for some other things. The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt looks great--an easy one to read over a weekend--Maybe I should do so This weekend. I just started the new Maisie mystery and am already enjoying it. Choice is a good thing to have with books!

nomadreader (Carrie)

Those are some wonderful books! I adored The Scrapbook of Frankie Pratt--and it's a fast read! Elegy for Eddie is my favorite Maisie Dobbs book yet, and I am back to being sad the next one is so far off. Enjoy!


So glad you were intrigued by Frankie Pratt! Hope you enjoyed, you are right, it is a quick read. Lovely to pore over the pictures throughout as well.


Nomadreader--I do have a great pile and itchy fingers to start more of them-very dangerous. I will have to save Frankie Pratt for the weekend when I can spend the afternoon with her. And I am thoroughly enjoying the newest Maisie Dobbs at the moment. She is such a great character-and some unexpected things going on with this one. These mysteries are such nice, gentle reads--just what I needed. But, yes, the bad thing will be that when I finish will have to wait another year for the next--maybe I should slow down! :)

Melwyk--I love books like that--illustrated with letters and advertisements and things-it looks like a fun read--and lots to look at, too. Thanks for the heads up on it!

Carl V.

I went out and snagged her a copy the very day I saw this. She was very excited.


Carl--You're a nice guy, Carl! :) Not only do you know the authors your wife likes to read, but you go out and buy her the books! Always a good combination. I hope she enjoys it as well.

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