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This was the first Elisabeth Taylor novel I ever read, such a long time ago and I loved it. It was such an unexpectedly satisfying read... I read it when I should've been doing college work but I never regretted the stolen time :0) and you have just bought the experience vividly back to life for me, I can remember the pleasure I felt, thank you.


Val--She is a satisfying read, I agree. I love her work though I always find it hard to write about her stories--I don't think I do them justice. If you are going to cheat on studying, you couldn't choose better! Always when I finish one of her books I am immediately ready to pick up another!


I'm keen on reading this after your review. I have only read two of her novels so far but they were both so great. One of these days I'm going to set up a completist page on my blog and add all the authors I have already read everything of and those I'm meaning to. She is one of them, that's for sure.


She is definitely an author I want to try. There was an article in the New York Times about her a few weeks back that I cut out and saved for future reference. I'm not sure what my library has on hand, but I'll probably start there.


Every now and then I see her books at the secondhand shop and I think I should buy them because you and so many others write so highly of her. But for some reason I never do. Next, time I see one of her books, no matter which one it is, I'm going to buy it!


Caroline--I will read anything by her at this point. I have a feeling that even her so-so books are still wonderful and better than lots of other writing that's out there these days. I could make one of those pages, too. I have quite a few authors who would be included in the list (like Molly Keane, who I really must get back to). I want to read all of Elizabeth Taylor's work eventually.

Kathy--I missed that article--I will have to go back and see if I can find it! I think you are safe with just about any of her books. I really liked Angel, though the main character is not very likable--and Mrs.Palfrey at the Claremont is wonderful!

Stefanie--Definitely snap up the next book you see by her. I have been acquiring all her books that I can get my hands on. And NYRB is also releasing her books again here in the US, which is good news!


I love her too and I think this is actually my favourite so far. But I really know what yo mean about it being hard to write about her -- however you have done a grand job!

Buried In Print

That second quote is fantastic and it read freshly for me, even though I recently re-read AtMrsL's myself; as you say, Taylor is wonderful for re-reading, as there's always something else to notice and marvel at. I hope you enjoy your second as much!


Harriet--Thanks--I didn't write everything I wanted to, but I waited too long and had to pull from memory. I've enjoyed all the books by her I've read and am not sure which is my own favorite. Maybe Mrs Palfrey, but I think with each new book I read I change my mind.

Buried in Print--Her writing is great. You'll be happily going along and then whoosh she says something that makes you stop and go back and read it again. I can happily reread her novels and it was no hardship to start buying her books--almost sight unseen. I don't care what the story is about, just that she wrote it!

Karen K.

I just the new NYRB edition of Angel from the library, which they ordered after I suggested it! Now I'll have to read this one as well.


Karen--I like those new NYRB editions, but I can't let myself buy any as I think I have found most of her books either used or broke down and bought Virago editions. I'm happy that a US publisher is finally bringing out her work--it's about time! I loved Angel, but she was a difficult character to like.

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