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I enjoy cosy (and not so cosy) crime immensely and am surprised I haven't come across Inspector Thornhill. Andrew Taylor is not in our local library and I haven't noticed him in the bookshops. I must do as Thornhill does investigate further...


I have a vague memory of an Andrew Taylor book which I didn't finish. Something with Poe in it? Any idea? It was historical crime fiction and something just didn't work and it was too chunky. This one sounds very good though.


Ah, those small towns, hotbeds for gossip and murder! I like the purple cover, a pretty shade and eye-catching.


Scriptorsenex--He's really good, you must try and find these Inspector Thornhill books if you can. I have been buying them used (as these haven't been published in the US) fairly inexpensively. If you like cozies, I think you will like this series.

Caroline--I know which one you are talking about but the title escapes me at the moment, too. I think I checked it out once from the library but it went back unread. I think this series is very different and the books seem to be around 300-ish pages and read quickly. I said I wasn't going to pick up the next one yet, but in the end I have and am enjoying it greatly. He has written a variety of books. I'll stick with these and then he wrote a trilogy of mysteries called the Roth Trilogy, which I hear is also very good. Will get to those eventually as well. Bleeding Heart Square was good, too--the only non-Thornhill book I've read by him.

Stefanie--They are indeed. Just think of Miss Marple and her little town and all the murderous things that occur there! ;) And I like the cover, too. The next one has a sort of blue/green cast to it. I guess the publisher was sticking with a theme!


The only book I've read by Andrew Taylor is The American Boy. I literally had no idea he'd also written 5 series, including 5 books on the TV detective, Bergerac. One of those 'Oh!' moments. lol. Anyway, I love the sound of this series so will look into it. Hopefully, the library might have book one. I'm currently reading my first Charlie Parker book by John Connolly, set in or near Portland, Maine, and trying to decide whether the crime series is for me. It's a good plot but I'm finding the seedy, city underworld, organised crime thing a bit much. It's not that I want cozies all the time, but maybe something a bit more civilised.


The Lydmouth series is one of my favourite series ever; the Roth trilogy is really good, too. I am not as crazy about Taylor's stand-alone titles. I keep hoping he will start another series.


I like the sound of this series very much. I haven't read a mystery in a couple of months. Maybe time to pick one up again.


Cath--He's a busy writer! He must be more into standalones these days, but I do wish he'd wrote more Lydmouth books. I want to gulp them all down right now. I've not read John Connelly--strangely I don't read many American mystery/crime novels as I want 'exotic' new to me locations, but actually as you describe the book you're reading it sort of appeals to me as I wish I could live in Portland. May have to check it out. And I also love cozies--I think this is going to be a cozy mystery/detective fiction year for me.

Cathy--I can see why and it is quickly approaching a favorite of mine, too. I am totally wrapped up in the 'relationship' of Jill and Thornhill! I will read the Roth series eventually too.

Kathy--This hasn't been a mystery/crime read year for me so far either--I read lots last year, but I am very into these books at the moment so will keep going.

Liz F

I am a huge fan of John Connolly's Charlie Parker books but cosy he aint!
Think ethical but unconventional private investigator with a supernatural-ish twist and a tragic back story - really compelling but quite creepy too.
It is worth starting at the beginning of the series with Every Dead Thing although I read the second book Dark Hollow first of all and was completely hooked.


Liz--I like the sound of John Connelly--I think I have one of his books on hand, but that title doesn't sound like the one I own. I don't mind unconventional or gritty--I just need to be in the right mood for those sorts of books. I seem to be back in a mystery book mood--I keep adding more and more books to my bedside pile! I'll be buying the book you mention now, too.


As you know, I really love this series. I'm wondering now whether enough time has passed for me to start reading them again. The details are very hazy in my memory!


Litlove--It doesn't take long for stories to start fading from my mind, sadly, but it is nice being able to reread books and still have them be something of a surprise. I am thoroughly enjoying the Lydmouth books and think I'll keep going with them rather than waiting and reading other books in between. These would be very good to reread I think as he develops the characters nicely over time.

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