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This is one of my favourite books and I read all of them (can you tell I was obsessed?) It wasn't until I read The Three Musketeers and went to look for more that I realised The Man in the Iron Mask was the last part of the series. They are all brilliant but it gets darker and sadder with each book as the musketeers grow older and you see the world changing through their eyes.


Sakura--I can see why you would want to read them all. I didn't realize that The Man in the Iron Mask was part of the series, too. I'm not surprised that the tone gets darker--the last bit was a little surprising (well maybe not so much but...). Twenty years on seems sort of like a lot of time to pass, but I'm looking forward to reading the next book.


Gosh, I never realised it was part of a series. I've read (years ago) The Three Musketeers and The Man in the Iron Mask but totally missed the two in-between.


I confess I have never read Dumas, although I'd like to! Wonderful write-up, Danielle, you bring the book to life. I tend to be shy of chunksters, as only Jilly Cooper's Riders has made me forget its length. But I should give this a go one day.


I never ever would have thought that anyone could tempt me with an Alexandre Dumas novel but you just did.
It's infectious to read how much you enjoyed it.
Oh...but it is chunky.


I've never read this (but it sounds like lots of fun) but I did see the Michael York movie years ago. I will definitely consider it as one of my "classic" reads.


Your enthusiasm is contagious! The book does sound like great fun and I will endeavor to read it one day. It's one of those classics that have become part of the culture. My favorite movie spinoff is The Three Amigos :)


Too bad these 700 pages are a bit out of my league just now (parbleu). I am sure, after reading your review, I would like it. I saw a movie adaptation once too but am not sure how close it was to the story as it was a Danny Kaye version, if I remember correctly.


I've read The Count, but must admit I failed the last time I started The Musketeers. Something about the timing wans't right. However, you've made this sound so exciting that I'll be sure to try again (and there are sequals, I do like sequels).


I read The Three Musketeers when I was 13 or 14 and absolutely loved the book. I even made a presentation of it at school. :)
I really sould reread it one of these days & also try some of Dumas' other books. I've tried to read The Count of Monte Christo a few times, but have never gotten to the end. Don't really know why.


I agree with the previous commenters that you make this sound very enticing! I've never even given a thought to reading Dumas, but I just found myself checking my library catalog to see if we have a copy of this!


Scriptorsenex--I didn't realize the books were related either. I bought another Dumas around Christmas time and read a little of the intro which is how I found out. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

Litlove--I think the chunskters I do best with are usually the type Jilly Cooper (or authors like her) write! I have at least been able to manage some longer reads, but the last couple of years I have bombed out on them! If it helps--The Three Musketeers is totally easy reading and it actually goes pretty fast!

Caroline--I put off reading it for a long time due to the length, but it was on my list of books I want to read this year so I took the plunge and now I am glad I did. I almost wouldn't think Dumas would be for me, but I find that I really do enjoy a good adventure story now and again and he certainly knows how to string readers along. It was a very fun read--I even read it at the gym--propped on the machine--it made the time pass much faster.

Kathy--This is my first classic of the year I think! I'm quite pleased to be able to cross it off my list--a long one 'out of the way' early on. I really did love it, though. Maybe I should go back to Wilkie Collins's No Name and try and finish, since that is yet another long book I set aside...

Stefanie--It does have a life of its own now. Dumas would be pleased I think! It's the sort of book that even if you've never read it you know all about it! Definitely one to look for--maybe you can load it onto your Kindle and not drag around a heavy copy of it.

Catharina--It is an enjoyable and entertaining story, but it is a heavy one to drag around and if you prefer shorter books it's totally understandable that it might not be an option. I'll have to look for the Danny Kaye version of the movie--now I want to see all the adaptations. I plan on getting the newest--just released on DVD from Netflix this coming weekend.

Jodie--Yay for sequels! I hope they are good like the original. And if you've read The Count, The Three Musketeers is a piece of cake. It does take a few chapters to really get rolling, though.

Tiina--How fun that you read it in school and gave a presentation. I wonder if I could have managed it at that age? I'm happy I finally got around to it, though! The Count is very long and he really does go off on tangents in it--I wouldn't mind reading it again. I brought home from the library today a copy of "Fernande", which is not a historical novel, but a morality tale--also much, much shorter. I will give it a try now.

Anbolyn--The Peavear translation is great if your library has it! I'm not sure how I ever picked up Dumas to read to be honest. I read The Count maybe eight years ago or so and it clicked with me. I was excited about this newer translation of The Three Musketeers. Enjoy if you do borrow it!


I've always meant to read The Three Musketeers but never have. I guess I always felt that the movie versions of it had spoiled the book for me but it sounds like this is not the case!


Kathleen--I have lots of those 'mean to read' books, too. I actually have owned this one for years and only finally got around to it. It was worth the wait. For me I saw the movie so long ago that I had forgotten all the details. I have a feeling the movie versions had lots of liberties taken, too.


Lovely review, Dani. I loved the Musketeers & the Count when I read them many years ago. Unputdownable &, as you say, a lot of fun.I also remember fondly the Michael York movie!


Lyn--Thanks! I really loved this--hence the enthusiasm, which I still feel! I will definitely reread both books at some point and plan on reading some of his other books as well. I am still hoping to watch the movie adaptations as well! :)

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