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Thanks for tagging me, Danielle! It will be fun to participate!


I'm so glad you did it. It's interesting how some posts generate such a lot of hits. Sometimes it's mysterious, isn't it?
It's nice to get a little recognition from an editor as well.
Now I have to go and read the posts I don't know yet.


It was fun to read your posts again for the most part! I remember the blog on Natalia Ginzburg (and could not agree more about the posts that one has sweated blood over!) and it was your review of The Family Roundabout that prompted me to invest in my first Persephone novel. I've never looked back! This is such a fun meme and I'm so glad you did it!


What fun! Litlove tagged me and I have been dragging my feet and now you've tagged me too. I guess I won't be able to let this one quietly be ignored! ;)


Tiina--I'm looking forward to your answers and links! :)

Caroline--It's always the posts that are quickies that I don't give much thought to that seem to generate the most traffic. Strange that. And I forget sometimes that even when people don't comment on a post that they are sometimes actually read and noted--it was nice to know that Persephone linked to a post or two of mine.

Litlove--If it weren't for a few of you diehards who drop by and leave a kind word or two I wouldn't have much fun doing this (since it is always the conversation that is what I like best). It's funny to see the same names on posts like these--so thank you! :) I didn't realize I prompted you to buy your first Persephone. It only takes one to get hooked!

Stefanie--I knew Litlove had tagged you, but I thought I would as well--a little gentle urging for you to join in! :) It was fun once I started digging around in my archives and remembering what I had written about.


Thanks Danielle - delighted to have a go at this. So much to think about tho'... (btw my link has got tangled up above - it's Cheers!


Bibliolathas--So glad you're going to do the meme! Thanks for the heads up on the link--I've got the correct one there now. I used the same one as the link above w/out realizing it! Looking forward to seeing your answers! :)


Thanks for tagging me, Danielle! I'll get to work on this. I've been out of town, and this will help me get my mind back on blogging.


Kathy--Glad to see you back! :) This is a fun one--I thought it would be hard finding the right posts to match up, but I ended up rediscovering some interesting things in my archives! It is a little hard getting back into things when you've had a little hiatus.


What a fun award/meme. I'll have to read that one about Marilyn Monroe again!


Kathleen--It was fun looking back at old posts--though I discovered that I really do need to tag things better to search for books!

bibliolathas (vicki)

I've *finally* bestirred myself, Danielle:


Sometimes you just gotta find the right moment! :)

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