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I had a quick peek at the envelope you linked to, it is amazing. Good luck with your's, hope it will come out as you had it planned!


That envelope is amazing, I would also be a little intimidated but I'm sure you will do great. It's a fun and lovely idea. I hope you will share the finished envelope.


Those envelopes are simply lovely. I'm sure yours will turn out exactly how you want it to, and it's so nice to see one of my favorite art forms (letters!) not fall by the wayside.


Catharina--Isn't it lovely? I'm still working on mine, but the tedious part is over and I just have a few little details to finish. I don't actually have to mail them until May 1 but I hope to drop them in the mailbox this week.

Catoline--I signed up without realizing the level of ability others would have! I think had I known I might have been too intimidated to join in, but the lady organizing it has said everyone is welcome--you just have to have a desire to be creative. I will definitely share photos when I am done!

Bellezza--They are! I keep forgetting that I will get three surprise envelopes in the mail after May 1, too! I'm quite excited--I've not thought about that aspect of it all as I am too busy worrying about getting mine just right. And I am finding that I love writing letters--it reminds me of when I was young and had penpals! :)


The one you linked to has frightened all us mailcrossers! How dare she be so good?

I think it's the thought and effort and simply taking part that counts so I shall be happy with whatever I get.

I can't even mention mine on my blog beacuse it impacts on something A bit different but a bit the same that I'm doing for a special friend and which will take a while.


Can't wait to see what your creations look like! I am sure they will be wonderful!


Scriptorsenex--I'm hoping that effort is going to be appreciated as well and not just ability! I've been thinking so hard about my own envelopes that I have sort of forgotten that I'm going to get some in return--that'll be nice to look forward to once mine are officially in the mail--which I am hoping will happen tomorrow. I'll share mine here once I know they arrived at their destination--not that anyone who is going to receive one will drop by (I didn't share any blog links), but somehow I feel like the recipients should get first look.

Stefanie--I have gotten very good at envelope folding I must say. And I will definitely share them here. You might just get one in your mail as well...though that'll be round two and will work on a few extra next weekend! :)

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