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Buried In Print

I picked up the first in this series last autumn, but haven't gotten to it yet; I look forward to making Maisie's acquaintance. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the most recent installment, despite a slow start to your immersion.


I can't wait to read this one! I love Maisie. :)


Buried in Print--Save it for a day when you want something easy and entertaining. Winspear is one of my favorite cozy mystery authors. I just wasn't sure what I was in the mood for--as it turns out I was in the mood for this after all!

Jenn--Maisie is one of my favorite fictional sleuths--I read all Winspear's books as soon as I can get my hands on them!


I'm glad I discovered this series this year. I liked the first one a great deal. i think it is really one to read in order. Sometimes it doesn't matter so much but when the charcaters evolve and grow it does. I thought that the last one was already set during WWII.
Judging from the first book she was extremely damaged even but considering she lost her mother at a young age and had to endure a lot of hardship, she might tend to forget.

nomadreader (Carrie)

Elegy for Eddie is definitely my favorite Maisie novel yet. I love how Winspear is moving toward World War II. Too often mystery series don't move forward in the character's personal lives or time. I can't wait for the next one!


Chinks in Maisie's armor? Say it isn't so! But then even Superman had his krytonite. Glad the book turned out to be good even though you were a bit reluctant to pick it up at first.


Up to now my library has only two of the series, which I enjoyed immensely, think I am going to suggest to them (again) to add the newer ones too, as Elegy for Eddy sounds like a mystery I would really like.


I've not read any of this series and have heard so much about Maisie Dobbs. I really need to get around to reading this before too long.


Caroline--It's nice to have one or two of these on hand for when you need a nice cozy mystery. I think this is definitely a series that you do well to read in order as the stories builds on all that comes before and relationships develop and change. Maisie is an interesting character--very independent it would seem but she has her flaws and weaknesses. It's good to see her stumble a bit, too, as weird as that sounds.

Nomadreader--Things are very much progressing and I like that, too. You're right--with some books you can almost drop the characters in any time or place and they don't seem to change much, but lots happens in these books. I'm very curious to see what happens--especially with Priscilla's sons who are probably going to be just the right age when WWII begins!

Stafanie--Yes, the indomitable Maisie Dobbs--she is not nearly so perfect as she seems and she's starting to see the flaw in herself. I know that has been a criticism of some readers that she seems a little too perfect, so it's good to see that she isn't *always* right! :) This was a good read--I was sorry to see it end, and now it is back at the library and in the hands of the next reader--now to wait for another book...

Catharina--Which books have you read from the series so far? Does your library take suggestions from readers/patrons? I know the series is very popular here and maybe in England (?), but I'm not sure about Europe. They have been getting better as they go, I think.

Kathleen--The nice thing is that if you like the books when you start, you'll have lots to look forward to reading later! Now I will have to wait a whole year for another book!

Liz F

I have only skim read this post as I am rather behind in reading the Maisie books and I would rather not know information which is revealed in earlier books!
I know it is silly but it really puts me off if writers of 'series' books give away plot details (or even worse the denouement) of earlier books which I haven't read yet.
That happened with Anne Perry's Inspector Pitt books when I got half way through two of the titles only to realise that I already knew what was going to happen because I had read others out of sequence - I haven't read any since!


Liz--I do the same thing. I don't like to know too much before reading a book. She doesn't seem to spoil the mystery plots of previous books, but the relationships do develop over time and it's hard not to refer to certain events from prior books. Sometimes it doesn't seem to matter too much with some authors, but it is mostly why I like to read mysteries in order if I can. I read a slew of the Charlotte Pitt books, but then nothing since--it's been years now. I think I'd have to go back and start from the beginning at this point. I wanted to start the William Monk books--have the first sitting by my bedside. I keep imagining Richard Armitage as Monk--how shallow am I? :)


Danielle, The two of the series I've read so far are Birds of a Feather(2004) and Pardonable Lies (2005). My library does take suggestions yet it is not always clear why some of them are accepted and others are not. But I'll try again :)


Danielle, The two I've read are Birds of a Feather (2004) and Pardonable Lies (2005). My library does take suggestions yet isn't always clear in explaining why some are accepted and others are not. I don't give up hope though:)


We are so far behind you in this series. The most recent Maisie Dobbs in paperback was The Mapping of Love and Death, which I gave my dad for Easter (completely self-interested gift!). There must now be a couple out in America that aren't available over here. Boo! But still, I will have a new Maisie headed my way eventually, when Dad has finidhed with it, so I mustn't complain.

Margaret Powling

I have read all the Maisie books and have them all except the first which I loaned to a friend ... well, we know what happens to books that are loaned, don't we? I enjoyed this story, preferring it to the previous one where Maisie decamps to Cambridge. I'm glad that Maisie is back in her London office again, with her case maps!


Catharina--Let me know if they don't get them as I know my favorite used bookstore has some of them and I can pick them up for you and send them--they are cheap used and I think they were in pretty good condition, too! I suppose libraries (mine do anyway) will order if the money is there--maybe it is a financial issue?

Litlove--The upside is you will have some good reads to look forward to. That's cool that your Dad reads them as well--sharing is good-especially when the book doubles as a gift. I think the series is on number eight or nine over here--it seems The Mapping of Love and Death is maybe two books back or so?

Margaret Powling--I've read them all, too, now! :) Good luck getting the book back--I don't always loan out books these days (too many have never come back to me!). I own most of the Maisie books but this last one I borrowed from the library as I was able to get in line at the beginning. I'll probably buy it when it comes out in paper. It was much more traditional, and yes, I like those case maps, too. Things are moving along quite nicely in the story!

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