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Sam Sattler

Love the images, please do keep them coming.


I'm enjoying the cards, too. There are so many lovely bookish ones. They give me a warm, homey feeling.


I love the Wells Library! Your post made me want to visit.


Sam Sattler--Okay! :) Am happy to oblige. I do love these cards and think they are cool enough to share!

Kathy--I had no idea that there would be so many cool ones and am continually surprised by the variety of them!

Ted--Isn't it great?! I would love to visit it, too. It seems the perfect small town library. I wonder how far it is from you in NYC? If you do visit it, you must share photos.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

The Fernhout is one of my favourite bookish paintings! When I was creating my blog, it was one of the images I was debating using for my header. The other postcards are lovely, too. Looks like you're getting lots of wonderful mail!


I love that house. Wonderful.
They are all lovely postcards. "Antiquariat" means book shop for used books, yes.
Often the term refers to a shop which sells valuable old books. Mostly you wouldn't find any paperbacks.
Nowadays you would rather find the term "second hand" book shop or Bücher brocky - which comes from Brockenhaus. The Brockenhaus is a flea market type shop as opposed to an Antiquitätenladen - antiques shop - with valuables things.
What a lecture. :)


Fun postcards! The one from Catherine is a little slice of heaven - that big bed, big pillows, big window - how nice it would be to curl up there with a big book!

jenn aka the picky girl

For Christmas, my brother gave me five or six bookish postcards, and I absolutely love them. I've placed them in frames or between stacks of books on my bookshelves. These are really really beautiful, and the art deco one is absolutely divine. Thanks for sharing.


Great postcards, Danielle and I'm glad you liked mine!It's so nice to go searching for cards.


You need not worry about boring me with the cards - they're wonderful. I especiaslly like the 'Alice in Wonderland' one.


Claire--I love getting real mail--on the days I don't get any postcards I feel a little let down, which is sort of silly. I love the Fernhout painting, too--cropped the right way it would have made a great header!

Caroline--It's a great little library--I've not seen another one like it! Actually I was hoping you might answer my question about the Swiss bookstore--I love learning something about language or culture, so I had it sort of right. I'm going to have to look up Brockenhaus now--out of curiosity to see what it looks like. The image on this card looks so clean and spiffy--not at all like some of the used/second hand bookstores locally!

Stefanie--Isn't it? It's my idea of a leisurely afternoon, too.

Jenn--I have been hanging my postcards on a bulletin board, but I like the idea of putting them in little frames--well, a few of my favorites. I did break down and buy a little album for my book postcards so I can sort of display them.

Catharina--It is fun looking for postcards, I agree! I don't come across many (well, hardly none) bookish postcards locally, but I have found a few online that I have bought. So it's especially nice to get these in the mail!

Scriptorsenex--I had a feeling that the postcards would be fairly appealing to readers--and I'm glad that has been the case. I love looking at them, too (and getting them in the mail!). Isn't the Alice in Wonderland card great? The little girl looks so peevish! :)


I love them all, Danielle, and please keep posting the postcards.


Penny--I think I might just do an occasional postcard post. Visuals are fun and I'm hoping to continue getting unusual cards in the mail like these. It's nice to be able to look forward to good mail!


I love all your bookish postcards. That must be really nice to get them in the mail. How do you swap them? Is it a swap site? How does it work?


I love seeing your postcards! They are so beautiful and I just adore the one by Edgar Fernhout. I'm about to google him in a minute or so from now! Also love that one of the ladies at the seaside. Such beautiful colours!


Rikki--I do love these postcards and look forward to them showing up in my mailbox. You'll have to check out Postcrossing and Swap-Bot, which are the two organizations I belong to, and yes, it is basically swapping of postcards. For postcrossing you mail out cards and when one arrives, you'll get one in the mail from someone else--it is all random. Swap bot is a little more structured--themed swaps but a little random, too, in the way people are matched up to send postcards to. They are both great fun and a little addicting!

Litlove--I'm such a nerd, but I do love getting postcards--and sending them, too. And these were a really lovely batch!


Thanks for pointing me to swap bot - what a fun site. And you can swap lots of things, ATCs etc. I am considering joining. I love putting little parcels together to send out (and, of course, receiving them).


Lovely post cards and pictures Danielle. Loved the one titled Antiquariat der Literatur, Zurich and the one with books.


Rikki--I've been doing swap bot a lot lately, though just the postcard swapping--lots more to tempt me, but I don't have as much free time at the moment to do more creative things. I used to love making ATCs--you can see some in my albums on the lower left sidebar--would love to do that again, too, but time is the problem as always. I like sending letters and things out into the world, too, and like getting surprises in my own mailbox as well! :)

Ash--Isn't the spiral staircase really great in that photo? I love these cards and am always pleased to see a new one in my mailbox!


Um...I LOVE this house library! I could move right in, library/house, whatever. It speaks to me.

Also, I've used the painting of the woman reading to the girl on the striped couch (forgot the painter's name!) as my header and would continue to do so if my blog wasn't so firmly associated with the woman lying down by Nina Leen. Which I also love.


Bellezza--Isn't that a great library? I'm not sure if it was a house first and then was converted or they just built it that way--but either way, it is a perfect small town library! I love the header you have--you're right it is totally associated with your blog now--it's a great image by the way. I love the Alice in Wonderland painting--it's one of my favorite postcards I've received so far!


I love that little house/library. What a charming place for that small town to have for a library.


Kathleen--Isn't that a great building?! I wonder if they converted a house or built it with a library in mind?

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