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It is the 4th Bess Crawford book, actually. I just read the first two and the third arrived in the mail today. :)

I use Google Reader so I am no help to you there. Google is CONSTANTLY changing things. So annoying!


The mystery I'm most looking forward to is the new Mary Russell, coming out in September. I managed to get my mitts on an e-galley, and it's all I can do not to read it right now, but I'm waiting until closer to when it would be reasonable to review it.

I'm not seeing the change you're mentioning in Google Reader. If I click on "All Items" it looks the same as ever. Hope it's not a change they're gradually rolling out. I like being able to mark everything as read sometimes.

Most of the time I actually use the "next" bookmarklet (under settings --> Goodies in Google Reader) which goes directly to the next blog with unread content.

I was also using FeedDemon for a while and liked it. It's a desktop app, but it syncs with Google Reader. The reading experience itself is nicer, and it has some cool features. The only reason I don't use it now is that I didn't get around to downloading it when I got my new computer.

Buried In Print

I'd like to read the new Attica Locke book; I really thought Black Water Rising was terrific! The Tana French appeals too...but I'm a book behind there, I think! So many good choices wonder you were so busy taking notes.


Kailana--I'm way behind--I really liked the first mystery and must get the second one read soon, which I bought in hardcover! It sounds very good to me right now--love that period. Not sure what is going on with GR--I had good luck with it before.

Teresa--I just had a Mary Russell mystery in hand as I was thinking of starting it, but I really do need to finish one of my other mysteries first. I've been on a mystery binge of late! :) You're good to wait--with favorite series I am always ready to dive right in--must get back to the books, though, as I've enjoyed the few I've read.

I'm not sure what's up with GR. In the past when I mark all post as read they disappear. Now they are not marked as to read, but the are still at the bottom of my feed list. I thought maybe I needed to go through them one by one so it would recognize them as being looked at, but they are still there. I'm a little afraid to go in now and look. It's going to be a mess as there was just a read a thon, too! I will check out Feed Demon--I keep switching. I liked GR but it stresses me out to see so many posts in the list like that. Thanks for the suggestion--I need to see if it is a problem on another computer--maybe the one I was using in the library had Java problems, too...

Buried in Print--I've read all the Tana French books (can't usually say that for most mystery series I like). I wanted to read the Attica Locke book when it first came out and now there is a new one! And I missed the first ten minutes and think I might go back and listen in to catch the other titles--it was a fun webinar--I need to see what else Booklist offers.


Such a lot of new crime novels. Many I shouldn't even think of buying as I still have undread books by the authors on the shelves. Bah.
I need to read my first Tana French.
I can't help on the google reader issue. I noticed the same but that's what I use.

Liz F

Ooh a new Tana French - thanks for the info on that as I wasn't aware of it.
I have the new S J Bolton in my notebook already - just waiting for it to arrive at the library - and I have made a note of the new Attica Locke as I did enjoy Dark Water Rising.

I have had the Elizabeth Haynes in my library pile for a few weeks now having seen it recommended somewhere or other, but it has never quite made its way to the top yet. I had better get on and read it before someone else wants it!

I do want to like Carlos Zafon's books but for some reason I struggle with them - I don't know if it is with translations from the Spanish that don't work for me as I have tried others with similar results. It's rather strange as I have no problems with translations from French or Italian (or German or Scandanavian either come to think of it).


I started out using Bloglines but it got so bad that I switched to Google Reader which I've been quite happy with for a few years. I haven't noticed the problem you mention but I am sure it will gradually become integrated with Google + along with everything else as this is Google's strategy now to compete with Facebook.

I enjoyed Into the Darkest Corner - a good little suspense book which was much better than the same year's Before I Go To Sleep but not a work of great literature, just a little suspense novel. I recently read her second book, Revenge of the Tide, but thought it awful.

Tana French's Broken Harbour is really very good I think. I also enjoyed Dead Scared but the plot is a bit unbelievable and it's very gothic - but you can just let yourself be carried along with it & it is very compelling if so.

I read Gillian Flynn's two previous novels and was not that overwhelmed, I have to say.


Ooh these look so tempting. I have the second Elizabeth Haynes novel, Revenge of the Tide, and I'd very much like to read the new Attica Locke. Plus there are several on your list that are completely new to me - such temptation!!


I saw something the other day that May is mystery month, maybe in was in the Booklist newsletter? Anway, I am excited to learn there is a new Carlos Ruiz Zafon book. And Tana French, though I've only read her first one so I guess I had better get to the second and third sometime!


Now you have gone and made me start a whole new page of books to read in my own little notebook, Danielle. My protests are flimsy, however, for these all look good.


They offered the new Bess Crawford in Amazon Vine, and I snapped it up immediately!


I haven't read a thriller or suspense novel for a while. Gone Girl and A Fatal Winter sound especially good, and I haven't read any Tana French though she is on my list to read. I currently have two novels requested from the library, one of which (Outlander) has a lot of holds on it, so I will have to finish it as quick as I can--and it's long, so that will be my next read.

Rebecca H.

Maybe I'll finally get around to reading Tana French this summer. I've heard so many good things about her, and I'm pretty sure I'll like her books. It's just a matter of getting there!


Caroline--I am trying to resist buying any of them, but I will get as many as I can from my public library--then I won't feel guilty about them! I'm glad I am not the only one to notice the weirdness with Google Reader. I'm going to either have to just ignore it or find a decent alternative. And I really like Tana French--her books are usually very gripping reads.

Liz--I've been watching for the Bolton book as well--I didn't know whether she'd continue on with the same characters, but it seems she has. I really need to read Attica Locke as I have heard many good things about her--and she was an Orange longlister, which is usually recommendation enough. I've only read the first Zafon and it did take me a while to get into it, but I'd like to try this new one as well. I have heard others mention Spanish fiction in translation as being sort of different, so you are not alone. There must be something about the style? I've not read much--just a smattering, but I've mostly liked what I've read.

Maxine--That sounds like me--I also started with Bloglines, but they changed things so I dumped them. Not sure what is going on with GR. They had made some changes that I could deal with and I generally liked GR--but I don't like having all those posts in my regular feed--it stresses me out to see them all there. I'm just not into Facebook and wish that Google and the like would just do what they do well, rather than try and compete with FB--it all starts looking the same after a while. I'll definitely start with Into the Darkest Corner--not sure if any of her other books have even been published yet over her. I don't mind a good page turner even though it isn't good literature-sometimes I'm just in the mood for quick and easy and there is much to be said when someone does it well. I think SJ Bolton's style is just over the top gothic types of stories that stretch the imagination just a bit--another case of knowing what you're getting into and just going with the story. I am glad to hear the new Tana French book is good--I've liked all her books so far--maybe the last one just a little less than the previous two, but she is still always very good. And thanks for the heads up on the Flynn books--helps me to decide which to read and which to avoid as there are too many to choose from otherwise!

Litlove--There really is too much temptation, isn't there? I've got quite a few really good books on the go or ready to begin reading and I shouldn't really add more to them, but I can't help myself. I just like having a list like this handy when I go to the library looking for something new. Attica Locke's book looks really good--I'm already in line for it.

Stefanie--It may well have been--I've been getting some emails from Booklist promoting the month of mysteries--and I am happy to oblige them by reading some of them! The nice thing about Tana French's books is that you don't really need to read them in order--they are all loosely related, but I don't think it matters if you've not read her other books first. And I've only read one of Zafon's books, though it looks like he has several out--this one appealed to me in particular.

Penny--My little book has many book lists in it as well. I go through from time to time looking for books to add to my library request list! And then they generally will all come in at once! :)

Linda--Oh, lucky you! Though I need to catch up with her other books first. I did just finish an Agatha Christie--maybe I should grab the second of Todd's Bess Crawford books and start reading...

Kathy--I didn't read many last year, but I am very much in the mood for them right now and have been indulging myself. I just finished a Miss Marple this morning--always a satisfying read. Tana French is wonderful and I will be requesting both of the other books you mention. If Outlander is the Diana Gabaldon book--I read it years ago and found it hard to put down once I had started. Hope you enjoy it, too!

Rebecca--It's so nice to hear from you! :) Tana French is a great summer read. I thought maybe you had read her already--but maybe it was the Hobgoblin? I know there are too many other books to choose from and good intentions only go so far!


A Part Two would be lovely if you have time. I'm looking forward to the new Attica Locke now.

Feedreaders are apparently being fazed out, so few comapnies are running them now besides Google and Bloglines. I switched from BL after their disasterous new set up when they go bought and moved to GR out of necessity. I'm not having your specific problems, but yeah I don't love this reader.


I remember I really needed a real change of books after reading Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects. Maybe enough time has passed now. I also have made a note of the new Charles Todd and Tana French.
Both something to look out for.


I am looking forward to so many of these. I love Bess, so that one stands out but Prisoner of Heaven and the new Tana French are definitely on my list as well.

As for readers, I use Bloglovin, and I love it for a couple of reasons. First of all, it's simple. GR was pretty technical, and I hated that you had to have a plugin to be able to comment. I also hate RSS. Half the fun of visiting blogs is seeing the blog. Bloglovin gives you a preview, and when you click on the post, it opens in a new tab. You can comment easily. You can also organize your blogs as well. I've been very happy with it.


Jodie--Since you asked, I shall indeed share more from my list--I'll post it sometime next week! :) I started with Bloglines and then when they made changes switched to GR. I did look again tonight and it is still the same case--all the posts are staying in the feed even when I mark them as read. Not sure why it annoys me so much--I guess I will know from day to day where the new posts end and the old ones begin, but it somehow overwhelms me to see them all there....

Catharina--Was the Flynn not a good book for you? I wonder if her stories are somewhat violent, which can be off putting sometimes. I was contemplating starting the second Bess Crawford book, but I really should try and maybe Finish something first!

Jenn--Lots of good new books to look forward to, I agree. I have gotten on the list early for the Zafon and French, so I'll get one of the first library copies when they get them in. Thanks for the suggestion of Bloglovin--I took a peek and will sign up and try them out with a few blogs to see if it works better for me. I always feel like I am digging around in GR trying to find things so the simpler the better! As I've been annoyed with GR I've not been logging in and when I did today had more than 350+ posts! I feel like I am totally out of the loop at the moment.

Rebecca H.

Yeah, it's Hobgoblin who has read French, which is why we have all her books in the house. Which is quite convenient!


Rebecca--It's nice when your spouse or other relative is also a reader--so you can raid their bookshelves, too! :)


You've highlighted several that I'd like to read. I've heard the Gillian Flynn book is fantastic.


Kathleen--Good to hear that about Gillian Flynn as I am in line for it at the library! This seems a particularly good batch of new books!

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