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I haven't heard of him at all.
Interesting to know that Furst's characters read this book. I'm sure it 's quite good but as you know I'm not so much into spy stories.

Amanda R.

Interlibrary Loan represent! I'm always amazed by what I'm able to get via ILL.


What an intriguing title! Never heard of the author though. Talking about spies, I'm slowly getting to know one too in The Spy Who Came in from the Cold(le Carré).Really good so far.


Oh! Oh! Oh! This sounds marvelous and absolutely worth searching out. I've never heard of it, or the author, and I'm also a lover of best-selling and influential spy novels. Thank you for sharing.


I remember reading this a few years back. For the reason that it appeared in the Furst book.
I don't remember much about it in itself. I do remember thinking that the author must have been the James Patterson of his day, as it was light and depended upon knowledge of current events.
The train passengers probably bought their copies at the train station and were reading it for the same reason one reads airplane books today.
I found it quaint evidence as to why most bestsellers disappear off the face of the earth so quickly.
Which is not to say I didn't like it because I did.


Caroline--I was wondering if it was a book you might have heard of, or if maybe it was one your grandmother might have had in her own library. I know spy stories aren't really your thing--I somehow seemed to have gotten hooked on them.

Amanda--Yay for ILL. It's almost as though virtually any book out there is at your fingertips. Almost that is... But close enough for me! :)

Catharina--I had never heard of him before either. He seems to have virtually disappeared but I'm glad to have found him. I really need to read Le Carre, too. I think that is the same book I have on my stack--you'll have to tell me what you think when you finish. I think he is one of the best writers of the genre.

Kathy--Melville House will be publishing this soon so maybe you can find him easily at the library! I love spy stories--I've been binging mostly on mysteries lately, but had to start this one now. So far I am enjoying it.

Abby--How funny that you were drawn to it via Furst, too. I have to read some of Furst's books--I have several on hand just don't know where to start. I'm not surprised he was a bestseller who shot to popularity and then sort of faded away--that seems to happen to lots of authors, but as you say--still very enjoyable reads. I like Lady Diana--they are charming characters. It would make a fun movie, too, I think.


Oh, this sounds like it will be lots of fun!


Stefanie--So far it is--I am taking it with me to the gym this week! :)


This sounds like fun--I'll have to watch for it when it comes out. At least you gave this copy a chance to be back in circulation after possibly 50 years!


Rebecca--I think it was heavily borrowed in its day, but it seems in a little bit sad shape now. The library was kind enough to give me a long check out time, too, which is nice as not all libraries will do that! It should be coming out soon in paperback.


The title of the book is SO familiar, but I can't quite place where I've heard it before. Given that the author's French, that must have something to do with it. But in any case it sounds wonderful - glamour and intrigue and spies and Europe. Who could ask for more?


Litlove--Maybe you read about him at some point in your research? I think he wrote quite a lot. I love all the things you mention--which is why I'm drawn to books like this. I'm looking forward to getting back to it--the last week or so has been hectic and all my normal reading and life in general has been a little bit of a mess.

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