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I did a little happy dance yesterday at the library. Expecting The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie to come in I was thrilled to get the Everyman edition that includes The Girls of Slender Means! Thanks so much for your review and the postcard, Danielle, it arrived today and will have pride of place on my locker door!


you write some great reviews!
I loved A Far Cry From Kensington (actually I always enjoy all her books)


Darlene--I really liked The Girls of Slender Means and the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, too. You're in for a treat to have them both in one edition! And I'm glad the postcard arrived safely--I thought of you when I saw it and when I heard you have a place for them at work to display I had to send it! :)

VioletSky--Thanks for the kind words. I felt very muddled writing about this book, but I very much enjoyed it. I like her writing, too, and think this might be my favorite so far! Thanks for stopping by here.


This was my first Spark and I loved it. I didn't remember anything about the girls being slender or their preoccupation with that.
Something about her Roman Catholicism is strange and I think it is something I would like to explore.
She doesn't feel like a Catholic writer to me at all but you say she converted.


Great! so happy that you loved this and will look forward to your comments on A Far Cry... even if they come a bit later than the end of MSRW!


This sounds interesting - I'm reading my first Spark at the moment and I have to say I'm finding her a little strange.

Simon T

Fantastic review, Danielle! This was the first Spark novel I read, back in 2005, and I wasn't very enamoured of (with?) it - but I'm sure I would love it now. I hadn't quite developed my taste for bizarre novels at that point.


Very interesting review. I have not read Muriel Spark, and would like to. I love stories that stay with you after you read them.


I'm enjoying all the stuff about Spark everyone is posting and yours is no exception. I've not read this one and oh, does it sound good. I hope you enjoy Far Cry as well.


What a gorgeous review - I am addign this to my TBR list immediately. It sounds like just the book to break me out of my current reading slump!


I feel like I have missed out on a lot by not having read any of her work before. I'll look forward to any future posts on this author.


Caroline--There were a few times when the narrator noted about the fat/calorie content of the dinners at the club--it just stuck in my mind. I also had a chuckle when Jane kept taking bites out of a chocolate bar and then hiding it away where she couldn't get to it easily. Spark is fun--sort of strange, but I like her. I'm never good at picking out little details like whether religion influences an author, but I remember reading something about it--maybe it has to do with the themes she chooses. I should read more about her!

Harriet--I'm glad to have picked up another of her books. There is always lots to think about in her work. I'm looking forward to getting into A Far Cry and will be looking forward to reading more posts about her other books--surely adding more titles to my reading list!

Joanne--She is definitely quirky! Which book are you reading?

Simon--I think you have to be in the right mood/frame of mind for Muriel Spark. She seems like a good author to read in a group setting, too. I sort of like unusual, but I'm not sure I would have appreciated it when I was much younger.

Kathy--Yes, this one I think is going to linger in mind. Funny how it is often the short books that do that. I'm glad I picked it up and am looking forward to reading more now.

Stefanie--It is fun seeing the books people chose and their responses to them. I need to make the rounds and see which are the popular reads. I think a number of people are reading A Far Cry From Kensington---it will help me sort it all out to get other perspectives.

Courtney--I hate reading slumps. She'll certainly add a little pizazz to your reading if you pick her up. I'm curious to hear what others have to say about this book.

Kathleen--Too many authors to choose from! I am very hit or miss with authors as well, so know the feeling. Her works are short if you are inclined to try her sometime--maybe someone will tempt you--I'm sure there will be lots of posts this week to get a taste of her work.


I just found out she was addicted to some slimming tablets that she used like speed. It helped her write her first novel but was very dammaging to her.


I'm very much enjoying Muriel Spark week but I think I picked the wrong Sparks to read - or perhaps have the wrong sort of mindset for her quirkiness at the moment. But I DO love her, and your review is great. This is one I haven't read yet, and hope to get around to soon.


Wish I could have read along with the Spark group! It's been a terribly busy week, though, and not over yet...


I meant to join in with this but never got around to it. The Girls of Slender Means is my favourite by Spark so far. Some of her work just doesn't hit the spot for me though.


Caroline--How interesting--I had no idea. That's where the food references must have come from! Some of the characters seemed to spend lots of time worrying about chocolate or calories--I just thought it had something to do with the war--but I think it was more about wanting to be slender/appearances.

Litlove--I think you have to be in the right mood for Spark--she's definitely not one to be forced! I really liked he Girls of Slender Means and do want to read more--I have another on my reading pile, but it seems to be getting taller and taller, so we'll see which books I actually can manage to read!

Bluestalking--It is fun reading along when it works out, but sometimes it's just too hard to squeeze everything in. Isn't your daughter getting ready to graduate? That will keep you busy in the coming few weeks!

Katrina--I know how that goes! I think it is also my own favorite. And I can totally see how some stories would appeal more than others. She can be very quirky really and in the wrong mood I might well set her stories aside.

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