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Danielle, I checked my library and see that they have the first book in your Lydmouth series. I've put it on hold and will see if it grabs me. Sounds wonderful.


Kay--Yay. I hope you like it. I've become addicted to the series, though I am drawn in general to this period in history. Do let me know how it goes.


This does sound so good. It's nice when you get this immersed in a book. It doesn't happen to me very often but when it does it's nice.
I've got The Body in the Library here as well. I hope you liked it.


This is absolutely one of my favourite series; glad you are enjoying it!


You really are into the mysteries at the moment but it sounds like they are all really good and fun ones! I liked the bit about passions seething below the surface. I've never lived in a small town but they seem to often be characterized that way. I wonder if it is true?


Caroline--Maybe it's the sort of books I choose (often comfort type reads), but I tend to get very absorbed in stories and if the characters are well drawn--caught up in their lives. Body in the Library is classic Agatha Christie--it's been a while since I've read any of her books and am enjoying it.

Cathy--I can totally see how this would be a favorite and think it is one of mine as well. I'm already looking forward to the next book--just need to try and finish one of my current reads first.

Stefanie--Those little towns--you have to watch out for them--all sorts of bad business goes on it would seem. Maybe it has to do with everyone knowing everyone else's business? I am very much enjoying my mysteries--I didn't really read many last year, so I guess I'm making up for it now.


Sometimes I think there is nothing better than a really satisfying crime story. I'm so glad you are enjoying this series because it's one of my favourites too. I just adore this period in history and the characters are all so engaging. I can still remember the stories quite well, but in a couple more years when hopefully I will have forgotten them. this is a series I will definitely reread.


Litlove--There is something satisfying about reading a crime or detective novel and working out the puzzle. It's comforting to know at the end the world will be set to rights again--more or less anyway. I love this period as well and have found a few more authors who write about it. I do have the next book in this series all ready to go, though!


Just found my way here from your most recent post and must agree that this is a brilliant series, though I haven't read them all -- and this is one I haven't got to yet. Andrew Taylor is an excellent writer -- if you haven't yet read the three novels that are known as the Roth trilogy, you really really should -- I think they are undoubtedly his masterpiece/s. So agree about setting the world to rights -- I am a great lover of crime for that very reason. Thanks for the reminder!


I'm really enjoying these books. I happened across the author via Twitter and he said he would like to continue the series--I think there are only seven books? So I'm not sure if he has just been busy writing other stories, or his publishers wants other material? But I am trying to ration out the books since they are so good. I have got the first of the Roth books--must get to them soon as well. I've only read the few Lydmouth books and Bleeding Heart Square, which I also liked (though I think I prefer the Lydmouth stories). There is something very satisfying about mysteries where there is some sort of good resolution at the end! Maybe it's time to pick up the next book--I think I am up to #4 now--as soon as I finish them I pass them on to a coworker who also is reading them.


Danielle, its great to hear that he may continue the series. I wasnt that crazy about Bleeding Heart Square, or at least I didnt like it as much as the Lydmouth and Roth serieses (is there such a word?). I also liked The Anatomy of Ghosts. Look forward to hearing what you think of the Roth books.


I was pleased to hear that as well--and I hope he does indeed write more. I think I liked Bleeding Heart Square so much because it was the first book by him that I had read. The Lydmouth books are definitely better, however. And I have The Anatomy of Ghosts on hand--I'm trying to decide on which books to take with me on vacation--may have to bring that one now that I think of it--it would be perfect airplane reading I think! Or the first Roth book maybe...

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