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Fascinating, Danielle. I will be looking to read this and thinking about recommending it for our book group.


This sounds like something I would like a lot.
A wonderful idea.
Is it not a bit like Vreeland's Girl in Hyacinth Blue? I only read the first story because I liked it so much and wanted to keep it for later.


Oh this sounds so good! I've added it to my library wishlist. Who knows when I'll get a chance to read it, but at least I won't forget about it!


I got this out of the library a few weeks ago, I've already renewed it once. I must read it.


I was looking forward to your review of this book as I have a copy of it - you write about it wonderfully and I'm really looking forward to it now!


Another to add to my enormous TBR list. But this is one that is going to have to go to the top as it sounds exactly my sort of reading so I've downloaded it to my Kindle.


thx for the review - i didn't know this book was out there. have it requested at the public library.

sounds so interesting!!!!


I just picked this up from the library yesterday; can't wait to start!


Penny--This would be a great book club book--there is lots there to appeal to a variety of readers and lots to discuss. It also reads very quickly, too.

Caroline--Yes, this is very similar to the Vreeland book. Actually it came to mind when I first heard of it, though each has its own little twist. This one is about seven different works of art rather than tracing one through time--I liked that idea a lot, too, and really enjoyed the Vreeland. I have also read a number of Susan Vreeland's books as well!

Stefanie--Definitely one to add to your reading list. When you do get to it, it's an easy enough read. I did a story a day and finished in a week (which for me is actually sort of fast...).

Joanne--I was in line for it at the library but decided I didn't want to wait and that it would be a good one for me to own. I am very bad about renewing library books and putting off reading them---too many choices, yes?

Litlove--I think you'd like this and look forward to hearing what you have to say since it has some interesting themes to the stories. I love books about books especially when art is also involved.

Scriptorsenex--This would make a great Kindle book--easy to read a story and then do something else and not lose the thread of the book. Let me know what you think! Books about reading are always appealing.

Lelia--I don't know how I missed it either. It seems as though it didn't get much press over here--I'm surprised I didn't read more about it on British blogs, too.

Cathy--Let me know what you think! My favorite story is the one set in 1916--I plan on going back and rereading that one (sooner than later)!

Liz F

I had this from the library and really enjoyed the first story - since it is set in Siena at a period of history that I love that wasn't a surprise - but I wasn't so engaged by the second story and didn't get any further because it had to go back because the library only had two copies for the whole county and there was a waiting list.

I wasn't that bothered at the time but reading your review makes me think that I need to get it out again because your descriptions of some of the other stories sound so enticing!


Liz--I did like some stories more than others. The second story was okay, but maybe having read Tracy Chevalier's book twice sort of took the uniqueness away from Ward's story--which was good, but didn't feel all that new to me. If you get a chance to check it out again--do try the two stories I mention--especially the one set in 1916, which I loved. I like the idea of the book and she executed it well I thought.


This sounds really, really interesting. I must look for it. I bought a "Reading Woman" calendar this year, and have been enjoying the art in it.

Buried In Print

This book really does feel like a "Reading Woman" calendar come to life, in some ways! And I think this would actually make a great bookclub choice, because the stories are so well done, but of course each of us is drawn to particular themes and styles that we especially enjoy; so I'm sure that, in a larger group, each story would have an advocate for sure. Thanks so much for the company on the read! Maybe some other pairs of "girls" from the comment section will be posting their own Girls Reading thoughts soon!


Kathy--I buy the reading women calendar every year and hang it in my cubicle at work--it's something nice to look at every day! And this book is just like opening the calendar and getting some unusual story about the woman you would never have imagined--very fun.

Buried in Print--Wouldn't that be fun-seeing more paired postings? I did really enjoy this. Usually I just consume books and move on to the next, and this made me stop and be more thoughtful about what was going on. Need to do that more often. We did have some overlap of favorites--were there any you didn't like? The last one dragged a bit for me until she brought the story full circle. I'll never look at another reading woman image in quite the same way! :)


Caroline pointed me here because I mentioned Vreeland. This sounds like something I might like. I loved Girl in Hyacinth Blue and this one seems to be similar even though it has different paintings instead of one.


Rikki--Thanks to Caroline for directing you my way. I really enjoyed this--some stories more than others, but that's usually the case with story collections. I loved The Girl In Hyacinth Blue as well and need to read the unread Vreeland's that I have on hand. I liked the way the author approached the stories here.


btw, here is a link - from the author's web site. In the back, notes, there are art works listed.
here are links to the images (if you are interested)

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