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This looks absolutely delightful. I love children's books and have quite a collection here as well as enjoy buying them for and reading them to our granddaughter. I can think of numerous outcomes of this book, besides having a pen pal; stamp collecting, vacationing, cultural differences and similarities, art projects.

Hmmm. May have to make this a gift for someone.


Sounds like a wonderful book! I wish I had come across this when my son was younger. He would have enjoyed it.


What a cute book! Definitely one I would have read to my son when he was little!


Ooh, this looks like a beautiful book and might wind up being a gift for my niece and nephew. Thanks for showing us so many pics of it!


What a lovely book.
I'm glad you were able to finish your mail art project.
Yes, do share them.


Penny--Yes, there is lots more to it than just the letter writing bit. It would be fun to share with a classroom of children (or your own kids or grandkis!). I wish I knew someone in the right age range for it, but I will say I enjoyed reading it myself! :)

Kathleen--I think my niece is a little too old (13!) for it as well, but it is a delightful story.

Kathy--The illustrations are wonderful. I'd never come across a book about penpals before (well, except the book by Geraldine Brooks Foreign Correspondence for adults--should look that one up, too.

Avisannschild--I wish I had someone to give it to as well. There are lots more lovely illustrations inside--this is just a teaser! :)

Caroline--It is fun. I don't think I've shared any juvenile books here before. But this one caught my eye. I will be sharing my envelope later this week. Not sure if they ever arrived at their destinations--only one person emailed me to say thanks!:(


What a wonderful book! None of my teachers ever did the penpal thing with the class, but I still had penpals when I was a kid. I found out yesterday it is postcard week. I've got something perfect to send you but it involves using a gluestick. We'll see if it arrives intact! :)


What gorgeous illustrations! Indeed this book would be a very nice gift for a child in the right age group -or why not for an adult, too! :)
I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your mail art!


Stefanie--My French teacher in high school did a penpal swap and I ended up with one in Ireland--she is my age and we wrote for years and years--even met once. It was very cool--I got in touch a few years ago, but we never took up our correspondance again sadly. I don't think it was your gluestick abilities (which I am sure are very fine!), but rather the post offices heavy machinery that did in your card. It did, however, arrive in pristine condition otherwise! :)

Tiina--Arent' they fun? I love that they are so colorful and warm. I enjoyed it myself and might have to get my own copy if only to display--even if I have no one to actually read it to. I'll probably share my envelopes over the weekend--I seem to be running out of time during the work week lately to get things done.


What a gorgeous book! Now that my son is all grown up, I don't have any real reason to buy lovely books like this, and yet I bought them just as much for me as for my son! I could of course cave in and treat myself - so many picture books are just so beautiful.


Litlove--I love looking at the children's books that come into the library, and have even on a few occasions bought some of them for myself, but I really don't have anyone now to buy them for or read them to. This is a fun book and has lots of great illustrations!

Buried In Print

Oh, I must find a copy of this. And of course you have someone to buy them for!


Buried in Print--I know...I could give it to any bookish person really, or anyone who likes to write letters (including myself! :) ).

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