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Margaret Powling

The Cazalet Chronicles have been my most favourite reading of the past few months. I really didn't know what I'd turn to when I finished Casting Off. But now I'm reading the 'House' trilogy by Norah Lofts, starting with The Town House (and which continues with The House at Old Vine and ends with The House at Sunset.) This is the story of a house and it's inhabitants from around 1390 to the middle of the 20th century. Norah Lofts as a very popular writer in the middle of the 20th century, perhaps not read as much today. About time we dug out her books again, I think.


I got BLACK OUT as a free nook book, started it, but haven't continued with it. There's another book always distracting me. "So many books, so little time."


Margaret--The books are good, aren't they? Once you start you don't want to stop. I'm completely involved in the first book and plan on starting the second as soon as I finish. I'll be looking up the Norah Lofts books next--thanks for the heads up as they sound right up my alley. (Thanks for the email, too, which I will be answering soon!).

Linda--I understand those distractions only too well. That's what gets me into all the trouble to begin with. There are far too many appealing stories I want to read right now.

Margaret @ BooksPlease

I LOVED the Cazalet books!! You make me want to start reading them again, but I've too many other books I want to read as well. Currently I'm re-reading Graham Greene's The End of the Affair. I read it about 5 years ago and am sad to say that it's like reading it for the first time - but actually that's a good thing and so far I'm enjoying it.

I also started to read Three Men in a Boat - must get back to that soon.


I'm usually a stick-to-one-book-reader, apart from non-fiction, I always have several on the go, but the last mmonth for many reasons I ended up beginning more than one.So like your May, mine will be almost completely about finishing books. They are quite good, all of them.
I'm looking forward to the next two readalong books as together with Coventry they are like a trio on the same topic "air raids". I suppose Balchin will be more authentic as he lived through the Blitz but the beginning of Bomber makes me think it will be very gripping.


I loved The Light Years when I read it last year, and I have the second in the series on my shelf waiting to be read. I've just started Anna Karenin - which I think will take me most of May to read!


I really need to get back to Connie Willis. I read and loved To Say Nothing of the Dog a couple of years ago but now I need to go back to Doomsday Book.

I just read the Adriana Trigiani book this week and I really, really enjoyd it! Looking forward to reading more from her.

Liz F

I loved the first three Cazalet books when I first read them (when they first came out which is years ago now!) but like you I never got around to reading the fourth although it probably wont surprise you to know that I do have a copy sitting in pristine glory on a shelf!
I would like to read them right through to the end but I doubt it will happen any time soon as I have a huge library pile that sits in a corner of the room and makes me feel guilty!
I am ploughing my way through that and hoping that no more requests come through until I have cleared a few out of the pile but at present I am reading (and loving)'Bird Cloud' - Annie Proulx's memoir about the building of her home in Wyoming; Kim Harrison's Black Magic Sanction (my guilty pleasure but wonderfully readable when nothing else catches my attention)Georgina Hamilton's Orange short-listed 'The Painter of Silence' which I am enjoying but taking my time over and I have just started Elizabeth Noble's 'Between a Mother and her Child' - it is too soon to know what I think about it yet but if it is anything like her other books, it will soon exert a very tight grip until I make time to finish it!
Oh and at some time in the next few weeks I really must catch up with the Middlemarch readalong because I was really enjoying it!


You're always so ambitious! And you seem to finish so many books AND write about them. I'm impressed.

I finished several books in April so it's time for a new stack! As well as Mariana, I'm reading Rilke's Letters to a Young Poet, and Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity. Maybe if I master the principles, I'll have more time for reading! I usually only have one fiction book going, unless I'm reading a classic and something more frivolous. Perhaps I'll add a classic to round things out.


I've got lots on the go too and a couple of library books I've been waiting for are coming up too; it's beginning to get a bit overwhelming and I need to take steps. Not sure what those steps are yet but something must be done. Hang in there with To Say Nothing of the Dog, they will be off the river soon!

Karen K.

Lately it seems like I always have more than one book going at the same time, probably because I'm in multiple book groups and reading really long books. I'm currently reading both Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens (mostly on audio) and A Dance with Dragons by George R. R. Martin. Both of them are more than 800 pages so this is probably a bad idea in combination. They're very different books but both are so long I never feel like I'm making progress.

I did see the Cazalet Chronicles on DVD and loved it. I got the first book at a library sale but still haven't read it, le sigh. And I keep hearing about Connie Willis so I really must read her someday. To Say Nothing of the Dog sounds fun but I guess I should read The Doomsday Book first but it sounds so dire!

Rebecca H.

Oddly for me, I'm only reading one book at a time right now. I'm used to reading at least two and possibly three or four. But I'm liking the focus of one book at a time, and my ability to finish books relatively quickly. Perhaps once the summer gets here, though, I'll be back to multiple books at once. It's easier for me to read that way when I feel I have more time. Right now I'm in the middle of a Barbara Pym and enjoying it pretty well.

Buried In Print

Reading it for the third time? That's quite an endorsement. I've had it on my shelves for awhile; you're really making me want to give it a nudge now though.


Margaret--This is the third go for me for this book--the second time I read it I wanted to reread the whole set, but it didn't happen. Too much time had passed so I decided to start over again and plan on reading the whole set--but I enjoy the story so much it is a favorite reread for me. I do know all about having too many other books to read, though. I forget details in books all too quickly also, but I guess that makes rereading a good thing. I've not yet read any Graham Greene, but he's on my list...

Caroline--I'm the opposite--can read several novels at once but usually stick to only one nonfiction at a time since I read those books so slowly. I wish I could read more than one as I have so many that look so good! Hope we both manage to finish what we want/need to this month. And I'm also looking forward to the next two books for the readalong--haven't seen what's ahead for summer, but there is still plenty of time!

Joanne--Isn't Elizabeth Jane Howard great? I loved her memoir Sliptsream, too. I hope to stick with the Cazalet Chronicles and read them straight (well, more or less) through. And I really liked Anna Karenina--though it took me a while to read it (most of one summer if I recall correctly--but I am a slow reader for classics).

Marg--I'm moving along slowly with the Willis book--I expected to zip right through it, but I set it aside when I got busy and need to get back into the story. I have The Doomsday Book as well. Am thoroughly enjoying the Trigiani and discovered another book by her on my shelves. Definitely the right timing for me and her new book--as it is a library book I also need to spend more time with it as the line is so long and I want to finish before it it due--the clock is ticking!

Liz--Ha--we are such similar readers. I am determined to read that last book, but as so much time had passed I had to read the first three books again (rather reread them). The books you mention are new to me (though I also started the Harding book--not sitting and waiting patiently for me to get back to it...). I have never read Annie Proulx--and this memoir is new to me! I am trying hard to stick with the same three or four books until I finish one and can bump another one up into the group--we'll see if I can manage to pare down my pile as I am so easily distracted and even now find myself requesting things from the library I know I shouldn't!!

Kathy--I may be ambitious, but I'm not very good on completing tasks! :) I am really more greedy than anything--I want to read them all....and don't want to wait and be patient. I like the sound of Getting Things Done--may have to check that one out as well. And I have never read Rilke, but I really should. You'll have to write about the book when you finish. Not that I need another temptation, which I am sure it would be.

Stefanie--I won't even tell you how many books I have checked out from the public library and then I see lots of the new books at the library where I work. The number is shocking even to me! And I was feeling overwhelmed, but I need to concentrate on the little pile of books on my nightstand--and not worry about the books piling up on the floor by my bed. And yay--Ned has finally met his contact in the Victorian era--the naiad he saw and fell for in his own time--I'm expecting things to begin moving more quickly now.

Karen--Those are seriously long reads, and I would be reading more than one, too. You do need a little instant gratification alongside the more time consuming reads! :) I'd like to read some Dickens this year and I have the first Martin book, though I am not sure when I will get to it. I think the two Willis books are not related so it may not matter which you read first--I do have the other one, though. And I have the adaptation for the Cazalet Chronicles and am looking forward to watching it as soon as I finish reading the books.

Rebecca--I need to try and do that--though the tought of bringing just one lone book to work with me sort of scares me...a sure sign of an addiction gone wrong! :) With the end of the semester busy-ness though I can understand why one book at a time would be a better thing. Summer isn't too far off, too. I'd like to read more Barbara Pym as well.

Buried in Print--She is a favorite reread/comfort read for me. I've owned the books for ages as well. If you like the period and a good family story--well, lots of interesting things about the various Cazalets, you would like this. I'm racing to the end so I can pick up the second book soon.


I have masses of review copies to get through. Which is good! I love to have books arriving in the post. But it does clog up the reading schedule. I adored the Cazalet chronicles, and must reread them again soon. Other than that, I'm sort of planning a French reading week on the blog as I have a number of translated novels to read and I've been absolutely loving Simone de Beauvoir's Les Mandarins. But at 1,000 pages, it's taking me a while to get through!


Litlove--I've got a few as well that I really need to focus on--they seem to be competing with library books at the moment, though I have brought back a massive pile of library books I know I won't get to right away. I am trying hard to concentrate on just a very few books so I can make steady progress rather than dip into all of them at once and make no progress at all. I've yet to finish anything however, so I hope that I'll have a run of completed books this coming week! Patience! I always seem to get stuck on the first Cazalet book--I want to reread them all, but then I think I'll get to the second one soon and never do. This time I already have pulled out my copy of the second book, so it is at the ready for when I finish. How fun--a French reading week sounds great. Do you know I have never read anything by Simone de Beauvoir--maybe a reading week would give me he impetus to pick up one of her books. As a matter of fact I think I've not yet read anything translated from French so far this year--must rectify that. Looking forward to hearing details!


Sounds like you had great plans for May. I'm so far behind in my Reader so will be catching up with your May posts in the next few weeks. Hope May was good to you!


Kathleen--I am usually behind, so I can relate! :) May has been hit or miss--I didn't read all the books I wanted, but then I never do. Still have finished lots of books generally speaking, so it's all good.

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