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We have our third long weekend in May. I know in the US you don't have all those holidays but usually April and may are great months for Europeans in that respect. I've read such a lot, I can't even review all of it especially since I've rediscovered my native languages and there really ins't all that much translated when it comes to German or French women writers...
I've seen the movie The Prestige as well but have forgotten all about it.I'm in the mood to read crime but there are such a lot of readalongs and events, I don't seem to get the time.


I am very much looking forward to the holiday weekend and have plans for lots of lazy reading especially since the weather will probably be hot and humid with periods of rain. No guilt about staying indoors! You Nook books sounds perfect for the gym, you'll hardly realize you're exercising while reading it. Hope you finished your book this evening!


Italian crime does sound perfect for the summer. And I've been listening to The Good Soldier on audio book and very much enjoying it. I really do love listening to a story. Roll on the three-day weekend. It sounds wonderful.


Caroline--Only one holiday for us (at least as a Federal holiday where I get the day off) in all of March, April and May! It's been a long stretch. I only wish I could have worked it out to take another day off to make it even longer--I'll have to ask for some time off soon. It would be great to be able to read another language--pity that more of the books haven't been published in English--even if you don't write posts on them all--you should write some sort of very brief overview--I'm curious what sorts of books are being published in other countries--even if they are not being translated and I won't be able to get my hands on them. I'm reading lots but haven't finished as many books as I had wanted this month. Typical really. I'm further into The Pretige--and I am liking it okay, but it's not sweeping me off my feet--good reader though. I have just started reading Venice Noir, which is also so-so, but I am only two stories in--what I like about the book is the atmosphere and sense of place--I keep wanting to pick up the book, which is good!

Stefanie--One more work day! It will be very quiet in the library tomorrow I think. It is going to be in the low 90s here--why couldn't it wait until I am back in work?? Oh well--hopefully I can still get by without turning on the air conditioning--it's too soon. The Nook is working out really well at the gym--I can usually squeeze one full chapter of the book in every day--I'm making good progress with it.

Litlove--Setting is so important to me--it is just what I am in the mood for--have been working on the Venice short stories--wishful thinking I could go there, but maybe forgo the criminal element! :) I like listening to classics I've already read--will have to look up The Good Soldier. And yay for the long weekend--I have lots of books lined up to read.


I'm planning to spend a lazy day Monday myself, so am trying to get all my usual chores well in hand so I can do that. I have a new book to read, The American Heiress, and a handful of magazines. Oh, and of course the two or three other books I am already reading. I always think I can get more reading done than is physically possible!


Kathy--Here it is the end of my long weekend and I didn't manage to accomplish as much as I would have liked, but then I never do. Still it was a nice lazy day even if I didn't get to read as much as I would have liked. I think I have The American Heiress--only the UK edition, which has a different title! And I am very behind in my magazine reading. It sounds like we're in the same boat!

Buried In Print

I hope you enjoy your audio book, and that it's just what you need to get renewedly hooked on the idea of listening. Sometimes it's great having a poor memory as, like you, I can watch a film and then, before long, forget most of it, and still enjoy the book, if I've ended up breaking my Book First, Film Second rule (sometimes it happens!). This is one that intrigues me, too, but I've neither watched nor read it yet.


Buried in Print--I am enjoying The Prestige--it is very different than how I remember the movie, but that's not a bad thing at all. Now I'll have to watch the movie again when I finish! :)

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