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I have to say that I absolutely LOVE your blog! It's everything I want my blog to be when it grows up. Mostly I adore your posts on beach/summer reads which I am using as my summer reading list. Thank you for blogging!!


I'm jumping up and down with glee that you got the first Dark Tower book. I love that series. The first book is a little different from the others, but it's still good.

I enjoyed The Uninvited Guests very much, but I was thrown by how many turns the plot took. (I hadn't heard much about it; I just wanted to try Sadie Jones.)

Trapeze was a pretty good read, but I had some serious issues with the plot. I think Mawer just isn't the writer for me because I was not as enthusiastic about The Glass Room as most people.


Oh Danielle, I was so excited to see your copy of Millions Like Us! The oral history from this era completely fascinates me and if there is a story being told then I am compelled to read it. It's on my dining room table and I've been dipping in and out while reading another book but then I plan to dive right in properly. Enjoy!


It's the French supermarkets which are my downfall. they have a huge selection of books. ... It's not something you find in Switzerland.
Isn't it funny...I'm in a Stephen King mood these days and the only book I have ever read is Carrie.
I'm wating for the paperback version of his latest as I'm sure I will like it. It should be out in July.
I like all of Hemingway. The one you've got and all his other work. I think A Farewell to Arms is one of the best.


I'm so excited to see the reissue of Illyrian Spring as everyone says it is brilliant, but, as you say, really difficult to find. Squeal!

Liz F

I love when you do posts like this, Danielle! That's another sale for Illyrian Spring then as I have been looking for an affordable copy of that for years now!
I have the Sadie Jones on my library pile and having read the first couple of pages, it does look good so if I get some reading time this weekend, I will make a start on that.
I really enjoyed The Glass Room and I look forward to reading the new Simon Mawer although I think that it is under a different name on this side of the pond for some reason as I have seen it in shops (full price and hardback so not for me yet!)
I like the sound of A Simple Murder, both Virginia Nicolson books are on my list and I will look out for Delicacy too -if it is the book I think it is , it has just been turned into a film with Audrey Tautou which I hope will turn up at some of the more arty cinemas nearby in the next few weeks - either that or I will have to wait for it to come out on DVD (probably more likely!)


I just checked The Chemistry of Tears out from the library myself - it does sound quirky, in a good way. I'll be interested to see what you think of it!


I saw the film adaptation of Delicacy a few weeks ago with my mum and we both really enjoyed it. You've also reminded me that I have a copy of The Gunslinger somewhere on my shelves...really must get to it at some point! Enjoy your books Danielle, they all sound lovely:)


Dani--Thanks for your very kind words. As you can tell I love making reading lists and I'm happy you've found the summer reads lists helpful! I may have to do another soon as it is getting closer and closer now to the official summer season! :)

Teresa--I've read very few of Stephen King's books but I've enjoyed the few I've read. When I saw them on the rack they just appealed so much and this is a shorter book than some of his others so I had to get it. It sounds very appealing to me at the moment, and I like the idea of parallel worlds so I might have to read it soon. And with such an enthusiastic endorsement I think I am in for a treat. I've not read Sadie Jones yet, but I love anything about the Edwardian era so I had to get her newest--I've heard there are lots of plot twists, which intrigues me. It is likely the one I will pick up next (thanks to an approaching due date!). I liked Mawer's last book--sort of from an "outside looking in" kind of vantage point--and I'm curious about this one. Some writers are the sort you can appreciate but maybe not really warm up to--I have plenty of those, too.

Darlene--I hadn't even realized she had a new book. I loved Singled Out--really like her writing style and as this promises to be anecdotal I think it will be perfect reading for me. Thanks for the heads up! I'm hoping to get to it soon, but I just started another nonfiction about writers in the 1920s so I'll just look at it longingly for a bit longer! :)

Caroline--Our supermarkets have racks of books, too, but they are usually genre fiction mostly and not usually the sort of books I tend to read (lots of Danielle Steele or Nora Roberts--along those lines), so I was excited to see Stephen King. They usually get in some different sorts of books for the summer holidays. I wish there was a better selection, but maybe it's just as well they don't as I am supposed to only be buying food! I have only read The Shining (which was excellent) and one other (The Dark Half?--it's been so long now I can't remember), but I've seen lots of the film adaptations. I don't usually read horror, but I'm strangely in the mood for one of his books. I've read very little of Hemingway's work, but a Farewell to Arms is on my "War" reading list, so it was nice to find a copy on sale.

Bibliolathas--Yes, it is very nice for it to be so readily available and at a reasonable price. I should have put it on the top of the pile to show the cover as it is nicely designed, too.

Liz--I think Daunt books was really wise to publish Anne Bridge. Is it Capuchin Press that has published one or two of her other novels? I want to get it/them as well. And Bloomsbury Reader is doing her Julia Probyn books as ebooks (and maybe paper books too?). I'm hoping to start the Sadie Jones novel this weekend as well--though I did just bring home a few more library books... I'm not surprised that the Mawer has a different title--I suppose publishers thing it should be marketed differently to different audiences but it does make things confusing--that would explain why I didn't even realize he had a new book coming out. I love Virginia Nicholson--keep buying her books but am so slow about reading them. This newest is a chunkster. And these are almost my favorite sorts of posts to write! Lots of books to talk about! I'll have to watch for the DVD of Delicacy too (I never get to the movies anymore).

Heather--I have never read Peter Carey--I feel like I should have, but I do often look at his books. This one seems very different than his previous work, but I like the sound of the story.

Sakura--I do have a great pile of books--so many to choose from and I want to read them all right now! :) I'm glad to hear you liked Delicacy--I hope the book is as good. I think The Gunslinger has been out for a long time? It's funny how books can be around for ages but I never give them much attention and then all of a sudden that's exactly what I want to read!


Lovely books to look forward to reading. Sue at Whsiperinggums just posted a review of Chemistry of Tears and it sounds like it's really good. And funny how books seem to turn up wherever we go, there is no escaping them!


It had escaped me that Simon Mawer has a new one out. I will look out for that. I have Among the Bohemians by Virginia Nicholson, this one sounds good too, seeing it here I think I maybe want to reread Farewell to Arms this year.

Kristen M.

I picked up the Montmaray book a year or two ago on a discount rack but haven't read it yet. Now I'm glad I've waited since there's a sequel! It seems like there are a lot of people reading it right now too so I've gotten more excited about it recently. I was a bit nervous because of the I Capture the Castle comparison but it seems to be getting good reviews.


Stefanie--I'd not heard anything about the Carey--or read any reviews, so glad to hear a good word about it. I really do need to read his work! Did I tell you that I ILL'd the Malouf book and am reading it now? Am liking it very much.

Catharina--Me as well--I happened upon it by looking at the library's virtual new books list. And I have the same Nicholson book and was just looking at it as I needed to choose a new nonfiction read. I decided on something else, but I would love to read it soon. I know a long time ago we had talked about reading the Awakening together, and I never managed to reread it at all, but maybe we can do so with the Hemingway. I have only read one of his other novels (at least recently--read The Old Man and the Sea in high school) and would love to read more. I wonder how it compares style-wise to The Sun Also Rises, which is the book by him I read last year.

Kristen--Isn't it nice to know there is more than one book lined up to when you finish one there will be another already handy? It is reminiscent of I Capture the Castle, and now that I have finished the Cooper--the two stories have some similarities, but Cooper's novel is a little different, too. It doesn't quite reach the heights as Dodie Smith's books (which is a favorite of mine), but it is still very good in its own way, and it turned out to be a page turner for me.


My husband is a huge fan of Stephen King, but I haven't read much by him. The Dark Tower series does sound interesting though, I think I'll give it a try.

Andi (Estella's Revenge)

I've had The Glass Room on my Nook for a scandalously long time, so I need to go on and read that one.

I'm also intrigued by The Univited Guests. It's been getting some good reviews around the blogosphere and it sounds right up my alley.

Enjoy your books, Danielle!


Joanne--I've not read any Stephen King for at least a decade--and then I only read a very few books. Liked what I read, but I just don't usually pick up horror stories. Still, I think I am in the mood for something by him!

Andi--I really liked The Glass Room--loved reading about the house--even if it was fictionalized. I am hoping to start The Uninvited Guests tomorrow! I have just moved it up to my night table (approaching due date and I just finished another library book so am all ready for a new one). I've heard good, and interesting things about it as well.


I'm going to read Delicacy very soon (am planning a French lit week for the blog), and I'm also most intrigued by the Sadie Frost novel. I've never read her before but would like to try this one. It's been years since I read Peter Carey, although I very much enjoyed what I have read, and I keep meaning to get to The Glass Room by Simon Mawer - I'd forgotten that you liked it. That certainly moves it up the list!


Litlove--Maybe I'll save Delicacy for your French Lit week--sounds like fun. It will give me an excuse to pull out some of my French authors I've yet to read--Colette (who I have read but very few of her books) is high up on that list! I've just started The Uninvited Guests, and I have a feeling it is going to be not what I am expecting, which is okay, but I'll have to keep an open mind! I think I'd like Peter Carey--his books all seem so different than one another. I keep collecting them but not getting around to read them!


I didn't know you got the Malouf book. Glad you did and that you are liking it!


Stefanie--I'm almost done--very much enjoying it, though I suppose now it is going to end badly...I can't remember what you said in your post, but I'll go back and reread it later...


Lots of good sounding books! I look forward to hearing more about them.

Buried In Print

So many good books in here: no wonder they had to come home with you! I've really enjoyed many of Stephen King's novels, but I haven't gotten into this series yet (I do have the first one on hand, like you); I like the balance between plot and character, which, for me, takes it beyond the typical horror/suspense fiction that one normally finds in the supermarket (I always look too!).


Kailana--I've been reading lots of library books lately so hopefully there is a chance I will actually get through a few of these! :)

Buried in Print--I rarely find good books at the supermarket--or if there is something good I usually already have read it or own it. King just all of a sudden appealed to me. He is the only horror writer I will read and I think he is much better than other writers working in that genre (though maybe I don't read enough...). I've got a particularly good stack of borrowed (and new) books at the moment!

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