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This looks amazing and like you, I love this period. I love Dorothy Parker's work, especially her poetry (and I don't really read much poetry). But reading about the lives of writers is equally fascinating. I hope you finish it!


It's funny. I read this book a few years ago, after wanting to read it for a few years and I can't really remember anything from it. That's rather disappointing.


I almost bought a biography of Dorothy parker recently. She mus have been quite a character. Like you I love the period. It sounds like a book I would like a lot as well. I'm reading much more nonfiction these days.


I'll be checking the local library for this one. It sounds fascinating. I'm familiar with all those ladies but don't really know much about any of them.


I didn't realized when you'd mentioned the book before that it focused on women writers and one of them was Edna St. Vincent Millay. Now you've really got my curiosity going! Definitely a tease!


This sounds interesting! I like the time period, too.


Sakura--I think this is one I will stick with as I love the chatty style, which makes it very easy to read and keep reading. I've only read a few of Dorothy Parker's short stories--I don't think I realized she also wrote poetry so must check that out now--I have the Portable Dorothy Parker which I will have to thumb through I think.

Sassymonkey--Hopefully it's not the book that is disappointing but not remembering--which is a problem I also have with nonfiction reads as well--and why I am so slow with them. Maybe it has more to do with the style the book is written--short anecdotes about the women? It makes for entertaining reading as you go, however.

Caroline--I love this sort of nonfiction, which reads almost like fiction really since it stories she is telling. I would love to read much more NF than I do--I am trying to take this book with me to work every day so I can keep up a steady progress. And I would love to read a bio of Dorothy Parker--she does seem fascinating--maybe this book will spur me on. I do have a bio of Edna St Vincent Millay, which I am contemplating reading next--she's not at all like I imagined her!

Pam--That was the case with me. I had only read a bit about Dorothy Parker and Zelda Fitzgerald--Parker seemed quite a character, and Zelda was quite the party girl. It's a fascinating period and makes for really interesting reading.

Stefanie--I had forgotten that as well--was thinking it was simply about the 20s, but then when I saw the literary slant I was pretty much sold on it. It's been a great choice. I think I might read a bio of Edna St Vincent Millay next and will have to check out her poetry, too.

Kailana--So far it is a pager turner for a nonfiction read. I am enjoying it and can read book after book about the 20s it seems!


I tried to get hold of a copy of this after the first time you mentioned it. But to no avail! It's only available as an expensive audio book in the UK. Boo hoo! But she looks like an interesting author and there were lots of other books she had written too, so I may well give her a go.


Litlove--I'm surprised this wasn't published over there--I'm very much enjoying it. Probably not all that scholarly, but it has some great stories. I'm not familiar with her other books, but will have to look them up as well.


I'm always interested in the lives of authors, and this book sounds like a tempting introduction to some of them. I don't know much about these women, except for Edna St. Vincent Millay (who went by "Vincent" to her friends and family). I read a fascinating biography of her a couple of summers ago. (That's one of the things I do every summer: read at least one biography of a famous writer.)


Kathy--This is the perfect introduction to the era and these women-I'm so glad I started reading it. I have noticed that Edna St Vincent Millay liked to be called Vincent--interesting. And I pulled out a bio of her that I have on hand--I'd love to try and read it next, but we'll see!

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