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Buried In Print

Oh! I'm planning to read "The Lady with Her Dog" later this month.* I've been slowly collecting volumes of his stories, with the idea that someday I will take a year and just read them all, but that might be a silly plan. Still, starting with one is do-able, as you've proven! (*It's apparently related somehow with Elizabeth Taylor's A Game of Hide and Seek, as is the film "Brief Encounter".)


Buried in Print--That is one of the stories I read several years ago. You'll have to let me know when you read it as I will pull out my copy and reread it, too. I have started collecting his work, too! That's not a silly plan at all--something I would do as well, actually. I didn't know there was a connection between his story and ET's A Game of Hide and Seek--another book I want to read eventually, too!


I bought a few of the Duel novellas last year but I don't think I have this one although generally people say it is one of the best on the theme and I think a very good Chekhov story. I loved The Kreutzer Sonata when I read it and it helps a lot to listen to the music at the same time. It mirrors the feelings in the novella.
It would be interesting to find out, how this one answer's it.
Thanks for the nudge, I'm going to hunt my copies now.


He really is the master of the short form, isn't he? :) I did not know that about The Duel and The Kreuzer Sonata. Interesting. I've read The Duel, but not The K. S. Should perhaps finally read the e-version I have on my laptop then.


Sounds like a wonderful story. Chekhov is a marvelous writer and I always forget how good he is until I read a story. I'm reading Murakami's 1Q84 and there are several references to Chekhov and now your post. Maybe it's a sign I'm supposed to read some Chekhov soon?


Caroline--This is the only one of the set I've read so far. I already had the one by Casanova in the Hesperus edition. And I did very much enjoy this and think I will need to reread it. I'll remember to look for the music when reading the Kreuzer Sonata. I'm not quite sure what the connection is--I thought it interesting when I read that quote--will have to investigate further. I seem to do better with shorter classics at the moment than longer ones!

Tiina--I do like his style--he manages to fit in so much in a short space. I also want to read the K.S. too, to see how they compare. I was intrigued by that comment.

Stefanie--He is marvelous and I need to read more books like this one--that is to say a little challenging--very well worth the effort. Interesting about the Murakami-I have yet to read him. I do think it is a sign--I'm going to read more Chekhov as well and already have out The Shooting Party.


It's the feeling of the music that is importnat, they play the piece in the will see.
Vishy told me last year about a "Duel" novella by Georgette Heyer which he liked a lot. I finally got it and wanted to do a series, read them all... I only managed Kleist last year and that was hmmm- odd?


I began my Chekhov short stories, but didn't get on very well with the first few. I think I would do better to read some of the well known ones first and ease myself in with him. This sounds wonderful - although I quite understand about the ending being a let down. All the endings of the stories I read felt abrupt and a little surprising. But I really will read more of him, because there were always moments of beauty or insight even in the tales that weren't so appealling overall. I have read The Kreuzer Sonata, though, and very much enjoyed that.


Caroline--I had no idea that Georgette Heyer wrote a story called Duel, too. I will have to look for it. We'll see if I manage to read any of the others either. I would love to read The Kreuzer Sonata and am sure I can find it in the library. I like the idea of listening to the music alongside it.

Litlove--You did better than me as I pulled out a book of his stories and even had it on my sidebar and night table for a while, but then I hadn't picked it up and thought I might as well wait. I would like to maybe read the novel he wrote first. He wrote so many stories it's not surprising that some are simply better than others. But you are right there are still elements to the stories that are very good. I will certainly read more eventually.

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