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I'm at a loss for words here, they are all so wonderful. Makes me want to particicpate to receive them but then I would have to send some as well and would never be able to do anything as great as this.
So many lovely ideas went into all of them, and the little treats inside, just so nice.


Wow Danielle these are wonderful gifts to receive in your mailbox. This is a whole new world to me.


Each and every envelope a treasure, Danielle. Your elevated envelopes fill me with ideas for future use, especially with my granddaughter. I'm sitting here oohing and ahhing to myself.

Nail polish. Who knew?

Don't you wonder what the postman thought?


Caroline--It is a little intimidating seeing all the end results--had I known ahead of time I wonder if I would have joined, too! It was very nice indeed to find these in the mail. Perhaps the way to go is to find a small group of friends to do something like this and then there wouldn't be a fear of not having your creations appreciated. I'm still contemplating joining the next exchange--I want to have an idea in mind before I dive in!

Catharina--It is to me as well. I used to write lots of letters, but I had never gotten anything like this--I feel a little out of my league, but it's been fun.

Penny--Yes, this is a good place to get inspiration, isn't it? I think if you search around on the web for mail art you can see lots of other examples! These are indeed treasures and I need to find a way to display and share them. Yes, I would never have thought of nail polish either--who'd of thought, but why not.


Wow! So creative! I want to sign up but I am so intimidated!


Stefanie--I signed up witout realizing what I was getting into. These are hugely creative, but I think the ideas are very do-able really--even if my handwriting is not very good. I think there must be ways around it. If you sign up I will too... :)


You're evil Danielle! Ok, I'll go sign up now. You sign up too!


How very delightful! I would want to run home every day to check my mail.


An embroidered envelope? I would go nuts if I had to do that, and on linen to boot! I love love all the envelopes you got, but like Caroline said, I'd have to CREATE some as well if I wanted to receive any. I wouldn't know where to start! I haven't that sort of creativity in me.


Stefanie--Okay--I'll go sign up, too. It'll be fun and we can exchange ideas and help each other find some inspiration! :)

Kathy--I was doing just that when I knew it was time for the envelopes to start coming! :) If only every day could be a good mail day like these days were!

Rikki--I have made a few cross stitch envelopes--I love needlework, but I am so slow I would not be able to make more than one at a time! It's funny as when I signed up I could only think about the envelopes I was going to make and how I was going to do it, but once they were in the mail I could think about what I was going to get--a little treat after so much work. It was nice. I wish I was more creative--I looked through many a book for ideas that I could adapt to what I had in mind. Sometimes I feel creative and sometimes not so much.


My goodness, these envelopes are all so very beautiful! Such artistic talent! And so much attention to detail. The only thing that ever comes through my mailbox these days (aside from books) are bills and junkmail!


Kimbofo--Aren't they great? I can come up with ideas, but you're right the detail is amazing. It was fun getting these and I plan on doing the next round of mail art, so it will be fun to look forward once again to cool mail. I usually only get junk, too. And as I have been trying to not buy books--not even many books these days!


Wow, these are incredible! I have no artistic talent - in fact, I may have negative talent, whatever you would term that! Just makes me marvel at the amazing skills some people have (and that includes you!).


Litlove--But you do have artistic talent as I consider writing--creating a story to be hugely impressive. Not everyone can tell a good story and shape it out of what seems to be thin air--I know I can't do it but I am thankful others can. And it is fun doing mail art--I'm still not good at creating something out of thin air, but with a little inspiration I can usually manage something. Thanks for the kind words!

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