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I've been so out of touch with new books. I delve in books that I have yet read and some are from half a century ago. This book, however, sounds very much up my alley. I'll have to look for it in my next round at the bookstore.

My experience with Iliad in high school was not welcoming, mostly because we had such a short window to read it. It's been years since I re-visited Homer. A modern take on this classic appeals to me very much.


Matt--Sometimes that is a good thing actually and I have been spending time looking at my own bookshelves and pulling off books to read. I do have a huge stack of library books--not all new, but it can be hard not to be tempted by shiny new titles--still, am trying to balance things out. And I totally recommend the Miller book--I think she is a wonderful introduction to the Iliad--her story is inspired by it, and I could not put the story down. I've even picked up Edith Hamilton's Mythology now to read next! :)


I love stories of the Trojan War so would have been drawn to this even without your recommendation but the latter has spurred me on to getting it.


I really want to read this book at some point. I have it on my wish list, but just haven't got to it yet.


This is high praise.
The movie Troy has spoilt this story for me. It used to be one of my favourites before and so I'm really gald someone wrote a great book about it. I hope to read it soon and get the story back again. I'm looking forward to it a lot.


I read it almost a year ago but it still stands out as astonishingly good, and I'm delighted that it has won - I've been giving away copies and urging everyone to read it.
Madeline is a lovely person and this is a such a wonderful start to her literary career, I'm so pleased for her.


I'm really keen to read this one too as I've heard so much about it (and good things!) I've just finished Wolf Hall and loved the idea of retelling history and myth in a more modern way. I also have a copy of Annabel Lyon's The Golden Mean about Aristotle and his pupil Alexander the Great which looks wonderful too.


So glad it ended up being so good and even has sent you off on a divergent reading path. I've got the book on my list to read and am looking forward to it no matter when I manage to pick it up.


Sounds like a winner, and to have you choose it as your best read so far this year is high praise, with as much and as widely as you read. I will definitely put it on the TBR list.


This just won the Orange Prize, didn't it? I'm so looking forward to reading it, when I get around to finding it. Great review!

Andi (Estella's Revenge)

I'm so excited to read this one. I've laid off anything related to mythology for the last several years but I think it's time for a return!


I haven't read this one yet, but it does sound like a book that I would love! I hope to get to it soon!


I'm pleased to read your review of this book because I'm planning on reading it and hoping I like it. I confess that Achillles is one of my least favorite of the Iliad characters but maybe this version will make him more sympathetic in my eyes.


Scriptorsenex--I suspect you'll see or hear a lot more about it now that it won the Orange prize! It's got me all interested in Greek Mythology and I plan on rereading the Iliad, too!

Kailana--How often do I find myself saying the exact same thing?! I'm surprised that for once not only have I read one of the books on the Orange list before the award was announced but it also turned out to be the winner!

Caroline--Is the movie Troy the one with Brad Pitt? I don't think I've seen any movies about the myths, and from the sound of it I think I might have to avoid them in any case. Don't let that experience put you off the book. Taken in its own merit I think you might enjoy it very much. She's a wonderful storyteller!

Cornflower--I can only heartily agree with you on those sentiments! For me everything just worked perfectly together! It sounds as though you've met her, which would be really cool. I do hope she is planning on writing more! Anyone who can make the myths so vivid an exciting (and make me want to read more of them) is definitely doing something right.

Sakura--I'd heard good things about it, too, which is why I was so keen on reading it when I saw it made the longlist. I need to read Wolf Hall, still. Maybe I'll pull out my copy this summer and finally read it! I had the chance to read the Lyon book as a book group I belong to read it, but I didn't get to it. I still have the book and am now curious about it as well.

Stefanie--Definitely a good reading experience. It's not all that unusual for me for one book to spur me on to read a new subject, but it's all the more impressive that I want to read Greek Classics! :)

Kathy--I certainly came across it at the right moment. It's one to definitely add to your reading list.

Aarti--thanks for the nice words. It did indeed win the Orange. I had been following the Twitter feed and saw the announcement pop up and was pleased to hear it. I hope you enjoy it, too.

Andi--I've not been very drawn to Greek classics or mythology for a long time, but I'd heard good things about this. Once I started it didn't take long at all to be hooked.

Janegs--I hope you enjoy it--maybe her interpretation of the story will make Achilles more appealing to you. I've not read the Iliad for more than 20 years, so it was all vague in my mind, and reading it was like starting from scratch. Achilles is an interesting character--not full of himself but assured in his place, though suffers from hubris on the battlefield. Miller presented it all very nicely and both Patroclus and Achilles in a sympathetic way despite their flaws.


This looks interesting. My first reaction after looking at the cover was that it may be a modern re-imagining of the Achilles story, but your description says that it isn't. It is quite awe-inspiring to see a writer tackle a subject that has already been so well-studied in literature (therefore challenging) and still manage to breathe new life into the story.

Miller's page on Amazon indicates that she lives here in Cambridge, so I'll keep an eye out for any readings at the local bookstores.


Polaris--That would be so cool if you could hear her read from her book. I returned the copy I had to the library, but I believe she is a professor. It's a retelling of the the Trojan War, but I think she sticks fairly close to the original. She did a great job, though admittedly it has been a Long time since I read the Iliad. I thought it was very compelling to read and it made me go back and start rereading the Greek Myths which I am slowly working on!


Yay! So glad you loved this - I have a copy and am really looking forward to reading it now!


Litlove--This is one I want to own--and as soon as it comes out in paper I'll be buying it. It was definitely the right book at the right time for me!

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