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I just finished reading a netgalley copy of A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar. It was a bit slow in places, but also wonderful in others. I'm curious how you'll like it.

Oh, and I'm glad to hear the translation of Eline Vere reads well!


What a great stack of books. I've got several of them on my list as well. Love your stitching. I've been thinking of taking up cross stitch again after many years away. I got a magnifier thing that should help with seeing the thread and such. Have a good week, Danielle!

Margaret Powling

Just been looking at the promotional video on Amazon of A Lady Cyclist's Guide to Kashgar. It sounds an interesting book but I don't itch to read it somehow. But love your stitching, Danielle. I'm totally hopeless with needle and thread so I admire those who can make lovely things like this.
I am looking forward to reading Juliet Nicolson's first fiction ... her earlier two books are social history and are excellent. I don't think she could write a bad sentence if she tried, so I'm looking forward to Abdication. As we all know, without the Abdication we wouldn't now be celebrating Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee!

Amanda R.

I admire cross-stitching. I do embroidery a bit, but there is something stunning about all the little x's in cross-stitch. I have a hard time finishing projects because I'm a reader first and then a stitcher (you know how it is). Keep us updated with your state fair adventures!


_Pure_ sounds very appealing, though I did not enjoy visiting the Catacombs in Paris a few years ago - so claustrophobic (and I am not claustrophobic!).


That pincushion would be very nice but you have done nice ones before.
I have a book by Hayn es which sounded quite good and also got Pure which people seem to like a lot.
I started my first Dutch book. Harry Mulisch's THe Assault and it's amazing.

Liz F

Your stitching is wonderful Danielle and your posts on it make me itch to start my embroidery again but in my heart of hearts I know that at the moment I really don't have the time to set aside to do it!
I have The Chaperone on my library pile too and had better get on and read it as I think there is a sizeable waiting list for it here too but having re-read The Light Years while on holiday last week, I really want to continue on with the Cazalet books from my own shelves... Since I also have a couple of other library books which have long request lists and have to be read in the next week - I had better get a move on and make some decisions.
I was lucky enough to be in the Algarve in Portugal last week and really wish I could have brought the weather back with me - the wet, grey and 15C cooler weather is beginning to get me down already (as is the return to work but I'm not going to talk about that!)


So little time and so many things to fill it! In place of your needlework (which is lovely--I vote for the mystery sampler if you have time to finish it) I have watercolor painting, and in place of letter writing/mail art, I have my horse. Reading goes without mention! But it's good to have so many interesting things to keep us out of the pool halls.

I have a huge stack of books coming from the library myself--I don't know what I was thinking, as I'm already reading two or three books right now that I'm really enjoying and do not want to put aside. They are my own, however, and I might have to do that so I can read the library ones. Oh, the stress!! :)

Hope you get to fit it all in!


Iris--I'm always a little apprehensive with translated classics as sometimes the reading can be challenging, but Eline Vere is very easy going. I only wish it wasn't such a hefty book. I'm curious about the The Lady Cyclist's Guide--it looks good, but I see it has two different plots going and that can be tricky sometimes. I won't start it right away, but it is definitely one I want to read.

Kay--I used to stitch a lot, but when I started blogging I began reading more and stitching less. Free time is always a problem. I also need magnifying glasses now. It depends on the linen count, but it's just easier to have it magnified. I hope you get to work on your needlework again--it's very relaxing to do and nice when you finish a project!

Margaret--Thanks for the kind words about stitching. I do very much enjoy it and like the challenge it sometimes presents in doing the finishing. I've got both of Juliet Nicholson's NF books, but I haven't yet read them. I love NF but read it so slowly I never seem to get through many every year. Perhaps I'll pick up one of those books when I finish my current read. The Abdication does look good, so hopefully I can squeeze it in. Imagine how different life might be had Edward not abdicated! Interesting to think about.

Amanda--I've seen your embroidery and it's lovely! I'd like to try my hand at it someday--if I ever get more free time... I'll definitely share my progress here on my projects. And I am probably a reader first, too, which is why I am finishing so few projects these days.

Bibliolathas--I don't think I ever visited the catacombs in Paris when I went, though I think I might have seen them in Rome. It's been so long I don't even remember now what I saw--how sad is that. This is the second time I've gotten my hands on Pure, so I hope I can actually read it this time out.

Caroline--I might try to do the pincushion as it is the one that is smallest and I am most likely to actually finish before I would need to register and enter it! I read The Assault a very long time ago, and if I thought I could find my copy (which I am not even sure that I still have), I might have read it as well. I need to get back to Julia and Eline Vere--this weekend wasn't a good reading weekend for me unfortunately.

Liz--I always tell myself if I can just spend half an hour on my stitching every day I could actually finish some things even if it took me a while, but that half hour rarely seems to materialize. So we'll see. I finished the first Cazalet book last month and have started on Marking Time, but as I am close to finishing a few other books, and have those impending due dates it has been sitting patiently and waiting for me. I don't want to get back in line for The Chaperone and I think it will read fast, so it is one I'll be reading now. I need to turn the computer off and go read now!! Lucky you to go to Portugal--that sounds great. It has been hot here--I wish I could bottle up the heat and sunshine and send you some--I prefer it a little cooler (though want sunshine, too...not asking for much, am I?).

Kathy--It's nice having these interests--makes for having enjoyable things to do and something to look forward to after working, but there seems to always be so little time to do the things we love most! I can honestly say I am never bored! :) I do the same thing--have lots of lovely and good reads sitting on my night table from my own TBR pile and then library books come along and mess things up. I have been reading far more library books this year than my own--not sure that's a good thing or not!


I don't know about judges but I would like to see your Mystery Sampler, but of course I don't know how much work still is left to do, and in that respect maybe the pincushion would be a wiser choice.


How exciting that you are going to enter your stitching at the State Fair! I think the mystery sampler is pretty awesome, but would hurrying to finish ruin the pleasure of stitching it? What about your February piece with the Groundhogs?


I think I would go with the mystery sampler too, if you have enough time to do it, although I do love that pincushion. The Pink Hill Manor design is going to be gorgeous.


I'm excited to read Pure - last week I read the first paragraph of Kathryn Harrison's review of it in the NY Times Book Review (here: and immediately wanted to read the book. I made my boyfriend read that first paragraph of the review, too, and then when we were at the library later that day, he looked it up and found that it was there and checked in. He snatched it before I did, but maybe I'll have a chance to read it before it's due!


Catharina--I think I will try and finish the pincushion and also the Mystery Sampler--I want to stitch them in any case--if I can finish them in time to enter into the Fair--even better! :) I am more than halfway done (I think--need to look at the last two sections) with the sampler.

Stefanie--If it stresses me out to hurry it won't be fun and I won't likely do it, but I would love to actually finish it this summer. And poor February is so close--I might have to concentrate on filling in that white. I wonder if it would be weird to have a snowy scene in an August fair? :)

Katrina--I actually pulled it out and stitched on it today. We'll see if I can manage it. I ordered my linen and floss for PinkHill Manor and will stitch it in any case, as I've wanted to ever since I first bought it. Just too lazy to get the supplies.

Heather--Thanks for the link--I'll check it out. I have the book sitting on the very top of my library book pile and now you've tempted me to go read that first page...maybe be dangerous, however, from the sound of it! :)


Your stitching is as ever gorgeous and the state fair should be grateful! And that's a wonderful pile of library books. As you know, I did enjoy The Chaperone, and you remind me I must pull out my Elizabeth Haynes as she does seem to be getting a lot of good press lately.


Litlove--I always think big with my needlework, but actually executing my plans is something else entirely! We'll see what I can actually manage. I've only just barely started The Chaperone--I like what little I've read--the problem is always which books to take to work with me (where I do most of my reading--during breaks, at the gym and on the bus) since I seem to have lots of chunky books or hardcovers! The Haynes looks so good--yet another hardcover, though....I need more at home reading time it would seem.

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