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This is one of the books I have on my list for the Aussie Author challenge. It was even initially on my Literature and War Readalong list. :) Not sure why I decided against it. I think it would have been a great choice. Every time I see a review of it people are raving. I see you are no exception. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm interested to see how it compares to How Many Miles to Babylon? and Strange Meetung which seem the closest. What do you think. Which one is your favourite?


I've started reading Fly Away Peter just a few days ago (also because of what Stefanie wrote about it), am two chapters into it now and enjoying.


My mom and I both loved Ransom. It was a little jewel and I highly recommend it.


Caroline--I was wondering if you had come across this book and had considered it for your readalong. I thought it was a great read and will be curious what you think of it when you get to it. It reminds me a lot of both books you mention, and both which I also thought well done, but maybe it was the Australian angle that made it feel slightly different as well. About half the book is set before the war and in Australia with so many references to nature and that left a great impression on me, too. I think I could have read the book more carefully, which is why I had thought of rereading it right away, but I had ran out of time. Honestly I am not sure which I would pick as my favorite as I think I could even now reread any of them.

Catharina--Stefanie started a trend! :) I think you might like it very much for the wonderful descriptions of the outdoors and nature. Do let me know what you think when you finish!

Pburt--Thanks--I was looking at that one, too. I think my library has a copy as well so I will add it to my list. I think Malouf is going to be one of my great finds this year.


So glad you enjoyed this... I read it earlier this year and gave it five stars (out of five). I can recommend Malouf's The Great World which is about the impact of the second world war on two men.


I had no idea I was a trendsetter. I had better cherish it while I can because it is unlikely to happen again! Very glad you enjoyed the book. I thought you might given your interest in the time period.


I only wish I would have written about it right when I finished and it was fresher in my mind as I feel like my post was very muddled. I'm taking your suggestion and have requested The Great World via ILL--am looking forward to reading more of his work. It's a pity he is not better known in the US.


You are! And I don't think that's true at all that it's unlikely to happen again. Just look at me and my reading of Greek Mythology--your Classics posts inspired me as well in that area--I just needed the right moment to begin! :) His work seems to often deal with the war years so I'll be exploring more of his books.


Just a quick comment to say I'm so glad you enjoyed this Danielle and second Kimbofo's recommendation of The Great World.

I'm a big fan of Malouf's descriptive, heartfelt and insightful writing so happy to see Stefanie's review inspired you to try him.


David Malouf is yet one more of the names on my list of authors I really MUST get around to reading one day. Lovely review, Danielle.


Sarah--I can see why you are a fan and have plans on reading more of his work. I just brought home The Great World and am looking forward to reading it--so glad to hear lots of good things about it. Stefanie has started a trend it seems! :)


Thanks Litlove. I think I would have passed him by had I not read Stefanie's review--simply for the sheer number of books out there that I know I already want to read. It's hard to know sometimes what to choose and what to pass by, but he is certainly an author to pick up and read!

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