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I would subscribe if it wasn't so expensive in Switzerland. Most magazines I like are French or German and that means I would have to pay the importation fee. Meaning: a magazine which costs 6$ in Germany or France would cost me at least 12£. It feels like punishment. So I only buy when I'm across the border....The other reason is that I don't have the time. And just browsing doesn't feel right.
Those are cute cats. I've only seen a picture of a yawning Dulce so far.

Margaret Powling

I am totally addicted to print, especially magazines, as I was brought up in a newsagent's shop, my parents being the village newsagents. I used to subscribe to even more than I subscribe to now but I subscribe to about 6 or 7. But they are all one kind - house style magazines, i.e. Country Living, The English Home, etc, or gardening, or history. Not science or current affairs or sport or health or keep fit or arts and crafts. I tend to take out subs when there is a special offer and managed to get two lovely cake stands this way, and also a rather apron (if aprons can ever be nice as they spell 'work'!)


Despite working for a magazine, I've let most of my magazine subscriptions lapse and have only recently started reading them again, usually by picking them up from the newsstand. I recently subscribed to The Atlantic because I end up reading a lot of articles online, which doesn't work great for longer articles, and I'm thinking about subscribing to the New York Review of Books for the same reason. I just worry about keeping up with it all!

Joan Kyler

I love magazines, but I found that the ones that I actually read cut seriously into my book reading time. I like 'looking at' magazines, the kind with lots of photos and short articles. I currently get Country Living (although I live in the city), More (because I'm an older woman who still hopes to look fashionably interesting and stay healthy despite age related issue), VegNews (because I'm a vegan and animal welfare advocate interested in healthy, ethical living), Entertainment Weekly (yes, I just admitted to that), Bookmarks (obviously), and New York Magazine (I live an hour and a half from NYC so it's just possible that I could attend some of the events spotlighted if I could keep up to date with the weekly magazine). I love The New Yorker, but it takes too long to read from cover to cover. Books first, magazines second!

What is the book magazine you subscribe to? I can't quite see the title.


Over the past months I have gradually unsubscribed to the magazines that were coming into my mailbox as the stack unread kept growing and they are far too expensive to throw away unread. I now buy a magazine (or two) whenever I feel like it and am quite happy with that. Finding both a good bookmagazine and a magazine about writing would change things again.


I loved the first season of The Big Bang Theory. Lost interest after that. Usually do.


Caroline--I should share more photos of the cats--they are not very thrilled to be photographed however! I think the flash bothers their eyes. I like a lot of magazines that are British and some of the French design magazines, too, which I would love to get but like you don't want to pay the high cost of postage and for me the conversion into dollars is bad. I don't get them read cover to cover (though I would like to), but I try and read as much as I can. I need to stop myself from subscribing to any more, however! I love art & craft magazines as well, but so far have not given in to temptation.

Margaret--I love those sorts of magazines. I had no idea that your parents were newsagents--that's cool and I can see where you would love getting magazines now. How nice to have had access to them when you were younger. I like a variety of different magazines but so far it is mostly news weeklies or book related magazines that I am getting.

Teresa--Keeping up with them all is definitely the problem! I used to subscribe to a lot of magazines and then stopped completely for the same reason. Only lately I've started them up again--those initial deals can be so inexpensive sometimes it seems a steal and then I get good mail. I love reading them but I need more time of course. I tend to drag them to work and try and read them on my breaks, but books are always hard to pass up as well--more often than not I pick up a book over a magazine, so it's hard getting everything that I want read.

Joan Kyler--The book magazine is BookForum, which luckily only comes out four times a year so there is lots of time between issues to read. I like browsing certain magazines, too--I'm a totally visual person so the glossies are my downfall. Your subscriptions all sound good to me, too. And I look at Entertainment Weekly now and again as well when someone leaves a copy in the break room at work--nothing wrong with that! :)

Cath--Until recently I was doing the same thing you do, but I hate coming home to an empty mailbox and thought a few subscriptions would be a nice way to avoid that. Sometimes you can get great deals on subscriptions, but it does pain me when I have a stack that I haven't read and then need to cull and recycle. I am hoping to find a happy medium between books and magazines!

LauraC--I loved watching that first season--it was hilarious and my coworker said he'd bring in the next season as well. I don't follow any TV shows anymore--too many other things to do, but I am planning on watching the DVDs of this show--then I can watch when I want. It's perfect for when I want to sit and work on my needlework.

Liz F

I read anything in print and always have but I do love my glossy mags!
At the moment I have six on subscription - two about buying a property and living in France (because I still have the dream and it's cheaper than Italy!)two womens glossies to keep up to date with fashion and beauty trends, Country Homes and Interiors (because having a country home with room to keep sheep and goats and chickens is another long-held dream!)and 25 Beautiful Homes - because it is pure property porn!
They were all magazines that I bought anyway and the subscription means that they are that bit cheaper - plus as you say it is nice to have some mail that isn't bills or circulars to look forward to receiving!

YOur cats are gorgeous - a shame they are camera shy but I am glad that you caught them this time!

My current three cats are all posers whose only interest in magazines is mysteriously appearing to sit on them if I am trying to read at the table but I used to have to hide certain magazines from a previous cat because he loved the smell of the print so much that he would lick pages until they were soggy!
We weren't sure why he had the fixation but doubted that it was doing him any good so I ended up having to read those magazines as quickly as possible and send them for recycling as soon as I had finished! The same cat also had a fondness for mints and used to steal packets of them out of my late mum's handbag when she came to visit. She could never understand where they went until I moved a heavy sofa to clean behind it and found his stash of half-chewed packets of mints there.


I subscribe to Money, Kiplingers, Budget Travel, Travel & Leisure, Smithsonian, Health, Prevention, & I will soon be receiving Self. The only ones which actually get read are the travel magazines because I like reading about far off places and fantasizing I can afford the gorgeous hotels profiled in them. Plus, they have pretty pictures.


Your kitties love reading magazines too! I don't think I have ever seen them together in one photo. I just started watching the first season of Big Bang Theory a couple weeks ago. It is definitely good for some laughs.


The New Yorker is the only magazine I subscribe to, and I read it from cover to cover. I try to actually keep up with it because if I don't I end up kicking myself about missing particular concerts or gallery shows, but I do sometimes fall behind by a week or several. I mysteriously started getting New York magazine for free and have been skimming that, though really the highlight of that one for me is the crossword. Other than that, I scrounge occasional free copies of Publishers Weekly or Booklist from work, and if I ever get Barnes & Noble gift cards, which I don't often, I tend to spend part of them on magazines - usually Cabinet, which is quirky and smart and always really interesting, but sometimes Bon Appetit or Vogue Knitting.


I love mail and I also enjoy magazines, though I don't subscribe to many right now. I get a couple of horse publications (Horse Journal--sort of a Consumer Reports for horse owners; and America's Horse). I'm thinking of getting More magazine. Mainly I read magazines from the library, everything from Yoga Journal to Cook's Illustrated, Real Simple, Shape, Oprah and Writer's Digest. You've got some very intelligent magazines there--I'm impressed.

I've never seen Big Bang Theory, but my guilty TV pleasure is reruns of The New Adventures of Old Christine. I think Julia Louis-Dreyfus is hilarious.

(Oh, and I loved seeing your kitties enjoying the mail, too!)


I'm quickly approaching that number myself and have been contemplating adding a needlework magazine to my list of subscriptions. They are totally addicting and now that I get a few in the mail I keep getting more and more offers, which are usually really great deals, so I find myself saying yes, sure, sign me up! Now my book bag is even heavier that I drag to work as it has my lunch, water bottle, a couple of books, notebook and now a magazine or two as well. I am never at a loss for reading material--as if I ever was before. I'll have to share more photos of Chispa and Dulce--they are cute girls indeed. It's the flash mostly that bothers them--I need to try and take pictures on sunny days when I don't need the flash. And cats can be very strange, too. I've not had the licking of magazine problem, but Chispa has a thing about plastic bags. She likes to chew them! I have to keep them out of reach. Now the mint addiction is pretty funny. One of my mom's cats likes bread and has been known to grab toast from the toaster if it's left unattended for more than a minute! :)


CHH--You have a nice variety there. Hmm, travel magazines sound nice as well. I'm all for thinking about going away to far away and exotic places--and visuals are always appreciated!


Stefanie--Yes, books, magazines, postcards, letters--whatever they can plop down on top of they like! I love The Big Bang Theory--it totally cracks me up and I watched the last episode of season one about three times and the last scene brought tears to my eyes (humorous ones) every single time! :)


Heather--I could easily read the New Yorker cover to cover for the content, but I usually run out of time--well, I've only gotten the first issue and am furiously trying to read it all before the next issue arrives, but I'm afraid I won't get it all read. I would love to live there or close enough to visit--but I still look longingly at all the interesting things to see and do, which is part of the attraction. I like to try and read Booklist--well, skim the new books sections, but we don't get PW. I've not heard of Cabinet--I'll have to look it up. There are So Many magazines out there to choose from--I could easily add more to my list!


Kathy--Do you get to take magazines home or do you look at them while you're there? I haven't been to my local bookstore in months--but I used to like to browse their magazines. My plan was to get some good weeklies with current events so I could keep up with things, but there is so much to read in them. I wouldn't mind getting a needlework or craft magazine for something fun and visual, but I should really not tempt myself by thinking about. And I am so out of the loop when it comes to TV--I will have to go look up Old Christine. The cats are particularly fond of mail that comes in boxes, which they curl up inside when they are emptied of their contents!


We are fans of the Big Bang Theory, too. My family tease me all the time that I'm Sheldon, and whilst I certainly do not share all of his traits, I can, ahem, see myself in some of his fussiness... :-) I quite like Vanity Fair magazine and will treat myself to one of those from time to time when they have an article that catches my eye. I wish we had good book-ish magazines in the UK but really, there is nothing. One of our big bookstores, Waterstones, has a monthly free magazine which isn't too bad, and I pick that up if I'm in the store.


Litlove--How did I ever manage to miss The Big Bang Theory--I don't watch much TV, but I do turn it on sometimes. In any case I am glad I found it now. Sheldon is great--and he's so unapologetic about his choices. I have to agree with him on being aghast at Penny's messy apartment. The show totally cracks me up--the delivery is so deadpan by the actors--they were so perfectly cast. I think I am fussy like him in a few ways, too. :) I like Vanity Fair--it's smart but still manages to be really interesting (in an almost gossipy way). As for literary magazines--often they are almost too highbrow or too lowbrow--but I do like Bookforum. Freebies are great--my library has a little freebie mag, though it's mostly just popular fiction they review--a nice way to be introduced to new books anyway.


I've gotten into the habit of only buying magazines when I travel by train or plane. Oh, and we get free magazines on the London tube too:)

I LOVE The Big Bang Theory - it's hilarious! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series!


Sakura--Lucky you to get freebies on the tube--a nice way to get people to read. For a long time I wasn't buying any magazines at all and I seem to have gone right into the deep end. I can't wait to see more of The Big Bang Theory--it was so funny that I watched most of the episodes twice before returning it to my coworker! :)

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