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Sounds like a book I would like to read sooner or later but not right now just after The Assault.
It really seems that a lot of the Dutch literature in english translation (and that's from where I chose) once again focusses on WWII. Yeah well.


Sounds like a good read. And if you don't finish Eline Vere this month it just means you get to extend Dutch Lit month a little longer :)


Caroline--I hadn't planned on reading a WWII story--I think the other books I had set aside were all about different time periods, but I ended up reading this one first. I have noticed a lot of the books I pick by Italian authors also are about (in some way) WWII as well. I do like reading about it, but variety is also nice. I sort of like to space out war books as well when I can.


That happens to me a lot...extending the fun well into the next month! :)


What an interesting review. I think I might have seen this on Iris's site (is that possible?) and didn't pay much attention to it then. Hmm, quite tempting if it passed through my hands one day!


I'm glad to hear you enjoyed this one. I felt much the same as you: it is a slight book in some ways, but very affecting.

Maclehose Press has published quite a few Dutch books in translation, so I always look forward to their next releases. I'm not sure if I'd call them a small press as I think they're somehow related to Quercus? But a lovely initiative nonetheless.

Heh, no surprise that you won't finish Eline Vere this month. It is rather a long novel!

Thank you for participating and I'm sorry I only found your post now or I would have left a comment earlier.


Yes, that's exactly where you saw it. It's worth a read if you happen upon it. I'm glad I managed at least one book by a Dutch author--I always have such grand plans, but then reality sets in and I realize just what I can really manage.


Thanks for the Tweet shout-out, and no worries at all about not leaving a comment before--that's a lot to organize a read along with just writing your own posts let alone commenting on everyone else's! I need to look at Maclehose Press a little more carefully--I didn't realize they were just an imprint of a larger publisher, but you're right Quercus is a biggie, I think. Still, it's nice when a publisher devotes an imprint to books in translation. Poor Eline Vere--I have too many chunky books going at the moment and it's too much to bring her to work as well. Maybe I'll just buy a copy--I was enjoying it when I started and would like to get back to it now! So glad I was able to read along and I need to read more Dutch authors now (I have my list all ready to go even!).

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